Dust inside Crystal

I just noticed a small black fleck right in the middle of my view… its very small but annoying. It doesn’t seem to be a pixel problem and I did remove the lens and clean it. Can compressed air be used? Is there another glass barrier between the lenses and the display to keep it clean? I’ve submitted a ticket, but who knows how long it will take to get attention or how helpful they will want to be about this. I had a very similar problem on my 8k, but I had it for years before it developed, this headset I haven’t even had for a month.


Keep us apprised, Are you able to capture it in a picture?

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If using a phone is the only way to do that, probably not going to work… is there a way to take a screenshot with software? actually, If its dust on the qled panel, that wouldn’t show up on a screenshot anyway… I’m hoping that there is a glass divider protecting the panel, and the dust is on that…, if beneath that panel, I’m out of luck unless I send it back.

You can remove the lens by removing the screw that holds the lens.
Inside, there is a plastic plate that protects the panel, and the dust on it can be easily removed.

However, if there is dust under the plastic plate, it cannot be removed, so you need to apply for an exchange.

That’s what I was thinking… I was hesitant to use compressed air when I first opened it up… hoping it was on the inside of the lens… but I only used a microfiber cloth on the lens… next I guess I’ll have to try removing both lenses and give it a good blast of air. If its on the panel or on the inside of that protective divider, I’ll probably have to live with it because it would be very difficult to return from where I live and I would need to figure out how to keep from paying very steep duty a second time. Starting to wish I had waited and bought it from Amazon.

You should wait for a response from our support team after they have reviewed your ticket. If it is determined that an RMA is necessary, you may be able to request to return the headset and have the replacement unit shipped from an Amazon warehouse for your convenience.

Its only been a day and I’m not in a hurry to try and fix it myself unless the support team suggests that I remove the lenses and use compressed air. I will wait to hear their recomendation. Thank you for your reply.


I was able to determine that the dust is the other side of the plastic partition, where you don’t want it to be, but I was not even close to being able to photograph it. Is there an easy way to make the background full white? That would be the first step. I only have my phone without a tripod, but I need to try again. Anyone have luck with this? It needs to be exchanged, but I think I will need photo proof before I will get an RMA.

I guess its time I updated this… I’m becoming a bit frustrated and annoyed… welcome to the club, right? I sent in photos, admitedly not very good ones, but clear enough to show a defective HMD that should not be sold. Its my opinion that a bit of black plastic left over from the milling process attached itself to the inside of the clear plastic protective layer between the lenses and the panel and I told them so. Instead of an RMA they offered me a $20. coupon. I figured this must be a mistake, right? Could they be serious? Maybe its just a bit of compensation for my long wait and inconvenience? I was thinking they should let me keep a battery or maybe the cable as compensation for my inconvenience, as well as the exchange… that would be good customer relations. So I escalated the ticket 2 days ago and now I wait. A customer’s dissatisfaction should be enough to issue an RMA. I’m so dissatisfied with this headset I don’t even want it anymore. I paid an additional $320 import duty and I’m ready to lose that in exchange for a refund. If I want a headset with a dot in the center of my view, I have my 4 year old 8k.

Hi… I’m hoping you can assist in having this headset exchanged. the ticket number is #51719 and I have escalated it. I had a lot of trouble photographing this object as it is not on the lens or on the panel, but on the in-between layer making focusing very difficult. With the human eye through the lens it is black, not blurry, and it blocks dozens of pixels. If detected early enough, it never would have passed quality control. I’m working away from home since mid August and was only able to go home long enough to test the headset and update the firmware. I can pack it back up ready for return by next week I don’t want to use it, I just want it returned and replaced with one that isn’t flawed in this way. Other than that it seems to be working perfectly. Thanks.