Eye strain and GPU usage issue with Pimax 5k+

I’ve bought this headset back in June 2019.
So far the experience with this headset always felt like i was a beta-testing the product.
I am still waiting for the final retail product that will fix the major issues, one which is GPU usage as yo u can see in the image below

gpu can’t reach 100% usage so i am effectively giving up 10% of my GPU power.
And then eye strain, which makes the headset unusable after about 30 min.
I have effectively bought this headset to accumulate dust, waiting for the new “headset mask/foam” or “software adjustment” that would fix this because i can’t mess enough with hardware knob or software horizontal headset, those just don’t work, eye strain won’t go away.
Support deliberately chose to ignore my emails, i dont know what to do.

the name 5k+ was “invented” in 9/2018 and it got delivered to backers no before oktober 2018, i really cant imagine how you bought it in june 2018

try pitool 180 beta and latest nvidia drivers, loads of people got rid of eye strain by the “offset” and/or changing ipd in pitool
one of the biggest problems is that there are no official guidelines how to deal with problems like eye strain or seeing distortions
it needs a lot of reading here to find possible solutions
mainly the offset in pitool and tilting the headset up or down for lowering the distortions

it looks like pimax has no clue what the causes are and for that reason can’t give advise how to solve it, they are just lucky that most people are able to adapt to a certain amount of problems

i’d really would have liked to hear what Doc_Ok thinks about the pimax headsets

it’s no headset for people that just want to use it, its for people that like experimenting and tinkering with all kind of settings (pitool and in game)
if you look for a good care free headset the give the valve index a try, fov is not nearly as good as pimax (still better then oculus) but all other aspects or very good


He likely meant June 2019. Lol

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Yes june 2019, i do not own a NVIDIA card as you can clearly see by the screenshot. Pitool is already 180 beta and latest amd driver

it’s no headset for people that just want to use it, its for people that like experimenting and tinkering with all kind of settings (pitool and in game) <- so basically you are giving them an excuse to making us pay to be beta-testers, awesome :smiley: i want the issue to be fixed and use the headset like it’s supposed to (PLAY!)

Still not sure on this. I run Pitool on default settings save pp on or off & use mainly Normal FoV.

SteamVR on Auto SS in Video. Other than that adjust in game settings & it seems to work fine with minimal tinkering.

Yes I do tinker but check things out before trying “improve” visual quality/performance preferences.

No your pitool ss is missing. But if your using a newer Amd card(vega & newer). Amd cards have an issue with pimax headsets that both Amd & pimax are still trying to fix.

I myself run my pimaxes on a 1080ti & an Amd r9 390 8g. The R9 390 seems to not have the newer Amd card issues & surprisingly runs the headset quite well for being a really old card.

Do you know your exact ipd for both eyes? if not go to Eye doctor and they can give you that info, then you set that and then with software simple test, there is not much more that can be done for Eye strain.
GPU use feel more like AMD/Nvidia and the game Engine.


Tweak the software IPD down and up. One direction will relax your eye, the other will make it more focused/strained. Figure out which way is which.

RE graphics card usage. 90% is fine. Once you get above 95% you start getting problems like hard frame hangs, because it seems headroom is needed for other calculations. Also, there are a wide variety of permutations of system requirements an engine will run through when rendering. Who is to say where the bottleneck is in your system? It could be CPU for example, or memory throughput.


well at least ur getting 90% usage. i’ve been living with 70% with 5k+. havent tried the 180 pitool version yet, have to wait for my new headet x)

My GPU usage flips between 87 and 96% up and down. So yeah, losing GPU usage is an issue. But it would only mean 3-7fps in ED anyway as I run at very high settings. 90Hz and 45fps is very acceptable in that slow paced game, even when dogfighting.

Not sure why it is. I do try to minimise other apps that may use the GPU.

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I know my exact ipd, is 62. Doesn’t matter because hardware knob at 62 still gives eye strain, horizontal is just a guess… still gives eye strain.

And when you move it to other values is it getting worse?

I don’t know what my IPD is, I was just playing with the settings until I found where it is comfortable. I would first set HW IPD to whatever feels best and then try to play with the SW values.

Are you using 90Hz? For me it always feels wrong on 72 or 64 Hz setting (but that is individual).


Is that 31mm/Eye or is it 32mm one Eye 30mm 2 Eye.

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it was a sad but realistic description of the state (from my point of view)
even with the new line of headset’s they seem to do nothing to address this problems, the latency problems and distortion problems get not addressed, no different foams or acknowledge and guidelines (or even proper explanations) for this problems people have
and as nice a the new panel macro shots look in the 8k+/8kx it does not solve this existing problems

there is not really something IN the screenshot, only when moving the mouse over it i can see “vega,jpg”

I have had the same issue and I have an RTX2080ti and have been around VR since he Oculus DK1 - when the Index came out I ordered a kit and I have been using that since it arrived - Every once in awhile I come back to the Pimax forums hoping that some magic may have happened to make my 5k usable and from your message it doesnt appear to have happened yet.

I cant use my 5k - during game play it not too bad, but afterwards its horrible - the cross-eye effect is crazy and it doesnt go way for 20-30 minutes (depending how long I played). When I use the Index, which has a farily small sweet spot, but once I set the IPD I never have to change it and I can play for hours without any negative effects.

Still hoping PiMax fixes these issues - I do miss the FOV, but I missed real game play more…

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I was wondering if the cross eyed effect is caused by the displays being canted 30 degrees instead of the index’s 10 degrees, if not the lens angles or lens distances.

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We are beta testing this product. This is the description of what’s happening.

Nvidia GPU have way higher clocks, especially memory clocks. By common sense you should acknowledge it’s an AMD gpu.

there might be more then one reason but lately there is some talk about problems with aligning the panels in factory, people with 2 or more units (like 5k+ and XR) and people that had exchanges say that’s with the 2nd head set the old settings they used doe not work anymore, indicating heavy differences between the headsets
i know from my vive that they get calibrated in factory individual to every device (every lens has its own profile in the firmware), pimax never made this so differences in lenses from molding and mechanical differences in panel mounting and lens mounting might add up that much that its unusable for some people
also there was a comment from kevin (pimaxusa) that they now use measuring hardware for alignment of components in the build process

hard to say if they know whats wrong by now i guess if they know that a huge amount of units was missaligned/mounted wrong then they might keep quiet until they know how to handle this, if you cant say for sure how to test on the customer side then all backers and buyers want to send there headset back for correction/exchange and without local offices capable of doing repairs or exchanges in that numbers it will end up in china, being complicated, long and expansive (who wants to pay extra for a problem someone else created)

i will not pay any amount of money to pimax as long as these problems don’t get explained and fixed


By common sense we should presume by clock frequencies your using an AMD card? Lol

No common sense you post your system specs not leave crumbs to guess.

Public releases are often Beta ish. Index Controllers are receiving all kinds of fixes now there publically released.


Why do we need to use AMD?
It seems to me that Nvidia is more accessible than
Are you crazy if you still use AMD

Amd shouldn’r be excluded. There are even benefits of Amd cards. Ie greater mgpu variety & in my xp worked well. I could run my old pimax 4k headset on dual cf 7950 3g.

I was going to originally grab a Vega Frontier card if I could have found one instead of the 1080ti. But pimax should be posting more progress on Amd. As currently only pimax hmds are having issues with Amd gpus.