Does eye tracker work with all games and sims?

Or does the game dev need to “fix” the game code for it to work?

You need an nVidia RTX and then it might be better if the developer takes into account eye tracking, even better if the game engine does too.
Even better if Pimax alters the image to eliminate distortion by taking into account where we’re looking.
We’ll see if anyone other than nVidia ends up doing anything.


@SweViver made it clear in his benchmarks during the QA video that almost every game DFR works with, no dev programming tequired.

and you can see performance increases up to 46%

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I’d have to repeat what I’ve already said.
Just because nVidia is able to do something without help, doesn’t mean they’d do much more with it.
It should yield a lot more than that peak, which they already said could be a lot less.
nVidia will not prevent files from being loaded or unnecessary actions that the programmer or engine could avoid.

Maybe i will end up using large fov with dfr because it will be faster than small fov without dfr. :scream:


I hope this adds gaze tracking in VRChat.

I chatted with a few avatar creators last night, and they thought that eye tracking is already supported. One guy had created a cyclops avatar, and he was adamant that eye tracking would automatically set the position of his single eye to be the average of where both eyes are looking.

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Eye tracking support for that would have to be implemented by the game/app developer. There are only certain functions like DFR that will work out of the box at the driver level. Even NeosVR which already supports the HTC Vive Pro Eye for eye tracking would require additional work to support the eye tracking module from Pimax/7invensun.

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Yes, it can even detect blinking and I suppose squinting. I did a tobii demo once and the added immersion with eye tracking was like night and day difference. Eye tracking should be standard in social VR.

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We are definitely in second generation VR now!

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Its not vr 2.0 yet because it isnt wireless

Wireless has been out for years now for the first gen headsets.

I have wireless on on my Vive Pro but don’t use it - losing frames at crucial moments is too annoying in most of the games I play.

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Ye thats the problem/issue , its out for the first gen :smiley:

Also worth noting that we will not see much gain with DFR over the existing FFR, so don’t expect miracles. It’s the same system, just working dynamically.

It will reduce the intrusion of artefacts on the peripheral that can be seen with FFR.

Other capabilities may come later, but are not built-in and will be app-specific.

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4K wireless TV senders don’t work very well yet at 60hz, so it’s going to be a bit of a wait before we get 2*4k at 90hz plus the tracking info going wireless.

A Swit FLOW500 costs £1,800, so the tech isn’t really affordable for consumer VR.

Why does the vive pro works perfectly fine At 90hz and a pretty good resolution :thinking:

I would reserve my excitement about dfr until real reviews exist.
For me at least, ffr did not look good & i wouldn’t recommend it.
I’m sure dfr will be an improvement over ffr but I dont expect a miracle.
Remember the 2 guys who have hyped this up work for pimax & i believe they would likely not be as ready to point out any negatives than say an independent reviewer.
Terms describing the lower res outer section were described as not as noticeable & barely noticeable.

Just don’t expect a free 3080ti like perfirmance upgrade without side affects


Vive Pro wireless applies a mask to lose some resolution.

Once you see it, you can never unsee it…

I’m thinking that since I have to upgrade my video card for it to be of any benefit I might as well wait to get a 3000 Series then I won’t need I tracking anyway

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Is the Eye tracker just work with the RTX Cards?

For dfr yes.
But i believe other functions could work for any card.
Though these other functions are currently limited to a few tech demos at present

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