Good News for Pre-order Customers: Now you can check your order status online!

Dear customers,

Thank you for your shopping with Pimax!

We have launched a new online tool for you to check your order status. Please click here.

We apologize for the delay and we appreciate your patience and support!



Mine is just blank under shipping status… am I doing something wrong?


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@jdilla But i can check your order status with your order number and email with this link.

Can you try it again?

I tried with different browser still same, I will pm further info

Fix for pimax: The API works however the inputs are not being sent to the API (the email and order number are blank in the request).

EDIT: Seems to be fixed now.

Shipping to a UK warehouse is getting riskier every day.
What’s the point?
Why not deliver directly to the EU?


Does this not work for backers? I’m getting “order not found”


Same here and mine shipped out already

This doesn’t seem to show anything for me… is it supposed to say something under shipping status?

Works for me, says mine has Arrived in overseas warehouses. Waiting for my tracking number now :slight_smile:


Upper left corner there is a Shipping Status above billing info

yeah, mine is blank and nobody seems to know why

Try clearing the cache in your browser.

multiple browers, PCs, and networks, its definitely not on my end… :frowning: thanks for the assist though. even Dallas posted a screenshot of exactly what I see confirming it is ‘working’… yet there is no info about shipping at all @anon74848233

i have same idea as you. This link seems to apply only to PRE ORDER like title

That is something very useful! Thanks a lot for that! Maybe you could add something like a history like “processed at… ,arrived in … at , left … at… , just to make the progressing of the order more visible.

Weird. I got response via email 2 weeks ago, my 5k+ plus is in transit to overseas warehouse. Now this system tells, it sits and gather dust in Shanghai warehouse.

Just an update to my situation, I had to reach out to preorder support via email to get my shipping update since it was blank on the order status page. They were able to provide info quickly.

Please check your tracking number in private message.

But kick starter backers are still waiting for an updated spreadsheet and I am still waiting for a response from the service desk as to the status of my 8k