Face foam with Eyetracking discussion

And, as importantly, is it prepared for the eye-tracking module, or can we choose a version instead which is ?


Initially the headsets were shipping with the thick pad only. Then people complained and PimaxUSA said that they were supposed to ship with both pads (thick and thin). After that people complained that they were only receiving the thin pads and PimaxUSA said there had been some miscommunication with the CN office.

@PimaxUSA Can you confirm that the headsets are shipping with both pads now? IIRC any missing pads were supposed to be added to the backer boxes or shipped separately at a later date (for those not receiving backer boxes).


But there’s two things:

  1. I never had the same eye to lens distance / distortion issue with a Lenovo due to (lack of) foam thickness. Only a Pimax issue in my experience, so it’s a Pimax problem to solve.

  2. The cost of the Vision package is higher than many other headsets, so surely they can afford to include the right foams to make the tech usable for everyone out of the box? It is everyone’s interest to make the Pimax ‘experience’ correct on day one…


With a Lenovo, as with all other HMDs without canted displays, it is also considerably easier.

Btw, the foam supplied with the Odyssey + cannot be used. On the Lenovo, swap the front foam for the rear foam and you have a better experience.

but yes, mechanical adjustment of the lens eye distance would be cool.
Maybe in future, if Pimax have enough money left for further developments


Yep, exactly why Pimax need to go the extra mile to get their headsets working hassle free for as many people as possible. A lot of people’s poor experience is down to incorrect comfort setup.

Some people may just fundamentally have issues with their face shape of course, but Pimax need to eliminate any problems from their side.

Lenovo has not seen any use since I went Pimax, but thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

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starvr does not have eye relief and i’ve seen no complains about that (only about the software ipd and the lack of a wider ipd range) and afair the xtal also lacks eye relief without complains from testers (like mrtv or sweviver), maybe pimax has to do a lot more scintific background research to get better (or might do some consulting with people like ex starvr dev’s or Doc_Ok)


It’s also a money problem. Developing a perfect, silly foam also costs. Test, change, test, change, test … Always custom-made if you will find the best sometime

Check out how long XTAL has been in development and still not finished. they attach great importance to details and the best components, but they are 7 times as expensive and are far from perfect at the moment.
By the way, some of the expensive XTAL components are also in the 8kx.

Pimax could do a lot better. For example, have lenses manufactured by Zeiss or another well-known manufacturer. This companies know that they do. But then the HMD would also be 2-3 times as expensive, given the actually small quantities. (custom Zeiss Lenses cost from 100 up to 500 Bucks for small Amounts)


Yes, but look which factor made the development of the StarVR more expensive than the Pimax. The StarVr is a system in which displays and lenses are specially coordinated with one another. Pimax has to use existing ones for the displays.

Pimax is cheap compared to StarVR, had little money as a startup, and has to have everything produced by external companies. so you can’t expect them to produce a Mercedes at Skoda price after just a few years.

You should never forget, at Kickstart it was said that they were producing a Wide FoV Headset for xxx bucks, not for xxxx. Consequently, you can only use xxx for development and the production.

They did not benefit much from the bakers. the profit only comes through the regular sale.

and there are many people who spoil this profit for them. So at some point there will be no money for further developments.
but instead of understanding it, you just hear - we want this, we want that, for free!

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Actually the Odyssey foam can be used though many don’t find it works well for them.

The issue comes down to pimax is testing foam thicknesses on consumers and should ship both as they said they would. This involves the company committing to these decisions/promises made on the product.

So really one could say this logic of what other companies do or do not is a “strawman defense”.

Car company A provides climate control in all there cars while Car company B does not. Both however are selling cars according to their committed specs of their cars.

Did Xtal remove Eye relief after there hero vr 2 model?

as long as there is no other wide FOV provider in the same price range on the market, not.

i have not seen any sign of eye relief and the spec does not mention it

they mention this
“Advanced adjustable focus allowing compensation for dioptries”
but thats not the same as eye relief

That is no defense. A company needs to keep with it’s products commitments. Not change things on a whim. They said it will have thick and thin foam included and it should as said.

If foams were so expensive vr covers would not have much of a business and they sell for fairly reasonable prices for quantity.

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Actually is is related. Just terms used to sell.

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It was not about the thick and the thin foam, it was about the requirement for four or more foams. (Between the lines)

Well you know the answer. Only valve makes and supplies them. Valve is the origin of the supply.

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Of course. This is why Aftermarket car parts from a good company is often a higher quality design.

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and continuously supplies to small Chinese retailers. but also lets its own end customers wait for it. :wink:

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Yep sure, that’ll work. Anyway this is not something that is going to happen for any of us now, but something for Pimax to improve in the future.

I am also curious to know what percentage of boxes only shipped with one foam, thick or thin, just to understand what is likely to be in the current shipments and whether I should get a 3rd party thick foam now so I can use the 8KX when it arrives.

Not expecting a detailed answer on the numbers, but perhaps @PimaxQuorra could give a hint :slight_smile: Are the vast majority of boxes shipping with two foams, or is there a significant number with only one?

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seems we are both logical and intelligent people.

Pimax should hire us as consultants. We would charge a good fee.

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