Eye Tracking Release Info

Eye Tracking On Backer Store

Dear backer.

The eye tracking module will launch less than 24 hours.

Date : 09.07.2020

Time : 8PM Beijing Time

Portal : backer.pimaxvr.com

You may apply the redeemed coupon on this module!



Local time can be found using Google:


If purchased here and soon, will it be sent with the stretch-goals package?

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Beijing time is 12 hours ahead of est.

Does this mean we can use the $100 downgrade credit? @PimaxQuorra If so, I just checked my Pimax store account, and I don’t have this listed there.
EDIT: I’m assuming this is referring to the backer discount, not sure why this would be indicated.

I do have a credit for the cancelled 10m cable listed, but when I put in a ticket for this it was unclear if this was a direct refund so I don’t know if the code given to this will be valid. I tried responding to the original ticket to check on this, but I haven’t received a response.

When will it be available for pre-order customers to order the eye tracking? If pre-ordered now, when is the eye tracking expected to be delivered?


I cannot log into my backer.pimaxvr.com
They fixed my store.pimaxvr.com but I cant log into backer site.

That means I cannot purchase the eye tracker when it go online

Pls fix

EDIT: its my silly mistake to not see a invisible space at end of my email. its all working sorry


As expected, the website is under huge strain at the moment >__<


yeah, when I click add to basket the website takes about 5 minutes to update, then I click on Basket and it says my basket is empty due to an item becoming unavailable, go back to the eyetracking page, let it update and it says “in stock”, click add to basket, wait, click on basket, empty


@PimaxQuorra I still don’t have access to my ks pledge with my voucher code.
I sent you messages & opened a ticket days ago which hasnt been answered.
Still not sorted.
I’ll pm you again

Ordered (pre-order)… Yay…! :slight_smile:


did it accept your eyetracker discount? Here it doesnt?

Can someone clarify, since the webstore doesn’t do it, and the ambiguity between the “backer” store and the regular store, where I should purchase the unit at?

I took over a backer, and did the backer upgrade plan A to an 8KX and I gave up all of my kickstarter stretchgoals.

Is my price $199? Is there going to be a higher normal price? $299? Backers that kept their discount are going to get it for $99?

I just want to make sure I do the right thing when I place the order, and not get stuck in Pimax support technicality loop.

The addition to the basket is done in the background but the ajax request is actually failing (without notification) because the server is unable to answer (the load probably too great at the moment).

I would have prefered that Pimax team answered my question in this topic, about when this module would be sent.
IF it is planned to be sent with the Kickstarter package (implied it is ordered before a specific date), people wouldn’t have to be in a hurry and could order during the time span without overloading the servers.

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Full price since I’m not a backer… :wink:

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I can’t put it in my cart which is really annoying!

Also, the website says “In stock soon”, so is it actually up for sale yet?

Clearly, this is a killer product given the demand.

Anyone else click the basket icon to add eye tracking and then get a ‘504 Gateway Timeout’ error?

" Your cart is empty!

Warning! Some products became unavailable and your cart has been updated. We’re sorry for the inconvenience".

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I got that after putting in my order (when checking my orders).

It’s sounds like a max session issue on the web server.

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Wow, Pimax store store failure. What a surprise.

finally done. are we supposed to pay fro delivery and tax!!! had to pay $12 for tax and delivery. discount code worked but tax and delivery still was charged