Don't buy from Aliexpress using EMS postage

These guys are constantly lying to me about delivery and changing their terms (in terms of when I’m eligible for a refund) - and their expected delivery times are still stated as being 7-15 days. Basically their postage system is not working at all but they are still taking orders based on this stated delivery which is a blatant lie. I’ve been waiting a month now and the headset is still in China.

OK this is my update (copied from my post below, 14th May 2020). First of all summary up to now: I made an original order beginning of April using EMS postage. This did/has not arrived so opened a dispute got awarded refund by Aliexpress (but not received refund yet) and ordered again this time using DHL postage on the 5th May.

They didn’t seem to be sending the new one out so I asked them about it and they sent me a picture of a parcel with a postage label for a courier company called CNE. On doing a bit of googling this seems to be a worse option than EMS and the CNE tracking themselves say between 1 and 2 months to delivery. I questioned this with RKYYZ and they just said stuff that didn’t really make any sense and said I would be receiving a DHL tracking. They then waited until literally the last hours before they had to officially say it had been sent before I could cancel it to mark it as being sent (which was this morning). When they do this they have to send the tracking number as well which this time was a DHL tracking number but when I put it into DHL’s system it just says ‘Shipment Information received’ which on googling means they basically entered it onto the system but DHL haven’t received anything!! And to add to it, the destination is simply ‘Heathrow London’ and not my address. I think I’m being taken for a big ride here.

I know some people have had success with this Alixepress and this company but my advice would be to avoid completely. In fact, after pre-ordering an 8KX form Pimax themselves and then cancelling after 5 months waiting and then being advised by Pimax themselves to order an Artisan of Alixepress if I wanted one quickly and then going through this I would honestly now, for the first time, tell any friend to not consider Pimax because neither they nor anyone associated with them can be trusted - sorry Pimax I really wanted to love you. I’ll update if I ever receive anything.


Which store did you buy from on aliexpress ? There is a couple of them selling Pimax stuff. It hasn’t been easy for them lately with the shipping warehouse and the Covid crazy situation but myself I’ll get my orders this week with UPS. One order placed April 4th and the other april 17th.


I’ve bought (or more accurately paid money to) from RYKKA. The thing that really gets me is that they stated when I purchased a month ago, and still do state, 7-15 days shipping for both EMS and UPS so I picked EMS which was about £10 cheaper when CLEARLY then know because CLEARLY it’s still the case that EMS is not functioning but they didn’t state that and are still not stating that - leading people to purchase using EMS which just is not working. And after a bit of research it turns out the company they are using for the EMS is not the national post service but a company owned by Alliexpress. To add to it I was supposed to be entitled to an automatic refund if I did not receive the goods by the 27th April but come the 27th of April they changed it to 24th May.

it’s all because of the virus, don’t worry, wait how much aliexpress and customer protection will be required, then open a dispute and give them proof that you are not a scammer and they will return the money, but this is also not so soon, keep in mind that this could happen. get money and over time comes the helmet, I once had another purchase and I received both the goods and the money.

Yup, all I want is the headset but to stress, I know the problem is being caused by the virus BUT they said and still say 7-15 days on the website which is CLEARLY misleading if they know there is a problem. I would have gone UPS is they had given been up front about it but naively I believed that the information of their best estimate.


The lesson here is to take all Chinese company’s claims with a grain of salt (Pimax included) and to do your own research on the claims before buying.

It seems like the culture of misleading people is more prevalant in China. They probably learned this behavior from the government.


Damn, I’ve ordered my Artisan there too (RYKKA on Ali express). Shipping supposedly 10th of may but if I understand you correctly, that’s not going to happen.

If you chose EMS postage then you probably have a long wait. If you chose UPS then you are probably OK.

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Speaking of delivery, when I bought a helmet, I chose the standard aliexpress delivery and it was definitely EMS, but I bought a helmet a few days after the official announcement and received it about 2 weeks later.

it seems that the dates have been corrected!

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Not here to the UK - screen shot just taken.!

I just edited it to delete my name of the to right (I believe there are only 2 people in world with my name)!

Should have picked a name no one else in the world has like Piemax.

I’ve received my fedex tracking. Package is still in Shanghai though. Shipping date was the 10th of May when I ordered, so let’s see what happens.

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How did you get a FedEx tracking. Did you have a FedEx option instead of DHL? I’ve had my tracking number since the 7th April. It got to Shanghai on the 10th and that’s where it still is!!

I specified DHL, but they sent me a fedex tracking. It’s today again still in Shanghai though. In fact, the only update it shows is “Shipment information sent to FedEx”. I have a feeling it’s not shipping before the end of the holiday. Possibly even much later. I’ll post here when it starts moving.

My package is still in Shanghai, no further status change. So the guy hasn’t even sent the package out, just gave shipment info to Fedex. Well original shipment date was 10th of May, so I’ll wait for that

It’s getting complicated for me. A couple of days ago I ordered another one this time using DHL postage as I had a feeling that the first one I ordered would never arrive. I raised a dispute with Aliexpress and they seem to be agreeing that I should get a refund on the first so hopefully that will be the case (not quite sure what happens if it turns up - I don’t want to rip anyone off so will send it back unless they tell me otherwise). Interestingly RYKKA sent me a message this morning saying that they had contacted the ‘post office’ and have been told that all parcels are only being flown using domestic passenger airlines and there arn’t that many at the moment - so there’s the problem! So why are they STILL saying delivery in 7-15 days is what I find really bad. Anyway, although apparently they have 13 in stock they haven’t sent the new one out yet!!!

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It seems the Chinese May holiday is already over: National Holidays in China in 2020 | Office Holidays
Not sure why RYKKA sent me a FEDEX label but didnt sent any package out yet …

Then again, these shops too are dependent on what Pimax tells them. And if Pimax treats them the same as they do us, you can’t even really blame those shops …

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So I contacted the seller. They told me that it HAS been shipped but just waiting for a plane and that those are now scarce due to the crisis. Strikes me as BS. But I’ll wait another few days before I try to refund.

Just contacted Fedex, they confirm that the seller is lying:

So be very careful with this seller!!! I’m going to talk to the seller once more before I’ll try to refund it. Damn!

So this confirms what @lloyd709 said in the opening post of this thread, these guys are just lying.

Can Pimax please confirm if this Ali Express seller (“RYKKZ”) even has received any Artisan headsets lately? @PimaxQuorra

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