Cybershoes for locomotion

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I think this is instead a prototype they were thinking about at some point

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Personally, I don’t think these shoes will do anything. I have no proof. I just don’t believe in this.
If there will be some velcro ankle sensors, that will be enough IMO.

Together with leap motion and tactile feedback, there must be more to gain than the entire foot, what will wear down in time. The difference is the useage of the material. The footwear is wearing down, because of using it every time, like a tire of a car. If you use velcro on ankles though. It doesnt mechanically wear down because of use, it just is a sensor.

In other words , we are assuming that they would work like wearing a pair of vive trackers or captosensors to the ankles and have some sort of software converting the movements/motion of the feet to the movements/motion in the game

You are referring to this kickstarter:

I skimmed thew article fast, but the usecases they present are a bit awkward.

It looks like an anti-roomscale solution. You have to sit. Also they don’t make the case for anything roomscale. You have to sit.

I do believe in solutions for the hands, like captoglove, because the use of fingers in games is far more complicated and is very useful for interaction in my idea. For feet I dunno. It feels different. Feedback for feet might be ok if you wear socks on a smooth surface. In roomscale, maybe ankle sensors are good enough. Just a feeling though. I might be missing out on something good here.

I would assume that it is tiring to lift the legs for hours to simulate the walking steps. That is my feeling

I felt the same as bout the sitwalking- I would preferably get tired - makes you strong at the end :slight_smile:
That’s why the katwalk Mini would be cooler for me - but I have never tried the treadmill walking.


I agree .
And unfortunately to be sure about all these different experience, we have to try them
I bet each 1 of them will have both benefits and loss

Sure you are right on that one - I do get tired of standing in like fall out 4 after hours, but I guess it’s the lack of movement (true movement). I wonder if that is more realistic with the kw mini and the like…

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When you stand in FO4, do you use roomscale for small in game movements and teletransportation and/or button locomotion for long distance movements ?

There is an openvr driver that works with the vibe trackers . It needed still some optimization but when I tried it, u could have "walked in place " to actually move in a game like FO4. It did not work with alien though because of the vr patch that someone was not allowing the openvr walk in place driver to work. This is why I thought to get also the walkovr sensors

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Sorry had some renovation on my house and kids to entertain. Yeah I stand and to small in room movements - but the walls close in fast on me.
I thought about getting some trackers any way for the pimax ( only have WMR headsets) I would find it cool to have legs in a game :grinning:. Just wanted to wait and see when Steam tracking 2.0 hits the road - maybe PiMax will have some own trackers?

I am not sure it is worth the effort, but you can achieve that with WMR and a kinect, with Driver4VR. Tried it a long way back and it seemed pretty good. I don’t think there is much content that uses body tracking at the moment though.

I saw that “Project” before - but I guess I would rather use the PiMax Setup for that when it arrives and add some Trackers to it. The “optical” tracking is not that good so I guess I’d rather use the PiMax and its Setup for that and add some compabtible Trackers to the PiMax Base Stations.
But you are right, there are noch many games wich use it. Also I think with a Suit and maybe there will be a kind of “pants” in some time that have tracking and “Feedback” that would make more sense.

Aside from redicretion, all of these walking “solutions” sacrifice room scale for this effect. To me , that is too much tradeoff.

Redirection then, for games where it is possible, is really cool from what I sw.

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I have just received a pair of cybershoes that i have backed !!

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Nice which backer nr are you, I am 159 still not got them…? Love to hear your thoughts of this.

I ended up being one backer among the first 100 testing units that have been sent out.

I have briefly tried the game “the exorcist” and it is great that works good with cybershoes, but it sucks that the same game can not be played with my katvr mini and will not be also playable with katloco. That is an example of how cybershoes are better than a katloco and than a katvr mini in terms of game compatibility

The only thing i can say that cybershoes method of locomotion can lack, is the sideways movements and the loss of roomscale. Apart that, it is a cool gadget that i still need to experiment in more games but it is great for what it supposed to do and does

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Nice to hear that it works great. I am a very early backer, but refused to be one of the first 100 testers because I wanted to skip a few of the early issues. Have you noticed any input lag or stuttering in the tracking of your locomotion?

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No lag and no stuttering. It is just about getting used to do a proper movement with the legs for walking while being seated.

What i miss is the possibility to move sideways.
The movements with the cybershoes are only forwards and backwards, 360 degree.

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so did I

I played doom with it and its pretty cool except, just casual walking seems too slow its like you are shuffling like crazy before you ramp up to speed.

kind of like those scooby doo cartoons

we are early testers so I provided feedback and they responded saying they will tweak the curves and will provide us instructions on how to create custim ones.

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