DLSS - supported VR games list [updated]

Summary list of all reported titles

Each of these four VR experiences above has been updated for DLSS 2.1, featuring a in-game menu that allows switching between OFF / FXAA / DLSS LOW / DLSS HIGH


another game supporting DLSS


Yeah, I’m curious how NMS runs… Anyone tried it yet?


Check out the example No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games posted below, which isn’t running in VR. It shows the game running side-by-side on a 2060 Super card at high settings. With DLSS on, the game is able to nearly double its framerate, jumping from high-30s to mid-70s. However, a post from Nvidia itself claims that the game runs at 90FPS on Ultra settings with a 3090 card when the setting is enabled.

Sounds promising!


I just tried it on latest Nvidia drivers and latest available build (no betas available it seems) and there’s no option to enable it so I’m unsure if it’s enabled by default or not. I’m running it on a 3090 and did get a solid 75Hz (90Hz is unstable for me plus I don’t want to miss out on what new drivers bring so I’ll wait) with sub 50% GPU usage though so maybe it is? I haven’t played it since I got the 3090 so not sure, but it seems to run well at least… :slight_smile:

I’m using these settings (previously set up when I had a 2080Ti) and I could probably up a setting or two:

<Data template="TkGraphicsSettings.VR">
	<Property name="Version" value="4" />
	<Property name="FullScreen" value="true" />
	<Property name="Borderless" value="false" />
	<Property name="Monitor" value="0" />
	<Property name="MonitorNames">
		<Property name="MonitorNames" value="0|NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090|Generic PnP Monitor" />
	<Property name="ResolutionWidth" value="640" />
	<Property name="ResolutionHeight" value="480" />
	<Property name="VsyncEx" value="Off" />
	<Property name="GraphicsDetail" value="TkGraphicsDetailPreset.xml">
		<Property name="TextureQuality" value="TkGraphicsDetailTypes.xml">
			<Property name="GraphicDetail" value="High" />
		<Property name="AnimationQuality" value="TkGraphicsDetailTypes.xml">
			<Property name="GraphicDetail" value="High" />
		<Property name="ShadowQuality" value="TkGraphicsDetailTypes.xml" />
		<Property name="PostProcessingEffects" value="TkGraphicsDetailTypes.xml">
			<Property name="GraphicDetail" value="High" />
		<Property name="VolumetricsQuality" value="TkGraphicsDetailTypes.xml" />
		<Property name="TerrainTessellation" value="TkGraphicsDetailTypes.xml">
			<Property name="GraphicDetail" value="Low" />
		<Property name="PlanetQuality" value="TkGraphicsDetailTypes.xml">
			<Property name="GraphicDetail" value="Low" />
		<Property name="BaseQuality" value="TkGraphicsDetailTypes.xml">
			<Property name="GraphicDetail" value="High" />
		<Property name="AnisotropyLevel" value="8" />
		<Property name="AntiAliasing" value="None" />
	<Property name="MotionBlurStrength" value="0.000000" />
	<Property name="VignetteAndScanlines" value="false" />
	<Property name="FoVOnFoot" value="75.000000" />
	<Property name="FoVInShip" value="75.000000" />
	<Property name="Brightness" value="50" />
	<Property name="MaxframeRate" value="90" />
	<Property name="NumHighThreads" value="12" />
	<Property name="NumLowThreads" value="13" />
	<Property name="TextureStreamingVk" value="Auto" />
	<Property name="ShowRequirementsWarnings" value="true" />
	<Property name="RemoveBaseBuildingRestrictions" value="false" />
	<Property name="MouseClickSpeedMultiplier" value="0.500000" />
	<Property name="UseTerrainTextureCache" value="false" />
	<Property name="UseArbSparseTexture" value="false" />
	<Property name="HDRMode" value="Off" />
	<Property name="AdapterName" value="NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090" />
	<Property name="AdapterIndex" value="0" />
	<Property name="NumGraphicsThreadsBeta" value="0" />
	<Property name="ResolutionScale" value="1.000000" />

Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\No Man’s Sky\Binaries\SETTINGS\TKGRAPHICSSETTINGS.VR.MXML


They tweeted DLSS is supported in the next NMS update but not the current one.


Oh, I guess it’s just the bump from 2080 Ti (Strix) to 3090 (Inno3D FrostBite watercooled and OC’ed) I’m seeing then… :wink: Even better then…! :wink:


my no mans sky updated this morning fyi (experimental branch). not sure if this is the dlss update though, since i’d have to give up 90hz upgrading my nvidia driver to test it :frowning:


There’s a 3.7GB update on the stable channel out (downloading now) - no official news on the “News Hub” yet though… :slight_smile:


I have todays update but cannot find any DLSS options in the settings menus. It is possible I missed them?
I’ve only tried in flat screen mode not VR, as well. Will try that later today.


There were actually 2 updates today but neither of them contained the dlss option.


There was mention of it (DLLS in VR No Man’s Sky, Into The Radius and The Wrench?) coming “this month” when downloading the newest version of the Nvidia drivers (466.47?) in GeForce Experience.


But…but I want it NOWWWWwwwwwwww!11 runs off crying


Another big addition: WAR THUNDER

VR: The game now utilizes OpenXR. VR support has been reworked:
Depth perception has been improved.
Visual clarity has been improved compared to the previous implementation at the same supersampling levels. This also allows players to achieve similar quality at lower supersampling levels.
The overall image quality in VR has been improved.
TAA is now supported in VR (while the option was previously available in the UI, it had no effect in VR).
DLSS is now supported in VR.
There are now three options for in-game flatscreen mirror windows: both eyes (similar to the old implementation), left or right eye only (both adjusted to the window’s aspect ratio).
Zoom axis now works across all cameras in VR, not just in cockpit view.
Oculus ASW should now produce better results.
GUI has been adjusted to require less head movement in VR to reach corner elements.
Double vision and/or artifacts around close objects have been fixed.
Fighter Pilot Tutorial not being completable in VR has been fixed.
Incorrect lighting and shadowing of a fuselage when viewed from the cockpit have been fixed.




FYI tried DLSS with 8kx on legacy drivers. Looks like minecraft LOL

Looks like you will need to upgrade to the latest and lose 90hz


this one looks good, seems to have released in may (without dlss) has anyone tried it with a pimax? does it require parallel projection mode?

DLSS update is out for No Mans Sky today, super disappointed the necessary updates from pimax didnt come through for 90hz on the new nvidia drivers so it’s either-or again.