DMAS suddenly Audio quality has become garbage

I will preface this by saying up until today the quality of the DMAS has been great. Very loud and clear with acceptable bass. With the exception of a little high pitch whine on the right side (audible only during silence) I have been pleased.

Unlike some users, who claim tinny bassless audio , extreme noise or extremely low volume.

Then…this happened…

I was sitting at my desk, 8KX on as usual getting ready to play. Then I suddenly heard this noise coming from the speakers.

I quickly recorded the video not knowing if there would be a problem after, but just in case.

I unplug the headset and plug it back in. noise went away.

I proceeded to jump into Cyberpunk 2077. Rrady to hear that awesome music I’m accustomed to.

And my left ear is nothing but noise and static. I can barely hear the title screen music.

I feel like I now know what others have been experiencing.

Any ideas?

@PimaxQuorra is this an RMA situation?


It sounds like a bad connection. Did you drop or bump the headset?

I suggest removing the center screw which holds the left earphone in place and then remove the headphone. Clean the contacts (on the earphone and on the headset) with denatured alcohol and a Q-tip (swab). Even better would be something like electrical contact cleaner, if you have some on hand. (I use Sprayway Precision Contact Cleaner for similar situations.)

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No I didn’t bump it. I will try that though.

Before I do I will do the following troubleshooting steps in order

  1. Try a different pair of headphones, to rule out issue with hmd.

  2. Try plugging left speaker directly to pc to rule out speaker faultyness.

  3. (your tip) Disconnect DMAS headphones, clean contacts and try again.

  4. Try SMAS headphones to see if they work worse than normal.

  5. Try hmd with dmas on different pc

Do you know if firmware can affect audio quality? I recently reflashed the 299 firmware. It failed once stuck in DFU mode due to the “Thrustmaster bug” (Pimax you should solve this , it’s still a problem).

I dual boot windows so booting into the OS without thrustmaster drivers installed I was able to finish flashing.

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It’s kinda weird tho.

You could try Neal’s recommendation.
If this does not help, please file a service ticket so that our specialist can diagnose the problem.

In the worst-case scenario, this unit may need to be returned.


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So I tried all of the steps above, I opened a support ticket, nothing works the DMAS sounds really bad right now. I have had to remove them in favor of the SMAS for now.


Could you please share the ticket # with me?
I’ll take a look with our technician team.

Thanks it is number 24618

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Latest response from tech support team is try not to put the headphones too close to my ears. :hear_no_evil:


They sound great when not worn. No buzzing at all. Holy cow.

Do they think it’s your ears that are distorting? lol. That’s hilarious, I’m sure they meant well but that is just a ridiculous response.

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Thats crap man. The mic is on the lower right of the headset. Sometimes a feedback loop starts. I had it happen too and picked up my headset breaking the loop. It seems reasonable that it killed your speakers as a result of overload?


I guess they can be repurchased for 50 bucks but see if Pimax can fix it. They really should.

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Pimax asked me to send back my DMAS and they will send me another one they said they would reimburse the shipping.

Not sure if they will handle the shilping of the new one though. Last time it cost me significant duties…hopefully not this time.

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Good on you Pimax! I Really appreciate to see it was fixed in this way

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If this even fixes it…:man_shrugging:

Yep, Make sure they send the replacement properly documented as an RMA replacement… I had that problem back when they replaced my 5K+ and had to dance to get reimbursed.

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have you tried plugging in another set of headphones or speakers with 4ohm impedance? I doubt this is an issue with the DMAS and more likely your 8KX. They are asking you to send the DMAS as they are much cheaper to replace than your headset…

Good luck with it though - if it is your headset they will say your 8KX is out of warranty, this is the issue I’m having with the high pitched whine (both sides and seemingly louder than yours if you’ve just been putting up with it).

Yeah, originally I had a slight whine in the right ear, but it was only audible when there was no sound coming out. But now the left ear has a considerably louder whine and it can’t really be ignored.

using my KOSS Sporta Pro headphones sounds perfect and silent.

If it is the 8KX I will just have them replace it with the KDMAS or something and I will await the 12K trade up

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So I received my replacements from Fedex.

New ones the right ear is completely buzz free. But the left one its there but feint. Kind of how my old ones were before the above incident.

We’ll see how long these last.

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So a quick folliw up. Yesterday I went to a friends who had a HP Reverb G2 V2.

Had a chance to really compare the quality of the Index Speakers.

All I can say is I forgot what it was like to have Index style headphones with no buzz. It really makes me want a refund on the DMAS headphones.

I now am certain the buzz sound is caused by the headset.

Obviously not willing to replace that, with the 12K incoming. (I hope they fix the buzzing with that)

KDMas is probably a better choice for headphones for the 8KX.

The G2 has a surpring amount of bass for over the ear, but I felt like the DMAS sounded ok too. A little less bass but still balanced.

Update April 21 2021:

After my experience with the reverb g2 headphones. The silence of not having constant buzzing, I had enough.

I contacted support to get KDMAS. They have shipped them to me.

Replacing my 8KX didn’t seem worth it just to fix the buzz.

Hopefully the KDMAS sounds good

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