Flip up and forward/back movement features

I would welcome if Pimax had hinge for flipping headset up like is in mixed reality headsets. My current PSVR has also possibility to push headset forward and back which is too useful feature, particularly as I wear glasses. Would somebody else welcome such additions?


You are not alone: http://community.openmr.ai/t/hinged-head-strap/3996.
Did ask on Kickstarter if the finalized hardware design features a hinge.


It does sound like a good idea. Though depending on design might be challenging. If the headset with a hinge doesn’t apply enough presure against the face it might allow the headset to sway a bit on the face.

Now it might be easy enough to have Velcro straps on each side with Velcro going from the sides velcroing onto the headband/mount to ensure stability & simple enough to detach for flip up when needed.

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That sounds really awesome

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Many of MS mixed reality headsets (Lenovo, HP, Acer, Dell) have flip up feature and it works well, at least according to reviews I read. Tight fit is useful in VR gaming with lots of movement but during movie watching I prefer minimum pressure. With my PSVR I can move headset forward so I do not feel any pressure on face at all which is great especially for longer watching. Maybe Pimax could take some inspiration from these headsets in the field of ergonomics.

A pass trough camera allowing you to see outside.

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Camera will not help in all scenarios - for example taking a drink comfortably, blowing one’s nose - did you try using headset after catching a cold? :slight_smile: etc.

That would sure be convenient. I think it’s a major change that is unlikely to occur this close to ship. If we’re lucky, a new head strap with a flipable mount could be designed as a future upgrade. A pass-through camera module has been discussed. That might be a better option.

A cold would be bad news, but convenient drinking has a simple solution: Use a straw.

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I would gladly buy it as a future upgrade. IMHO ideal would be if it combined good ideas from mixed reality headsets (flip up) and PSVR (push forward/back). I do not know about such universal solution on the market yet.

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I didn’t like the flip up with glasses. I tried the Dell Visor and HP headsets. Flipping up was fine but flipping down didn’t go over my glasses, so I had to loosen the mount, flip down and over my glasses, then tighten it up again. Not fun.

Interesting. I did not try a mixed reality headset so I can not judge it but that push forward/back feature from my PSVR is great and very useful for glasses wearer. If these two features were combined, you could push headset forward and then up/down without a problem I guess.

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Keep in mind those headsets are smaller. It could work like i said with side straps to secure tighter for gaming. Might even be fine without. Just have to wait & see how it works if it has the feature.

Nose blowing with the 5k/8k definitely require flip or removal. Lol

I also wear glasses. If they are inconvenient to wear with my 8K, I’ll probably get lenses for the magnetic insert that was a Kickstarter bonus. The lenses will probably run ~$75 US, so I’ll only get them if I decide it’s really worth it. I do have lenses mounted in my scuba mask and I like that solution a lot and this seems like a similar situation.

Some reports say that WMR headsets can sort of “rattle” if you shake your head, they are not particularly secure.


With my strong myopia and astigmatism the lenses will cost more. And I’m not sure if it will even be possible to fit them optimally inside.

Yep this was what i was thinking. Now witg using straps to velcro to halo style headband with hinge might fix that issue.

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LG steamvr is the best imo.

Yeah but i think the flip up visors tend to be real loose around the face for action games in room scale that would be terrible. Also i think they typically have a bit of “light bleed”. I’d love to be proved wrong of course.


The biggest issue i had with the vives pass through camera was that
A-it wasnt stereoscopic
B-it wasnt 1:1

A next gen pass through view would need these issues addressed.

The vive was excellent for a first gen vr hmd. But one tends to believe that vr isn’t in a place yet where features can be recycled without upgrades and being generally more refined.

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