DCS high CPU Frame Times in Pimax 8K X, Pimax App Software with AMD 5950x (or similar) and 4090 RTX

I watched (and the other recent ones)

and have noticed that since I have upgraded to the RTX, updated Pimax App, Drivers and DCS (2.8) and what all comes to gether, I have very high frame times compared to Ismael.
He has around half with the same CPU (mine is about 30-36ms in similar scenarios with identical settings in DCS) and again minus 2-3ms with the 5800x3d.
Now I know there could be about 1000 reasons, but since I count myself rather PC Tech affinitiv I wonder where his comes from. My I tried the Ryzen Master Settings for OC and Gaming to see if they change anything - nope.
I also have since I build the systsem RAM at 3600MHz and the correlating bus at 1800MHz.
So since its a diffrent HMD (similar Resolutions ) I would like to finde the cause for this large differenz. Especially since

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It’s DCS 2.8, especially weather settings. I am on 12900K OC to 5.3, 4090 OC 2950Mhz, noticed CPU frametimes increased after openbeta 2.8, especially when flying through rain.

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Seems likely related, but I did wonder why there is such a large increase and bad comparison, I dont see it equivalently worsen e. G. In this video

It seems more like a 2ms increase in those conditions.

For me it’s like 34ms instead of 15ms