Dofreality - 2dof , 3dof, 6dof platforms for motion simulation

Project cars 2 feels amazing with the 6dof setting that dofreality just shared , conpared to how i had the rig set up before.
It is so important to have the right setting to get the best experience out of the 6p

My video of Dirt Rally 2.0 on my dofreality p6

I know, I suck driving, but keep in mind that I set up the max/min in tuning center so that I could enjoy the feelings of a 6 dof. That makes the car very hard to drive.


Nice rig but yeah you are ghastly driver :wink: what driving wheel do you have ?

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Lol. You are right!

I have a cheap wheel and pedal from logitech. The g920. I was forced to buy that because i am still waiting for the feelvr pedals and wheel to be produced and shipped

Hi Marco, im only a few steps from buying this but still need convincing. I want it for race sims and flight sims,does it have a profile for war thunder yet? Also games like Dirt rally and pc2 can you feel the bumps,kerbs and landing jumps?

Hi. I can not give u feedback on flight sim. Personally i think that a flight game should be played with sim rigs that are specific for flight games. I do not see how much accurate can a generic sim rig would be.

The number of profiles for the 6 dof is limited for now. It requires more effort than 3 dof set up.

The feelings varies from games to games and it depends a lot from how you set up the rig.
Whatever you do not feel with the rig itself, can be added through the use of shakers. In rally games I can feel the jumps, but more in dirt 3 than in dirt rally 2. But again, that might be because of the settings. There is a way to tweak the settings (

I can feel the switching up gear in all the games but not the switching down. Not sure if that can be achieved with tuning or it can only be achieved with shakers.

I can definitely feel kerbs and bumps without the use of the shaker with my 6p.

I am new at car sim so I am not the best person to give advice. Please keep this in mind


Sweet rig! Nice to see the sim racers embracing the pimax, I feel like it’s perfect for us.

I’m running a Simxperience Stage 3 motion rig, how are you liking the 6dof for surges and the like? I have mine downtuned quite a bit so I don’t get thrown, and also because its kinda noisy at night when the wife and kiddo are trying to sleep… =)

Here’s a shot of my setup in action from a few days ago for reference:

Awesome build!


I am new at car sim so i can not judge conpared to other set up. I can say that i am thown everywhere . The only lack is the feelikg of the switching gear when going from high gear to low gear. You feel the deceleration but not the slack of the gear that i instead feel when going from gear 1 to gear 6.

I am in the same situation. I am forced to play any game at night , car sim game and not car sim games

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For anyone wondering, I got the P6 delivered earlier this week. Assembly was pretty straightforward-took about 4 hours including mounting my wheelbase, pedals, seat, HOTAS, throttle, and Buttkicker.

Software/Simtools install wasn’t bad. The motion worked well for “Output testing”, but didn’t work with games.

I emailed DOFReality, and within 20 minutes they had connected to my computer via Teamviewer, and had everything sorted. Super support! They told me what they did to correct the settings, and now I’m much more comfortable using Simtools and understanding how it works. I had no experience with any motion platforms before this.

I also use a Pimax 5K+ for VR.

I have only tried iRacing (which is what I mostly play anyway), and Roller Coaster for the kids. It all works VERY well. IRacing is drivable without motion compensation, but I can tell it would be better with motion compensation in that side to side motion (sway) is funky without motion compensation. Not a deal breaker, but apparently Pimax doesn’t play well with motion compensation (YET, hopefully!). I may dig out my Vive Pro to try motion compensation.

I would say if someone is seriously considering a DOFReality motion platform, my experience with them has been fantastic, and their support has been awesome as well.


Leaving here my build with 2 dof montion :

Still improving : ordered fanatec 2.5 base + rim and belts


Hi Kenny.
I’m a keen War Thunder SB pilot and I have become interest in the DOF Reality motion rig.
Question- Did you go ahead and buy one?
If you did, does it work in War Thunder?
Does the motion compensation work with pimax 5k/8k?