Dots on the 5K+ screen

In this review I saw this image:

The dots on the 5K+ are clearly visible.



Thats going to be off putting now we know they are there


It would be interesting to see a zoom in into one of these black pixels.


You’d go mad from staring into infinity


Very unlikely… It’s too uniform. Also you’re not looking at the pixels all the time you’re looking at what’s going on in the game.


It was mentioned in Sweviver’s original review and he states it is more apparent in red and orange coloured parts. I see it in a large number of 5K screenshots regardless of the background colour.


There is lots of disputs here about sde and if you throw a bunch of dots on top of that its a diffrent conversation altogether, clearly seen with whats been described as the clearest visuals and only visibull on orange background or at lest more promanant is what sweviver said about them, but clearly visable on blue and white also

Its a good case of wish icould see it with my own eyes to judge if i would notice

This may be more into the if you are sensitive to sde get the 8k coment

This is the harm not having side dy side videos also rather than just still shots showing one frame rather than whats supposed to be seen


Could these dots be corrected in software, like the mura correction on Rift, Vive or PSVR ?

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Keep in mind that two of the three dual reviewers didn’t mention the dots. The one that did managed a photo capture extremely zoomed in and noted he could see them, but you won’t notice them during normal use. Zoomed photos don’t represent the way you’ll be using the headset yourself. In the middle of a frantic game eyes darting about the sweet spot, you aren’t going to be looking a tiny one hundredth of a degree arc of colour while holding your head still enough to make out the dots.


Makes you wounder what all the conversations are about here if it dosnt realy matter,whats realy annoying about what you just said is the fact that there is a 200+ post on sub pixal arangments that none of us will see because the pictures used to see these are 10x magnifacation of the images in the beginning of the post that clearly show more than has been described , sweep up crew number 1 has said just belive you wont see it and it will go away ?unless you cant see it then that a conversation duu


It looks like mura to me. Since those pixels are darker than the rest of the display, even if it was possible to correct in software with some sort of factory calibration, the result would probably be a much darker screen.

Is there anyway of knowing if these are static or genarated

Not trying to pass the buck just dont have the info but i guess a video might show this

Or increase those black pixels instead ?

Since they are visible on white, they can’t be increased any more that.

Then maybe the brightness of these pixels can be increased in hardware / firmware. Pimax said that they will work on adding options for different brightness levels to the screens, so maybe they can fix these black pixel by increasing their brightness.


I don’t see no dots…

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They come out between pixels and are disorganized, could it be some effect of the camera? someone sees them with their eyes?

@SweViver sees these dots with his naked eyes.

You are lucky. Then probably you won’t see the SDE either.