Get boom3d it realy makes sound those tiny speakers on the MAS way better!The 3d effect is great also the tiny speakers sound much fuller

Somebody else mentioned here on the forum about the app boom3d.
Its on sale now(8 euro) and its my best investment ever.

While waiting still on the DMAS this help me realy through the time.

Select 3d sound in the app,activate bass boost,and use the advanged equalizer to your liking.Everything sounds way better and louder.

I tweaked it now realy good,i tried starwars and the sound was realy immersive!
Get it here,its on sale… you wont regret it…


It only offers Mac version to me, maybe because I’m checking on iOS?


its pc too…

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Thanks for the heads up…at $12 US I’m willing to give it a shot…I actually don’t find the SMAS to be horrible after tweaking sound settings but it could still use a little more boost


it will sound a alot better with this app… a alot off tweak options

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This seems to be it on Steam :roll_eyes:

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why the “eyeroll”? It seems to have gotten good reviews on steam also…

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the link that i posted is cheaper :wink:

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Yes, the reviews are very positive, there is a demo, have to try :+1:

It will be more convenient for me to test on Steam :relieved:


Is there any latency?


I haven’t noticed it yet in standard use. Let’s see what will happen next :wink:

Thanks, there must be some but if its not noticeable then all good :slight_smile:


Does it work in VR when you are turning in the game so the sound is positioned differently?

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yes you can hear the direction

i didnt hear any latency…

Yes. It is cheaper at that link. I got it with a coupon for $12 USD. Nice John2910. Thanks

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thx for the hint! I’ll try it on the PC and 8kX later on, but effect on android smatphone and bluetooth headphones using it with spotify is great!


Beware! I bought this using Paypal and my E-Mail.

The E-Mail I used “is not known to their system”. I have confirmed I did not make any mistake during purchase, no typo. They send me a simple invoice after taking my money, but no logins, no code, no nothing!!!

You need to create an Account with the same E-Mail that you entered to buy the product by yourself. It only comes up after Download -> Starting the Application -> Cannot login -> Register Account.


indeed,this you must do and then it works…

It really depends on the game/application. trid it yesterday as I am always curious for these things. Basically it is a virtual WASAPI sound cart that links between the application and your actual output driver. the catch is it is a 2 channel A.K.A stereo device to Windows only.

I think in this concern it is worth hinting towards 2 similar solutions:

Spatial Audio Card, Spatial Sound Card - L - New Audio Technology | Next Generation Audio
Comes from a studio background, runs you roughly the same but has as true multichannel simulation up to 7.1 input. No EQ but 5 alternative virtual studio environments and you can adjust each channel volume (hence crank the sub). Free demo available.

Waves NX, Nx – Virtual Mix Room over Headphones | Waves also available bundled with a headphone tracker Nx Virtual Mix Room + Nx Head Tracker | Waves. Also offers selectable input from stereo to surround.
Slightly more expensive at 30,- but again, limited demo available, so nothing to lose.

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