Friendly Advice With Sugar On Top: Do NOT Go For The 8K!

Dear all,

could I make it any more clear? Do NOT go for the 8K. The 5K Plus is by far the superior headset and it is even $100 cheaper.

My only concession to the 8K was the better colors and better contrast. But after a 1h Skype call with Robin Weng, I learned that Pimax will be able to make the colors look just as good on the 5K Plus.

Watch the recording of my live show here: MRTV LIVE #32: Oculus Quest - The VR Headset For Everyone? Pimax 8K, 5K Plus Ship - Why 5K Plus Wins - YouTube

Bye, Sebastian


Thanks :wink: i knew this was coming. Adjusting colours is not hard to do. 5k for me.


Umm no dude. I’m sticking with the 8K. Stop being a 5k shill. Don’t tell me what to do


Hello Sebastian. As I ask you in the other topic, for me clarity is a disadvantage because I hate jaggies. I prefer antialiasing in the games. Don’t want to see square pixels everywhere. And blurry text is not a problema because when I usually play, I don’t read text. Only in the menu.

But for me SDE is a big problem. Odyssey is unusuable for me. Only Oculus Go is fine.

Then? What is the best choic for me? SDE in 5K+ is highly better than 8k?


I don’t believe that he is trying to tell you what to do.


He is only giving you his opinion after trying both headsets. He has no reason to push one over the other. It is just what he strongly feels. Whether you choose to listen or not is totally up to you.


That’s ok, you can get whatever you want. This is just my well meant recommendation after having thoroughly tested both of the devices. But please, go ahead with the 8k. :wink:


What’s the deal with shipping? Nobody has gotten tracking numbers. This wasn’t really clarified how this all will work was it? Robin mention that?


Comparing 5K Plus SDE with Oculus Go, 5K Plus is a tiny but better. 8K is hard to compare cuz it’s diagonal structure. But it’s not much better.


No, we didn’t talk about that.

I don’t think you can increase the brightness and improve the black level at the same time with software. The 8k has 5 lux more brightness and a better black level at the same time.

What you can change is to make the color temp warmer by reducing the blue channel. But this again loses brightness. And if you increase the brightness, the black value worsens. That’s how I know it from monitors of all kinds.


That’s true. It is logic.

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And what about the warehouses to avoid additional taxes?? Thought Pimax had mentioned?

Dynamic backlighting

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Well I hope we have a choice with the color stuff because I don’t want warmer colors. I want reference colors. Use a colorimeter to the panels and make them as accurate as possible.


Sebastien this still leave the small dark dot pattern on the 5K+, Martin said he found this annoying when watching movies.

What you opinion on this specific topic ?


Just replied to you on the other thread as well. But here as well: I have both devices here. And I can just not recommend anyone to get the 8K over the 5K Plus. There is the pixel persistence problem on the 8K, things are wobbling and not staying in place. There is the distortion, that is more perceivable on the 8k. There is the refresh rate difference, and yes, 91hz is simply better than 80hz. And then the blurriness that you get with the 8k that you do not have on the 5k Plus.

I have no benefit whatsoever from recommending the 5K Plus over the 8K. Actually, I am quite sure Pimax is not happy about me telling you guys the truth. It is just what I am doing.

Of course, anyone can still go for the 8k and will get a nice device. Just, the 5K Plus is better.


For me, the colors looked better on the 8k, that is why I preferred it over the 5K Plus for movies. Now Robin tells me they can fix it. I would have to compare again after they fix the colors and then compare again. I can just tell you, for everything else, the 5K Plus is the better choice for all reasons I have listed above.

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Sebastien I’m not taking about colors temperature, contrast or brightness but specifically about the dark dot pattern “artifact”

You don’t see this on your 5k+ unit?

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And what about the pattern? Other user of 5K+ told me that SDE pattern is “strange”. Noticiable. Yo can see the SDe and the dots. But in Oculus Go I can’t see anything. I love Oculus Go SDE and clean image.

Thanks in advance

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