Experimental: Beta with Monitor-order & save feature for Virtual Desktop

Hey guys!

Meanwhile me and @arminelec are currently putting all our efforts into the back-end system for online/cloud profile feature, I would like to ask you all, if you could test this (temporary) Experimental Beta version and report the functionality in this thread.

This experimental version is based on and additionally adds the below listed things to Virtual Desktop, to be tested. Please let us know how this works, IF it works and if we should change or add anything more. Thank you


  • Config-menu added for manual order of monitors (available for multi-monitor setups with 2 or 3 monitors connected)

  • Click on the config icon and a popup shows with available monitor-order buttons. Click on any of the buttons to instantly switch the order.

  • 3 monitor setups have 6 monitor orders to switch between (basically all possible):
    [2] [1] [3] where 1 is center monitor
    [3] [1] [2] where 1 is center monitor
    [1] [2] [3] where 2 is center monitor
    [1] [3] [2] where 3 is center monitor
    [3] [2] [1] where 2 is center monitor
    [2] [3] [1] where 3 is center monitor

  • 3 monitor setups have 4 orders to switch between (2 orders with 2 layouts each)
    [1] [2] where 1 is center monitor
    [2] [1] where 1 is center monitor
    [1] [2] where 2 is center monitor
    [2] [1] where 2 is center monitor

  • Using any mode above, the monitors are synced by PE, so you can easily drag icons/windows between monitors with VR controller pointer that controls the Desktop mouse - even if the order is not the same as the real monitor order shown in Windows/Nvidia control panel

  • Upon changing order, the setting is automatically saved in user profile for next PE launch.

  • Upon using multi-monitor view, the setting is automatically saved for next PE launch.

  • Upon launching PE and going to Virtual Desktop, lastly used monitor order is shown based on lastly saved order in profile

  • Upon launching PE and going to Virtual Desktop, multi-monitor view is shown if lastly used

  • For single-monitor systems, no changes have been made.

Install :

This is NOT an installer. Unzip the file and copy all the files inside of PVRHome folder into your PVRHome installation (normally C:\Program Files\Pimax\PVRHome). Now start Pimax VR Experience from PiTool again, by ticking the checkbox “Start Pimax VR Home” under Settings > General.

Download (Right click and Save-As):


We appreciate all feedback, thanks!


On 0.81 Elite Dangerous doesn’t start in VR anymore, not even with -vr command line (with or without it)

Only the launcher starts

Me and Armin tried specifically Elite Dangerous multiple times before releasing 0.80. It worked maybe 50% of the time. Every second time it started in VR and every second time just jumped into the desktop launcher and we had to manually click Play to start it in VR.

There’s obviously some kind of issue starting this game. No logic. Makes no sense how it can be so random. I have honestly no idea how to solve this.

And nothing has been changed with the launcher between 0.80 and 0.81 as far as I can tell. Let us do some more testing tomorrow morning. We estimate to have one more official version (installer) released this week.


Hey SweViver,

What are the chances we can get curved desktop screens in PE?


Yes, curved desktop would come in handy :beers:
I have a curved 21:9 monitor, in PE it looks very long and not very comfortable.



Give us curved screens, super curved screens :laughing:


Haha gotta love u guys! :slight_smile: Curved surfaces is a matter of math waay beyond my head and knowledge, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Armin The Wizard @arminelec magically cooks up something sooner or later :grin:


I hadn’t tried the 0.80 yet, before 0.70 it always worked as expected, after 0.70 it only worked with -vr in command line. Now with 0.81 it never works. Actually I run Elite using virtual desktop directly from Steam, and it works.

Works great! Monitor number order on the buttons does not match, but I just poked the other buttons and found one that did what I wanted and I’m good to go. Couldn’t care less about the numbers but others may find it misleading. Maybe use x, y, z or something. Or just don’t worry about it: all I care about is that it gets me where I need and it does, thank you!!
Tried dragging a few icons: no issue.
I use a product called Display Fusion. It puts a button on each window to allow you to swap the monitor that the window appears on: works fine.
Dragging windows between monitors works fine.

Looking good!

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I guess this might be some timeout happening. Sometimes the startup is fast enough to avoid the timeout and sometimes it is not fast enough and the startup runs into the timeout. You could try to install Elite on a faster storage medium. If it runs fine on this medium then my theory is confirmed.


Regarding Elite Dangrous, there is a bug in their latest updates in their launcher screen.
When launching Elite in VR mode (either directly via Steam dialog, command line or PE 0.80+), it will always launch in VR mode correctly the first time.

When the user exits ED via its in-game menu, the game quits but the ED launcher dialog comes back on, in the normal mode (which is wrong). In the past it either came back in the locked mode, or it never came back at all and truly exited the game.

Perhaps they will fix this issue (assuming they are aware of it).

I am open to suggestions and temporary workarounds from PE users playing ED and having this issue. Anyone who has a suggestion can make a post under PE Discussions page.


@JoeJonnyBoy75 @Century Thanks for the suggestion. Added it to backlog.


Yeah Ive noticed the monitor numbers in Windows display properties and Nvidia control panel aren’t ordered after how the displays are ordered in a “extended mode” view (basically the order of how your mouse moves from monitor to monitor). My main monitor, which is grabbed as active monitor number 1 is for some reason always Monitor number 2.

Windows/Nvidia shows:
Actual monitor arrangement in Windows extended mode:

If I connect a third monitor, Windows/Nvidia shows :
Actual monitor arrangement in Windows extended mode:

Still trying to understand this. Will be changed once we fully understand the logic of the two different number labels. This is why we added all 6 orders for 3-monitor setups and 2 orders/4 variations for 2-monitor setups. So all are available, no matter of number order.


Hmm Running it on m2 pci-e gen4, main m2 slot (Corsair MP600 1Tb) and Asus Crosshair VIII Hero pci-e gen4, so I guess it wont get much faster than that? Will try the other m2 (gen 3) and SATA6 SSD


Your equipment is to good :slight_smile:


Lol I dont know about that. Really, cant tell any actual difference going from a 2 year old Samsung m2 to this MP600. Sure benchmarks shows avg 5000Mb/s read and 4000MB/s write, but still…


Looks like @arminelec already found the reason for the ED behavior. A new bug.

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Yeah, seems like that. That never-ending troubleshooting and tweaking… :slight_smile:


SteamVR overlays do the curved surfaces as a series of about 10 vertical bars, albeit mostly because SteamVR does not allow framebuffer overlays. This works quite surprisingly well.

However, the best way to do curved screens of course would be to have a proper curved object, and write the desktop texture to it. If Unity does not already have a good way for doing this, in a few weeks or months, I should have a program ready to interact with Unity for such things.

As for SSD speeds, AFAIK, not one end user application improves even 0.1% in load time - yet. Some of the applications that will show up soon - frequently loading new worlds - will change that dramatically. Compiling, and VM image copy, however, are indeed that many times faster though. I routinely rely on pushing hardware to its limits, so it irks me a bit when people are ok with having what inevitably become crippling flaws later.

After all, Population ONE had to increase load screen times to accommodate users with hard disks. I say, forget those guys, make them buy SSDs already.

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