Does the foam wear out quickly on your Comfort Kit?

A better picture to see the issue (after 5, maybe 6 weeks) :

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Teasing new foam kits is nice and all but when will people be actually able to get them? This month? Next month? Fall? Winter? 2021?

Meanwhile people are forced to make makeshift foam from cut out pieces of vive foam and things like velcro…


Yes, it will be good to have even a rough estimation for this. For sure.

I actually just got the black leather face cushion comfort pad, took me about a month to get but well worth it, so much softer and easier to wipe off the sweat.

Definitely worth getting.


Where did you order it?

@Fogel posted a link earlier.

I bought something akin to this for the Vive at the time and was extremely satisfied with it.
I am actually using it as the additional foam (on top of the existing one) on my 5K+.
I will probably opt for this or something similar when I will receive my confort kit (if available on the official store one day).

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I too have a lot of wear on my comfort kit, started to show within 2 weeks of getting the headset (with the kit), now after two months its got a lot of wear and even if it still is comfortable I’m not sure that I am comfortable with having the bare foam stuck to my face for hours.
I ordered that PU leather cushion from VRMust, its a decent kit. Does get a bit warmer than the stock comfort kit but not excessively so.
Problem I have with that is that it’s more snug around the face, so it’s quite a bit more uncomfortable to use with glasses than the stock comfort kit is.

Pimax needs to do a review on the comfort kit, I would love to keep using that if it didn’t wear out in a couple of weeks. :frowning:


€ 9,45 11%OFF | Für Pimax 8K + 5K3Kplus Komfort Kit schaum/leder

There is another one on AliExpress.

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bitdefender doesn’t like the vrmust page atm:

Online Threat Prevention

We blocked this dangerous page for your protection: deleted link to javascript Threat name: JS:Adware.Lnkr.A Dangerous pages attempt to install software that can harm the device, gather personal information or operate without your consent.

also aren’t those the same guys that spammed all the backers with stolen account info?

How thick is it? I need thin foams since original foams are too thick for me.


I can confirm this. 3 months of use, around 4h a week.

I ordered one and haven’t received it yet.
For small money I don’t think about it. I have ask the seller for this information.
Maybe they understand this question and we get an answer soon.

Very fast response.
15mm. Same as original pimax foam.

I talk to the seller about different (eastern and western) faceshape. Maybe we will see more products with less high.

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