Cyberpunk 2077 VR Enhancement Guide

Yeh i agree i think LR has supported Pimax headsets well, the CP 2077 works great for me in my 8kx and should do as after all Pimax sent Luke an 8kx over a year ago to dev on.

Well I have been having trouble getting custom Resolution to work in many games…Cyberpunk was an exception…for example I have to dig deep in the games grounded and HzD to force the correct aspect ratio, i will try hogwarts this week

ah ok, out of Lukes vr mods i only play CP (and GTA) so i’m unsure about problems with others.

if anyone has that issue i had with hogwarts,it needs to be in windowed fullscreen not windowed,it wasnt the 8kx,looks great in it now.

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I know that, so i did back him a little via patreon .As he was coming by another post on cyberpunk i think , where he said he will go for standart fov, because not many users are using headsets with a bigger fov.
There was another guy also asking for langer fov support because he is using a pimax.
That was the main reason i did stop supporting him.