Dear Pimax 8k creators. You have to make an optional 10m long cable for the pimax 8K

i have an 8mx8m room JUST for VR. There is absolutely no way that i can use the pimax 8k if it’ll have a 5m lengthed cable. All i’m asking is for you to add the option of including a 10m display port cable instead of a 5m one. Make it like $30-$40 for all i care about. BUT add it, please. Wireless may come after a year. I can’t wait for that. And even that may not track over 10m distances.

(also, please include a break out box like the vive)

agree, since the new lighthouse 2.0 trackers will create 10M square play area that would be a good target for longer cables. @Pimax-Support, @deletedpimaxrep1.

Congratulations. If you’re dedicating 64 square meters to your VR play space, I’m sure you can afford to screw the computer into the ceiling at the center, letting you access most of the space. But we do have difficulty changing the laws of physics for you specifically; these cables simply do not support that bandwidth over that distance. Feel free to join us in asking for a retransmitter to be developed (see the breakout box thread), but no, your whim to set up a space much larger than the current systems are designed for doesn’t mean they have to cater to you personally over all others.

Note: There are long active DisplayPort cables on the market, but all I’ve found so far are 10.6Gbps models. The Pimax headsets require about 17Gbps; you’ll be looking for a setup that can do 20.1Gbps (HBR2) transmission without being restricted to a particular set of video modes. That’s not easy to find, but might exist somewhere; I encourage anyone who finds such a thing to post a link.


geez, i too would like bigger space.

I no longer would like cables larger than 5 meters. It would be an inconvenience a cable larger than that.
@deletedpimaxrep1 @Pimax-Support

Physics is a jerk… :laughing:

listen you, do you know the meaning of “OPTIONAL”? you’re gonna make them think not everyone cares about room scale when most people do. Even vive’s isn’t only 5m, it’s 5m + the breakout box

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Even a break out box isn’t enough but i get your point that the tech isnt there yet for longer displayport cables

A fully retransmitting box (with equalizers to regenerate the signal) could be chained, adding on another 5m or so. That’s effectively what’s inside an active cable. But someone has to make one for this bandwidth first. I just haven’t found it.

Please make longer cable option or breakout box :slight_smile:

Yeah hopefully something will be developed soon to address the need.

Okay. My fault. I do not pay attention to word (optional). But try to be more educated, if it was given to you by your parents, when referring to others in this forum.

There was a question posted on the KS page about using RoboVR … (RoboVR is chair designed for VR). Currently RoboVR works with HDMI HMD’s and doesn’t have (yet) a DP connection. The question asked was, would RoboVR work with the 8K unit. Pimax responded to this person that they could use a DP to HDMI converter. I can’t help but wonder then if you can extend the length of the cable by converting to HDMI… assuming we are talking HDMI 2.0+? Me personally, 5M is just fine!

Thanks for your suggestion.
I’ll will give this suggest to our project team. Thank you

alright im sorry, i overreacted

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thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu

Please help keep the forums friendly. Often its better to explain your point of view to improve understanding.

Wireless Module is on its way, so this is pointless.

You’re assuming the wireless module has no problems within that range. So far, all we know is that it’s named wireless and costs at least $100. We don’t know, for instance, if two of them can be used within 16m of each other.

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It also said coupon. So is it free with coupon or discounted. Checkout 3allity they look like the partner that might be making the wireless module.

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