Dofreality - 2dof , 3dof, 6dof platforms for motion simulation


Is this one made by spamreality?

what do u mean for spamreality?

Do you have something to contribute with, in terms of gadgets to post?

I think that would be useful :slight_smile:

Cool seat :seat:! Did you @MarcoBalletta have the chance to test that one?

Not yet.
I have ordered the 3 dof with the upgrade to 6 dof.

The 6 dof is a pre order because it is in developing as we speak. So, I was crazy becaue I prepaid for a 6 dof rig that is being build right now.
They told me that the 6 dof will be ready in 4 -5 weeks. So I have no picture or nothing to show about the 6 dof.

They could ship me already the 3 dof but I told them to wait and ship me at the same time the 3 dof with the 6 dof upgrade

The thing is that I do not have wheel and pedals yet. I backed the feelvr wheel and pedal but they will not be ready until November. So even if I get the 3dof and 6dof rigs shipped in 5 weeks, I would not be able to test them :frowning:

I know there are a few ppl that pre ordered the 6 dog. Most probably they will be able to review the 6 dog , montha before I will be able to try it and let you know my experience

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Cool Thanks for the info, I look be scanning for you update. VR wheel? Why not a classic thrust master or Logitech?

Because I love that force feedback that this wheel should have

And I think the kickstarter price is “affordable” compared to other wheels and pedals that are offering more or less the same specs.

I have an old pedal and wheel, but I really want to try these rigs directly with the cool pedal and wheel :wink:

I think you should check fanatect direc drive wheel. It will be great wheel for resonable price + it will support whole ecosystem from 2.5 fanatec base

I can’t afford that price at the moment after I have already put money in so many different vr gadgets and car sim gadgets :frowning:

How this wheel is better than feelvr?

I have received the 6 dof from dofreality

Dirt 3 is pretty cool with it and easy to drive with it.

Project cars 2 is so hard instead to drive with this.

I am trying to still figure out settings . I am new at car sim and there is tweaking involved based on the intensity of motion you want to feel


How is the new rig going? I’ve had my eye on this one for a few months but I still cant find any user reviews yet

I do not think I would be a proper reviewer because I have no experience on motion simulators and now that I have one I see how much tweaking is needed for optimize it according to our preference and to as much as possible realistic movements we can. I am waiting myself reviews and comparison from p3 or h3 owners that updated to p6 or h6 so I can ask questions about settings.

I think I am not good at all at setting up the rig properly . I see videos of the p3 or h3 with cool movements that I do not think i am capable to resemble because I am not good at setting the p6 properly. It is like having a super cool boat but without knowing how to seal it.

I am not being completely happy with the support from dofreality. Despite they reply right away with you , I do not think they offer much practical support on settings . It is like they do not want to get involved in how you set and use their rig. They know their rig have potential but they leave to their users to exploit that potential based on the single user’s wishes and capability


Ah ok. Thank you for that info.
this kind of thing is new to me too. I just presumed that sites like simexperience or xsimulator would have member made game profiles for motion rigs & maybe settings would be tweaked via dofreality software.
I guess it’s a bit more complicated than I thought.

I do not think many ppl at all have 6 dof rigs, this the problem. They are expensive and the most “affordable” is the 6dofreality.
I do not think many profiles for 6 dof are around and plus I think they are rig specific and also part of the tweaking is based on personal taste.

Do not get me wrong, the 6 dof definitely has much more than the p3 in terms of motion / simulation but again , you need to be good to spend time to learn about motion simulator and your rig. I think in the end would not be that complicated but it requires patience

This is an example :

we are working on others
you can setup any game profile following these steps :

  1. Open SimTools Axis Assignments
  2. select from the drop down the game plugin you want to tune to 6DOF (eg “pCARS2”)
  3. reset settings to the default 6 DOF profile by clicking “Load Default”
  4. in all effects (Pitch, Roll, Extra1/Yaw, surge, sway,Heave) in % column put “-”
  5. start with one effect lets say Roll and set it to 80% for all axis
  6. save and start the game to check the direction. if reversed invert Dir for it in the check-boxes for all axis
  7. set Roll % to “-” and set 80% for the one of next DOF (Pitch,Extra1/Yaw, surge, sway,Heave)
  8. repeat #4-6 for all 6 DOF (Pitch, Roll, Extra1/Yaw, surge, sway,Heave)
  9. tune the % values to your preference and realism. We suggest to start from lower values and go up as some games maybe super sensitive.
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Yeah that looks quite time consuming having to do the work yourself.
I have a sim tools license & i hoped by buying the sim tools license, profiles would be available for 3dof & 6dof already.
I will have a 3dof I backed on kickstarter coming at some point. Hopefully…
I expect I will have similar trouble when it arrives.
I guess if you spend time doing the work for your rig, once you have a profile set, it should be as easy as loading it up each time.
It’s a shame that dof reality haven’t included access to a bunch of basic profiles for popular sims.
I’m sure they would have some which they have created

Yeah tweaking to feel real can be very time consuming and difficult. I hadn’t thought about the fact so few people have 6dof sim rigs of any brand that riding off the back of other people’s work wouldn’t be so easy.
Try to link up with as many owners as possible and start sharing the knowledge learnt is the best advice I have. Although every rig is different, usually basic rules still work…if you drop the ratio of x compared to y then z feels better etc.
I’m keenly watching how you’re getting along with it.
If you’re feeling like spending money in future I’d highly recommend upgrading your wheel. I went from the logitech to a Fanatec Clubsport 2.5 and wow did it improve the realism 100 fold. You realise the fidelity is like comparing a cheap transistor radio to sitting in amongst the orchestra. You really feel the car, every little bit, and it’s powerful! There’s other really good ones too and Fanatec recently released a direct drive wheel so there’s the option of going higher or buying a Clubsport 2nd hand from someone upgrading to the new DD.

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DOF reality has got profiles for the 3 dof rig that they sell for a while now.

DOF Reality just produced and started selling the 6 dof and they are working on 6 dof profiles.

The question you should ask yourself is if the 3 dof you backed will offer any 3 dof profiles, because I think each rig has their own main profiles and game profiles. The main 3 dof profile for your backed rig should not be a problem. The game profiles for your backed rig, are a different story. After you make game profiles for each game, it is a matter to just upload them and start the game and play. Time consuming and challenging is the creation of the game profiles.

There are generic profile games that would even work on your rig and any rig to start the game and play, but they might have issues and need to be optimized. Some axes might not have perfect movements etc

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Dofreality just uploaded new 6DOF profiles and tuning settings for Acceto Corsa, Dirt Rally, Dirt 4, pCARs 1 and 2

Any new update can be found at

iRacing and Dirt Rally 2.0 for 6 DOF dofreality has been also posted.


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Have you tried the new settings? How is it?