Got my 8k+! Mini review and screenshots ( ISSUE SOLVED ! )

My reaction when I tried Apollo 11: Holy crap!

Through the lens (from my phone camera):

It looks sharper than that in the headset itself. And no screendoor effect whatsoever.

Large sweet spot, no adjustment needed to get things looking sharp:

Amazingly, this is the best headset so far for my (admittedly narrow) glasses - I had 3D printed a prescription lens adapter with large lenses in preparation, but I don’t think I’m going to use it. And the comfort face foam really is a huge upgrade, very much worth it, it actually makes the default headstrap comfortable, at least so far. The foam is really soft, more than I expected. Tomorrow I’m gonna watch a full movie in BigScreen, we’ll see what I think about the comfort then. Oh, and zero light-leak for those that care - this is my first headset I can’t look down through the nose to glance at my watch or adjust the hand strap, there are no breaks in the seal. I tried without my glasses too, still no light leak even with the glasses notches in the sides.

Dislike: I really hate having to wear headphones with VR headsets, I can’t wait for the MAS (I have a Vive DAS on my old 8k). And it’s really hard to install the top strap, took me like a half hour to get it through the hole in the top, since you have to slide it forward and somehow make it curve up through the hole.

Any questions?


Thanks for the great screen shots . How do the colours look compared to your 8k ?



Congratulations on your new 8K+ !

What are your computer specs?


Can you read easly the font on bottons of cockpit? In the photos It Is not possibile.


Can you see any distortion on the outside edges in large FOV .


I haven’t gone back and tried my old 8k to compare, without that nothing stood out to me about the colors.

My PC is a fairly powerful gaming PC, though not top of the line. 1080ti, 16GB RAM, Ryzen 5 1600X. I had to lower settings in Hellblade for it to run at a good framerate.

I can read much of the text below the switches in front of my astronaut, not the ones in front of other astronauts


If I turn my eyes to look at the extreme edge and look carefully trying to see it, I can see some distortion. Definitely less than on the 8k, though it’s not really something I noticed much even on that (possibly because I’m used to ignoring the extremes except as “ambient” peripheral world, since I wear glasses that don’t encompass my entire field of view).


I had the same problem with my 8K. Use needle-nose pliers from the top, reach down into the hole, grab a corner of the strap, and pull it up through the hole. Tweezers would probably also work.


Everyone posts pictures of simulators or Skyrim. So here’s some more variety :slight_smile:

Vader Immortal

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Virtual Desktop (note: my screen resolution is 4k)


Wow! That virtual desktop shot is impressive and that’s only an 8K+. Now I’m really looking forward to getting my 8KX.


And just for fun: Somnium Space, a virtual world I own some land in


Hahaha I remember that! How did that turn out ?

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Hey thanks for all the photos!! Looks amazing ,enjoy your new 8k+ :sunglasses:


Somnium Space has a builder now where you can build on your properties, they held their “Initial Land Offering” where they auctioned off a bunch of unclaimed land, and they are in the final stages to make them go live so everyone can visit your properties in VR, along with an avatar editor.


Interesting how the distortion is invisible in the middle of the images you took. The text in the middle has no fisheye distortion, but at the bottom of this image you can see a little bit.

Can you take some more pictures through the lens pictures but with the widescreen orientation with your phone facing the side?


thx for your impressions,nice to read.

Did you also tried a valve index?And if… so how are the colors and brightness and screen compare?

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Awesome review! Have added a copy to spotlight review sub. Congrats!


That’s not distortion, that’s Virtual Desktop, which has the option to curve the desktop around you. As for landscape pictures, the phone is too long to line up its camera with the Pimax lenses in landscape mode


I’m pretty sure he knows the difference between distortion and the monitor curve

It’s still nothing you can tell from pictures, as the distance of the lens and the offset from its rotational point affects distortion appearing or not.

We must rely on what people say regarding distortion. There is no other way.