GPU catalytic function can be fixed?

as we know, starting from version 258, the catalytic function was added to the pitool. Which, unfortunately, is completely unstable on many systems. For example on mine. (2080ti)
In fact, with a value of 10, I get FPS even higher than on version 253 or 254. The problem is that some artifacts occur. But they are of a very interesting kind.

After analyzing what was happening, I came to the conclusion that the problem is not entirely in the output of frames. If you do not move your head, then there are absolutely no artifacts. Everything that moves on the screen - moves absolutely smoothly and without artifacts. That is, frames are displayed correctly even with a value of 10.

Artifacts arise ONLY when moving the head. It seems that the data on the rotation of the head is transmitted in the wrong order, and it turns out that the head somehow jumps from one position to another, causing the image to “double”.

My intuition tells me that after making a booster of frame output, they forgot to speed up the transfer of the helmet position :slight_smile: therefore, when moving the head, this strange behavior of the camera turns out.

It is possible that this is not difficult to fix. Then we get the perfect FPS surpassing all previous versions of Pitool


Take a look…


Frames output smoothly even with 98% GPU usage. i have ONLY problems with catalyst - “doubled” image when turning head. If they fix it - it will work fine.
Its seems like camera change posiition every frame - jump back then jump forward. Its look like doubled image


The new graphics option in Windows helped me. However, I have only tested with DCS and XP11 so far.
XP is not going well. DCS 70-90 FPS @ 90Hz with medium to good details. / Pitool 1.5, DCS PD 1.2, Steam SS 2100pix vertical, Catalyst 8.0. In rare cases, he stutters a little.

98% GPU usage is not possible for me, only 7700k CPU… but 88-94% can i reach. (pi261)

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Which one? there lot of options in nvidia panel. Ive trying everything.

PS: i have not stutter. Just camera rotate like crazy when i turn head. Its not frame output problem. Because objects move smoothly over screen. Its looks like HMD rotation/move errors.


I mean stuttering when moving.

The option / all information about HAGS can be found in the link above. You have to update Windows to the new version.

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nice. but i need install normal Windows 10 for WDDM 2.7. I’m using LTSC now. Its 1809 version
I dont even know… because 258+ versions also have problems with tracking (253 havnt these problems) :smiley:

for me it stutter even with Catalyst set to 1… and for long term is unplayable. Without Catalyst at PT .261 GPU utilization is around 65~70 % - pretty annoying . I have seen all possible vr optimization guides at YT and still my i7 -8700k cpu limits this sim

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Caucasus and Persian Gulf it works for me. Min 75, max 90 FPS
What doesn’t work at all, even without catalyst, the channel map.
The CPU does not supply enough data. Too much buildings if i use high textures.:frowning: ww2 only without HAGS, only 54FPS

Upcoming pitool release does indeed have changes to the catalyst and brings back some older missing items.


next version pitool will removes gpu catalytic function, and has a high gpu useage without stutter.


Great! I sure hope that includes the backlight Brightness setting. :crossed_fingers:

That’s even better news!

There’s been some Pimax bashing lately (for valid reasons), but I want to point out that PiTool has improved a lot, since the first release. Not every version has been solid, but Pimax deserves credit for their continued software improvements and new features. :+1: :beers:


Any ETA on release date?

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Awesome. Hopefully in time for 8KX shipment


Looking forward to this!

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@PimaxUSA @Alex.liu I have 3 Questions about next version Pitool high GPU usage.

  1. Is Windows 2004 HAGS needed to be Aktiv to gain high GPU usage?
  2. Will the high GPU usage work with previous Windows 10 19xx version?
  3. Will there be Performance differences between 19xx version and 2004 version?

Yesterday i setup Win10 v2004 instead my LTSC. HAGS not working well with my system. with HAGS on i have 95% intstead 99% with HAGS off.
also Pitool 253 have massive stutter with HAGS on.
Pitool 261 work with HAGS on. But if u set catalityc for 50fps (5 for example) and fps changes to 40 or 60- its start stutter again.(need different catalytic for each FPS :))))) )
Catalytic cant be static. It must adapt for FPS automatically (what the Pimax didn’t do)

HAGS is only good for weak gfx cards. 2080ti OC no need HAGS. it only makes it worse.

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its depend of gfx card. My 2080ti has no benefit in enabling the HAGS. On the contrary, sometimes a decrease in FPS.
Probably there some bonuses from WDDM 2.7 support.

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Not true, i have huge performance Boost ~20 FPS with HAGS turned on and Catalyst @10 , running on a RTX2080ti OC. Testet 4 Games so far.

How do you know, my questions where refered to NEXT version Pitool?
Do you have NEXT version Pitool already?

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+20fps compared to what? with version 261 with catalyst 0? The base FPS 261 version is very low and not normal. And with normal drivers, you can get 30 fps higher :slight_smile:

i have stutter with catalyst 10. maximum 5-6 works. And 253 pitool can do more FPS than 261 with catalyst 6-7.
261 version still not work normally even with HAGS. With FPS change its stutter again. U cant set one catalyst level for any game. U need change it every time.
So 253 version still best for me. Descent FPS without stutter and problems. ( yes… u can do more fps… but its impossible until they release NORMAL version of Pitool)

Ive trying 258-261 many times… HAGS was my last hope and its not work too. So every Pitool cept 253 going to trashcan :smiley:

Another joke - 261 i cant set more resolution than 4432. Normally i play ETS2 6000 per eye and have 60-70 fps there :smiley: i dont want reduce image quality for nothing.

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