FS2020 VR + Pimax Discussion

So… who’s ready for FS2020? :smiley: I heard x-mas comes early this year!

By the time the VR update is up, please let us know about your flights with Pimax and FS2020. Maybe some of you VR beta participants could give us some early reports?

I’m eagerly sitting and waiting ready for the patch to land on runway 27R.



someone who was on the beta. he keeps talking about 30fps…hmmm


VR Patch update is up!


Im still loading the hole client (110GB) :see_no_evil:
Let me know when PP is needed😅


Well… unless I’m doing something wrong it looks like this update doesn’t work with Pimax headsets - PP on or off. A canted double image in the headset regardless of PP and FOV settings.

@SweViver are you seeing the same thing?

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same here 8kx 3090 asus

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someone let us know asap if the FFR/DFR works, and if its needs parallel projection!

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Looks like i am right. MS Devs are ignorant…


Yup, the right eye is incorrectly rendered. PP doesnt help.
The left eye seems cropped on the right side.

The image is not crossed eyed, and its playable, but the edge issues are frustrating.

Smart Smoothing does a great job by the way!


Did you turn off „game mode“ and „hardware accelerated gpu sheduling“ in Windows Game settings? That generally causes Problems in my experience.

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Forgot that. Will try now. Also will disable g sync on monitor…

its says not reconized headsett, how do you run mfs2020?

CTRL + TAB enables VR mode.
In General settings, there is a lot of VR options also.

Graphical issues fixed!!!

  • Turned off game mode + hardware accelerated gpu sheduling in Windows
  • Turned off G sync
  • Switched to Window mode

Not sure which helped, but the issues are now gone!


Aside from usual culling issues VR beta worked great without PP. I hope they didn’t mess something up with the update, can’t check now.

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Hey @SweViver can share your pitool version, firmware, and nvidia driver version? No matter what I do, I still get different images in both eyes (culled in the right and offset in the left). Basically unviewable.

(PP OFF works and rendering is OK, but culling on the edges without PP and weird reflections on gauges. PP fixes all that)


Same issue here. Pitool 260 with pimax 5k.

Right eye is skewed at an angle. Maybe something to do with steamVR setting.

Thanks. PiTool version

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I cant get it working on my 5k plus. only thing differnt to SweViver is the Pitool and thats because I have tracking issues with the Pitools after 084.

I had this issue until I changed the settings above.


No errors:

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