Dr. DisRespect, one of the most popular Twitch streamers, wants a Pimax headset

I saw him watching Nicki Thiim(pro racer) play iRacing in VR, and he was looking for about an hour at all different types of setups, and someone sent him a link to the Pimax kickstarter. He seems to want one. Not sure how serious he is(he just started looking at sim rig/VR stuff so he has no idea what’s out there), but check it out…you guys (Pimax) got a bunch of free advertising btw…
Also, remember hes an actor so being cocky (“They should just send me one”) is part of his character, although he’s probably half kidding because who wouldn’t want one.

Original clip I saw https://twitter.com/NickiThiim/status/1048849058322960384

I’ll also add that I know a lot of people don’t want streamers, etc. to get headsets first, but I wouldn’t blame Pimax for giving him one ahead of backers…


Thanks for sharing!
Let’s ship to backers first :slight_smile:


Yes, please do that. Thanks for keeping backers first. :sunglasses:


This is unreaaaaal. Has he even tried vr before?

I always wonder whether to show people who’ve never tried vr before a vive with a low FOV and res and then show them the pimax, or just show them the pimax straight away. I think I’ll do the first when I get my pimax, their reactions will be way better knowing how limited their FOV and res way before and after, so hope he’s tried a vive/oculus before (if he gets a pimax that is)


Yes, ship to backers first but pls open the preorder soon :slight_smile:


Are you still on track for a pre Christmas delivery for backers?


Well…he better get in line :slight_smile:


you are a hero of the people.

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is Xunshu working during Chines holiday week??

The holiday is finally over now :smiley:

So now the factory totally should be running 24/7 with multiple shifts of course to reach the christmas goal :smiley:

im fine if they take their time , miss it my a month but dont have to rush building them.

Did you check DOFReality motion simulator platforms?
they are the best and most affordable on the market

Seems like he could just call up Pimax and ask for one directly. He might be able to use his translater. (Insert CD emote here)

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I mean…anyone with a brain that has watched the reviews would want one. I don’t care what a dude in his basement thinks.


Solid answer. It’s good to see the exposure at least.

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I have the same thought. I do know that looking at a Vive after trying a WMR headset makes me wonder how I deal with the resolution/SDE, so Pimax first, Vive second would be my choice.


I don’t think you get the point, but thanks for your opinion.

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Ignore these selfish people who only care about getting their headset and nothing more. They don’t care about wanting pimax to expand and become more famous, which in turn brings more competitiveness, more production of better headsets, and most importantly making vr more widespread and more mainstream and moving vr forward at a much faster rate. They just don’t care. So just leave them be lol.

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I don’t even know who he is. As a developer my view might be biased but I would think the best exposure for PIMAX is getting their VR units to be used as standard for exhibition demos of upcoming VR titles at events like PAX and GDC. People will be more likely to take out their wallets for the serious money required if they can experience it for themselves and make an informed decision.


Since Pimax is already producing at full capacity, more exposure at this moment would just mean a longer wait time for pre-order deliveries (at best).

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