Fed Ex LOST my 8kx

Just got off the phone with a Fed Ex rep after my 8kx didn’t show any movement since the 29th and he told me the package has been officially “lost” and Pimax needed to contact fed ex and file a claim. I’m pretty livid right now. @PimaxQuorra @Miracle what do I need to do in order to get my 8kx?


That’s sad to hear. Do you coincidentally have musical talent?


Awww man, sorry to hear that. Hope it gets sorted quickly. My 8KX package bounced around for many days and even seemed lost at one point, but eventually arrived.


Good luck getting Pimax to do anything on your behalf… I’m sorry for your loss

Hope you used PayPal so you can at least get your refund.


Pimax will probably just message you your tracking code again

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Boo! That’s awful! I hope you get this worked out, that’s very bad of FedEx!


Send ticket to Pimax is what you need to start with, they are back now at work from there time off.


Don’t give up hope! My parcel was also “ lost”, as were several others while in transit with FedEx. Eventually they managed to find them and deliver them to us.

Do file a ticket with Pimax, maybe they can help with your case.

Good luck and all the best,



Filed a support ticket #8252

You need to open a ticket with Pimax. Since they are the shipper, the one sending the package, they are considered as the client by fedex…not you.

Therefore Pimax is the one that needs to contact fedex and ask them wtf is going, though politely, and send them the tracking number…once confirmed the package is lost they need to file a claim.

You as the receiver of the package are very limited in what you can do barring asking Pimax for a refund if they cannot resolve the issue with fedex.

It basically means the ball is in Pimax’s court.


I’m a backer upgrader, a refund wouldn’t cover a new 8kx. Its not my fault fed ex lost my 8kx. I forfeited my backer rewards for the discount, I won’t spend full price on another. Pimax needs to send me a new 8kx.

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Shouldn’t be much trouble, since FedEx even said that they lost it themselves.

Hope it goes quick though!

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I have informed the customer service to expedite the processing of the ticket you submitted. Hope everything goes well!


I’m possibly in the same situation as the OP, SO14096 , tracking number shows no collection?

@PimaxQuorra any updates on this?

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Ok support got back to me. They are saying Fed Ex told them the package is in fact not lost but is still being inspected in Memphis. The thing is its been in Memphis since September 29! For what reason is fed ex holding my package for 16 days? And why have I not seen any update on the tracking number? It still shows Oct 2nd as a delivery date. It doesn’t even reflect a delay!

To be honest I’m not buying it. If it wasn’t lost then why did fed ex tell me personally that it was? At what point is enough for Pimax to send me a new headset? 1 month delay? 2?

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When are you going to be deployed abroad?

I’ve been gone since September. Which is another reason I’ve been stressing about this. I dont like the fact that my 8kx has, theoretically, been sitting in a sorting facility for over 2 weeks. I have no way of verifying if it will even work when it arrives until I return home in February.

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But it “appeared”! That’s a very very nice outcome.

It took literally 3 months for my Artisan to leave a warehouse next to the runway in China!! - that was purchased through Aliexpress though using China’s ‘Express’ mail service!!! Edit: Aliexpress did actually give me a refund though and when it did finally arrive I sent it back (using UK normal mail and it took 2 weeks door to door!)