Does the foam wear out quickly on your Comfort Kit?

Hello guys !

I have a concern about the “Confort Kit”, especially about the protective foam. The lifetime seems to be shorter than usual. The foam wears out quickly.
I share with you two pictures. On the top about 6 months with 6H00/day and the second one, my protective foam after a few weeks (4,5 weeks).

Is this normal ? And currently, it’s also impossible to buy just the foarm for the “Confort Kit” ? There is no way to do that. Maybe also with others materials, etc…

Thanks in advance.


The darker area you get after a while on the foam is basically sweat marks. It doesn’t really wear out. We saw this on a new sample after 5 minutes when a guy at CES was sweating like a maniac :slight_smile: You can carefully clean the foam with some water and soap, let it dry and it will look much better again.

Replacement foams will be available on the website soon, both standard and a thin version without cut-outs for glasses.


If its sweat as SweViver says i would highly recommend a vrcover kit, im using the ones for vive and they fit quite well on my 5k+, when a cover gets dirty i just take it off, throw it in the washing machine with t-shirts and put a clean one on.


For intense roomscale stuff like PavlovVR, I use a synthetic leather VR cover for exactly this reason. I suspect leather inserts, like the one I saw at CES 2020, will eventually be desired by some users.


I have saw someone who had issues with fur? hair? whatever the soft thing on the comfort kit.
He used it for a while and whenever he washed it that fur like thing fell out.

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We need a VRCover option for the comfort kit. I wonder if anyone at Pimax has reached out to them. They are the only headset VRCover doesn’t have.

We do have a vendor for multicolor PU leather foams coming soon/anytime as well, like the ones you saw at CES. Plus a black fur foam we had for demo back in VR Days.

As for VR Cover alternative, this might come as well, sooner or later.


The comfort kit has been showing as Out Of Stock in the store for months. I’m sitting on a coupon and waiting to bundle it with the protective sleeve in shipping. Any hope for a restock over the next few weeks?


If often sweating, it is best to buy PU leather (like random shipments? Had still not seen a single mask sold supplement)

6 weeks ago I was asking about this and actually got sent pictures of a hundred or more CK to placate me, in stock to be delivered so it would be on the way within the week. I was told the sleeve was there too. Do you think I actually got a tracking number? Nope, all lies, and both requests for an update over those 6 weeks simply ignored.
So any answer is really just a waste of time taking seriously.

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I’m in the same boat… and I’m still waiting on my plan F controllers.



It’s not sweat marks in my case. It appears due to pressure as well. Also just 4 weeks, no sweat.

The little grey fur just loosens from the foam fabric itself. When I washed it by hand with drinking water and an olive core sized drop of shampoo, it let go of more “feathers” - but only at the same spots as in the picture.

It stays as comfortable as on day 1 though, it’s purely cosmetic guys.

@SweViver Maybe best is to mention this community feedback to your engineers to take a look at that, as the cushion is a multi-component kit. They can improve the next batches a bit this way. Find a better agent to bind the two components :wink: :+1:


Let me discuss this with the team. I haven’t seen anything peel off from the fur yet, but I might have missed it.


I’d definitely like additional leather versions for action games / summer :sweat_smile:


Yup my comfort kit is exactly same. Every time I wash my comfort kit so many little fur washes out too. Maybe that’s why it became darker. I can see that the dark side has no more soft furry part but only sponge like thing.


I guess this answer is saved as a big announcement for PD3 /s

With all this talk of fur, just go the whole way and offer a leopard print :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :tiger: :tiger: :tiger:


there goes another 4 months delay to fix the fabric before 8kx’s mass production… lol


Hi SweViver !

The darker area are really because of the wear, not sweat marks.
Today, it is more worn (you can compare with my first picture) :

Cool, great news ! Because we really need something to change the actual foarm (very soft, great but too fragile).
I have to said that the Confort Kit is really good and the foarm excellent ( without this issue). And also, If you have a DAS (or the modular), The Pimax is the most confortable as I tried.

Just this thing (foarm) wears out so quickly… :pensive:

@Fogel ,
Thanks for this product with leather and the link, but I see some wrinkles (The foarm seems too big ? and without ventilation ??).

Thanks everybody :wink:

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