First Impressions of the X from a person that doesn't care about color and doesn't see distortion from the 5K+

  1. Pimax really needs to provide a cloth wipe for the X.
  2. Shipped 1 Foam, I can live with it.
  3. Headset gets slightly hotter than the 5K+(In my opinion, can’t conclusively test since I returned the loaner.
  4. No SDE, Aliasing exist but SDE isn’t there.

Initial thoughts, I can see why the people that comment aren’t ‘Wowed’ by the 8KX. It’s not that it isn’t a very good headset. I enjoyed my it a lot, will continue testing. I think the thing main thing is you really forget that the X’s advantages are there because that’s how VR ‘Should be’. I’d bet if I pull out my OG vive right now I’d be WOWed. But I can’t go through that horror again.

I’m using the basic Pitool settings with no tweaks and Steam SS at ‘Auto’. Using a 2070 Super so underpowered. Bought eyetracking to test if it gets performance gains.

Elite Dangerous looks better than the 5K+ IMO much better. I’ll tweak more settings and get more into it tomorrow.

I will say this about the X, I’m finally not distracted by stupid crap that always annoyed me in VR and managed to stay in VR longer despite constant sweat. So that is a plus.


Thanks for the feedback!
Hehe, highest praise for a headset would probably be “what is the big deal, everything just looks like without any headset”.


@generic your X is @ home? Realy? Congrats!


We’re getting close. Closer than we’ve ever been. It’s hard to praise the X without complaining about the other headsets since I’ve used my 5K+ Strap for ages and now I can actually play for more than 1hr without my feeling like my clothstrap is killing me. Downside is I can’t lie down due to the Similar Vive Pro Design. I’d say for the first time that SDE doesn’t bother me with this headset.

The only thing that clues me into reality is aliasing we need some super smart anti-AA Solution that is also ‘cheap’ performance wise.

I’d say without a doubt that the 8KX is the best way to read Manga, just through an app like Bigscreen of Virtual Desktop covering your FOV. It’s like having a giant page of a comic come to you face.


Sounds really promising!
Have coincidentally also fiddled with AA settings just yesterday on the 5k+ - wanted to find out whether I can get rid of the “wandering pixel effect” when looking at text. Either I cannot keep my head steady enough to really get a stable picture or some algorithms always dynamically change the way how aliasing is coped with even for exactly the same position. I can read the text fine, even in the 5k+, the constant movement is disturbing though. Any recipe to get rid of that would be highly appreciated!


I think we are just in the very early stages of AA for VR. I’m sure there needs to be new techniques being invented.

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Yeh you got it thank u4 posting your first impressions.


They snuck it in on you without notifications? Glad to hear. Please give us more details when you have a chance. Until then enjoy your new headset! Thanks…


Wait. You didn’t even tell us you had your shipping info or that you received it after all those threads??!! You mad man!


@generic where is the full review???!!!


So the promised day has finally come, @generic has received their 8KX. Incredible.


Glad you finally received your X! Can’t wait to hear more detailed impressions after you’ve had a chance to use it more.


A soft lens cloth should be provided in the box? My 8K had one in a little plastic wrapper although I never used it.

It would be strange if Pimax decided to stop providing one for free, I guess I’ll soon find out too.


Amazing, Generic received unit and not complaining. Must be a GOOD headset! I Pre-ordered in June… Have a little hope I receive mine in September. Please Pimax, do everything you can :slight_smile:


@generic, now, I have wait more then 5 hours… I look every 5 minutes here, but there is no update. :frowning:

Input, we need more input!


Wipe cloth is there, take a closer look at your box


You are gonna love it. I have at the moment the 8K Plus and even this HMD is amazing.
I swichted a few minutes bevor between the large FOV and the Potato FOV (like a Rift S FOV)
It is so amazing that pimax made this possible. It is so much wider :slight_smile: :star_struck:
Sometimes it is importnant to know what you have already at home. And i am every day thankfull to Pimax and of Course everyone who supports Pimax (plus backers).

I can no longer live with 114 Degree Standard FOV!


Hey Generic, congrats on finally receiving your 8KX! :smiley:

Looking back you probably feel silly about all those complaint posts you made these past couple of weeks haha.


I still can’t believe I pressed like on a post by @generic :man_facepalming:

Enjoy your headset man


I couldn’t believe it he received his 8kx :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: