Espire 1 VR Operative

So I pre-ordered Espire 1 which releases tomorrow for all PC headsets, as it comes with Killing Floor Incursion for free.
Killing Floor, which has recently been updated with newer code from Espire 1 won’t launch at all with Pimax. Has anyone else tried this? I’m concerned now that Espire 1 isn’t going to work either, which would be another real downer for Pimax.


Nope… it’s fine. Just Killing floor that doesn’t work. Only had a quick go but textures look a bit poor, as well as the scaling of the levels. May wait for some reviews whilst I can still refund.

The litle i tested it i Think it looks good and plays well, dont like reload off maschingun.

which version are you using. oculus or steam VR

this is the quest owners dilemma. I would rether buy the steamVR version so I can play it without revive

however that oculus cross buy is tempting

Can someone play it through revive to see if it works that way?

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I have the steam version.
Its already getting mixed reviews but I think its because no one can find the menu button so they can turn off the comfort settings, which are extreme. Apparently its on your wrist, as I havent had chance to play any more yet.
Will give it a decent go later.

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Did buy it at steam also for me.

Currently downloading it but slow internet, 3hrs left.
Yes reviews are…mixed as you said, probably for the reasons you are talking about. No big deal I give it a chance.

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I gave it half an hour, seems to be stable but just not enjoying how it plays, refunded.
saving the money for bone works… Not long now.

From most of the reviews on steam. It seems that alot of real issues stem from not having proper index controller support. (Guns not in the right direction in hand, grip being too sensitive or requiring too much force to hold on)

I don’t think the oculus crowd seems to have the same problem.

I think I will bite the bullet and get the oculus version because I really want to have it on quest if possible. Hopefully it works on the Pimax as well that would be a bonus.

Ill report back here with what i find.


i have the game on the valve index.

Before you start the game turn off all the stupid comfort options(they are very bad impemented)

Then the game is much more fun,still there are two blue lines in your vision they are somekind off virtual mask,the devolper said to me that they will give us a option to disable them…

The A.I needs alot off work i think,but with some updates its gonne be a fun game(i already enjoy it) and for me the index controllers work fine.

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I dont have issue beside menu button I didnt find ^^

Will add english SubTitles for my comments later.
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The blue lines dont disrup me, the repair tool i sometime drop but weapon i dont have any problem with.

Yes, the blues lines can be annoying in a Pimax because of the wide Fov, disabling or moving them would be cool indeed.
If the IA get better it would be thrilling actually, need a hardcore mode :+1:

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Yes, Mike, one of the devs just confirmed me this on Steam :+1:

BTW, do you guys have sound when “Compatible with Vive Only” is off?
Actually I dont, have to turn it on to get sounds.

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I actually find the darkening when crouching the only time its annoying.

I played on rift and quest and its fine, but on pimax its better but thats just my opinion.

The devs said they will issue a patch to remove them.

I got espire 1 yesterday and im on the latest firmware and pitool, but it starts on the desktop but not in the headset.

Has anyone got this game actually working?

Yes, it work without any issue.
Is it Steam or Oculus version you have?
You said you played with Rift so maybe Oculus version? I have Steam one and it launch in the headset. Cant tell about the Oculus one.

Steam vr. i bought on quest and returned it.

Are you using index controllers. I am at the end of my patience with this game.
When I launch the game using the pimax, I see vive wands in the game and I cannot move.