Firmware Trouble!

When i Installed Piplay this Morning the 60 Time :rage: to get back to extended Mode (did i mention before that switching the modes does not work, but who cares :frowning: ) the Firmware was shoiwn as .

After a Time i was forced by Piplay to Update the Firmware and i thought, Heaven, they did an update.Now i have Firmware Version What the Heck its a step back ! Thats Disgusting! :scream:

There is a Chinese Firmware already. What does this mean. Nor better Firmware for English Version. And Why did my Piplay switch me back to older Firmware ?:confused:

I cant get mine to go into direct mode. How did you do that?

Chinese version and oversea version is different.


I Know, but why was it before and then switched back to Strange is,Serial Number was shown before 000001621000011CN and i could swear before this happened it was 000001621000011EN

Right click on Icon in Task-Bar, the Mode detect, then choose Pimax Mode! But be warned you could not switch back to
extended mode without installing Piplay again!

it’s very strange because I could not go to the direct mode at all, when I try to switch the extend mode to direct mode piplay can not find the glasses. Endless problems, it is not at all prepared for sale to consumers

I told you that this would happen!

I had the same problem with my Nvidia GeForce 970, I reinstalled PiPlay to get my Pimax recognized again and I installed Nvidia 362.00 version’s drivers (as explain in the instructions, with newer drivers on a 9 series, it won’t work). Then, when right clicking on the PiPlay taskbar icon, I was able to choose between the three modes, Pimax, Direct or Extended and everything is now working except the IPD adjustments which is still not ok (I need to set it to 50mm, which is the minimum even if it should be 65mm for me…)

Hi, thanks for your Reply. If this really is a problem with Nvidia Drivers, the engineers from Pimax should have known! And they should fix this in their Piplay Version, Its not a fault to run the actual Drivers, isn’t it?
I have to use older drivers to get this to work? This Sucks!

I agree, but I also have to admit that a 9 serie is not what I would call optimal hardware for that stuff, so, if it makes thing simpler for them to deliver better software, it is ok for me …

Same problem. Received en version form Gearbest. Upgraded to :-). GTX1060 card = no 362.00 driver available. How can I upgrade back to

As explained in the documentation, you can install the latest Nvidia drivers with a 10 serie. You don’t need to get back to As for my experience, there is no difference on screen between those firmwares.

Now on win10, GTX1060, piplay 1.1.71, pimax fw
Cant find pimax on pimax mode. Must reistall piplay, to return on extended mode. No direct mode. Only extended mode, but no picture in googles. no secondary display in win settings. Not usable.

When I received, same config but fw in extended mode FHD secondary display in win always working. I can switch to pimax mode. Start stremvr, than i updated in piplay to new pimax fw and stuck on

You can try to uninstall PiPlay and install an older version to see what happen, I recall having done that once and it saved my nigth ^^ but, as metionned, I have a 9 serie, which seems to have different installation requirements than a 10 serie.

I restalled piplay many times, trying also china ver PiSetup1.1.69 and piplay_x64_1.1.67, no help. I think its 10 serie new nvidia driver problem on old fw I need to upgrade back to, but no ideas how. All piplay versions says: already latest FW ver.

I had FW Version, then, with a new Piplay the FW Changes back to VErsion.
An Engineer from Pimax told me thats normal, cause they want to work with only one FW Version.
There was no way for me to switch to another FW Version too. Looks for me as Pimax i struggling with many Problems,
The Drivers and Firmware seems more Alpha than Beta.
I Fear we all have a Nice Paperweight now !

Dear Pimax,

I have installed software but my laptop cannot detect the Pimax VR goggles at all.
Can you help with this problem please?

Specs of my laptop are –

OS - Windows 10 Home 64 bit operating system
Processor – Intel i7 – 6700HQ CPU @ 2.6ghz
Ram - 16GB
Graphics card - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
Driver version 372.70

Regards Ross

Do You have a Onboard Graphic Card? You have to deactivate it in BIOS.
If there is no Option for this i have no Idea and Support will have no Idea also! But i think this is what Support will tell you!

I have a Laptop with Nvodoa and Intel Graphics, the Intel could not be deactivatet so i have no chance to run the PimaxVR.

On my DEsktop the PimaxVR was first detected right when i deactivatet te Onbaord Graphics Option on my AsRock Mainboard!

Hopefully you got a Desktop PC too!

Hell, where is the Edit Option, i wanted to correct misspelling!

That’s odd, seems to be working now.