First Titan V (volta) benchmarks

The first Titan V (volta) benchmarks have been released and this card just destroys the TI ! This should ease some of the concerns people have regarding FPS on the Pimax 8k: NVIDIA Titan V Graphics Card Benchmarks

Of course this card currently costs $3000, but it at least gives us an indication of what Volta can do. Based on this benchmarks it seems almost 50% to 75% faster than the 1080 TI ! Disclaimer here is of course that it’s a 1440p benchmark, we still need to see how it scores on higher resolution benchmarks. Also they’re not validated benchmarks just yet …


Is the 1080 the correct card to be comparing it to? Is there a current gen titan that would be closer to it, in terms of purpose?

Well the 1080 TI is currently the fastest consumer card out there (The Pascal based Titan XP isn’t really a consumer card). Of course this Volta based Titan V isn’t a consumer card neither, it’s more aimed at researchers (and gamers with way too much money, LOL), but it at least gives us a glimpse of what we can expect when Nvidida releases consumer focused Volta cards.

In the coming days more benchmarks will be released, let’s post them here.

That’s kind of my point though: the new titan isn’t a consumer card, so it shouldn’t be compared to when when a non-consumer analog exists, since the consumer iterations of the new titan will probably have similar differences to the ones we see with the current gen titan and the 1080ti.

These are pretty small differences apart from the huge price difference. So yes, it does give us a good indication of the future. The benchmarks give us an idea of what the GTX 2080 TI performance will be.

Then again, of course this is still speculation at this point, I’ll admit that for sure. These cards are not actually aimed at gaming so who knows, with optimizations the 2080 TI might even be faster in gaming.

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That card is definitely not for gaming and those numbers reveal it.

The consumer 80/Ti will be on my radar but the Ti may take a while.

Maybe that’s for the best anyway.

This is quite the dilemma for me as I am looking to upgrade my GPU. Currently running an AMD R9 390 and it has served me well with most titles on Vive but a lot of games recently released require more power. I was willing to wait for Volta but decided against it if it would not be worth it if we were looking at a late 2018 release. Now I’m not so sure.

For $3000 it is missing the hand that comes out the back plate, grabs the toilet paper and wipes my butt for me.

We need more gpu competition.

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That might be true, but it’s also not relevant. It’s not meant for you, but for AI researchers.

This is very interesting. long but worth the watch.

I understand that it’s not the consumer version. I’ve been buying video cards since dirt formed. It was a joke aye.

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This card is indeed not for gaming.

Non O/C $3000 Titan V is only 10-15% faster than a $700 1080Ti in 3D Mark Firestrike, Firestrike extreme for that reason.

Yeah, disappointing in some benchmarks. If it was at least 50% faster I’d probably buy it. But 15%, not worth it

This is not a gaming card, most of the tech inside is geared to AI and machine learning. Wait for the 2080 or whatever they call it, that will be a beast and much more affordable as I expect they will take the tensor cores out to focus it more to games and less to productivity

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I have a titan x pascal and I have backed for both the 8k and the 8kx .
I was hoping that the Volta price would have been in the same price range of the titan x pascal (which is already pretty high). The price mentioned for the Volta is very high.
I am wondering if it would go down or what other option there would be to use the 8k x , when the 8k x is developed.

The next gaming cards are Ampere, not Volta.

Thanks for pointing this out. True Volta is not going to be the next consumer range. People can stop freaking out. The next Titan will not cost $3000

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A 3/4th GV100 for 1/3th of the price - with Tensor cores enabled - was a nice surprise. We have sufficient machine-learning power at work, but having such a thing at home for experiments would have been great - and also need a new gaming card next year anyways. But 5000+ € for a new computer (that I could use well but don’t really need) is unfortunately still more than I can justify. Sniff… for 1500€ (for the card) I probably couldn’t have resisted…
We’ll see, perhaps I can get one second hand when the first rich gamers upgrade to Ampere :slight_smile:

pimax have said that their 8x k need next generations cards like the Volta .
This is why I see the Volta price and I think that I will have an 8k x that might need that price range card

Volta is not the next gen consumer card. They will be called Amper and the will not cost that much