Cyberpunk 2077 is a really good game! (Also supports VorpX)

I still enjoy flat games like Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, and now i’m enjoying Cyberpunk 2077

Graphics look hyper-realistic, especially with ray tracing from my 3090. It’s like a better version of GTA V with a lot more things to do! Night city looks incredible. Also it’s in first person mode and even though I play on my 1440p monitor, the DLSS makes it look like 4K or better. I can see every small detail up close.

Also in the beginning you can really customize your character, including p*nis shape and size lol. It’s like looking at a real dick. At one point in the beginning of the game, you rescue this naked unconscious woman and you can see her boobs and thought they looked like an actual woman lol. They even jiggled when you pick the woman up to carry her. This game is insane.


Is it playable with vorpx ?

Ask to vorpx if they have plan for Cyberpunk 2077


Yes they just released an update for Vorpx with profile for Cyberpunk


Just tried Cyberpunk 2077 with VorpX - the graphics are incredible. It’s effectively a seated no controller experience but just awestruck at some of the areas.

PS: Make absolutely sure you update to Nvidia 460.79+ to play. Lots of issues without it.


Hi @PimaxUSA ! Did you try it with 8kx?


I have not tried vorpx yet. I’m going to try today.


Can you play it with the Xbox controller?

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this is what im trying after work on vorpx =)


Yes you can or with keyboard and mouse if you wish. Haven’t tried it on the X yet, when I return from this trip I’ll be sure to try it on that too. Be prepared for some visual glitches and lots of tweaking.


Okay so I tried it in the Pimax 8KX and it works just fine in all FOV modes, but don’t expect it to cover your entire FOV. It’s like looking at a screen without it covering your full view. You can zoom the image in for better FOV but then it lowers the image quality and makes world scale look too large.

Despite that, it looks quite immersive up close and from far away it sort of looks a bit like not wearing glasses and there’s a 3D effect.

I also tried it in HP Reverb G2 but it still doesn’t cover my full FOV. Here are the settings I used to get best image quality of 8KX. Note these are for my RTX 3090:


  • Render quality: 1.0
  • Enable parallel projection
  • Enable motion smoothing
  • Enable Hidden Area mask
  • FOV Mode: Small

SteamVR Supersampling: 150% or 200%

In-game settings:

  • Video resolution change to the highest your monitor supports
  • Make sure every graphics setting is maxed out. Set Screen space reflection to “Pyscho”
  • Set DLSS to “Quality”

In-game VorpX settings. Hit [Del] key to open it.

  • Turn off “Change resolution”. You want the resolution to stay the way you set it in game.
  • Image Zoom around 0.62 is sweetspot for best clarity and FOV
  • Sharpen set to 0.60
  • Set HUD scale to lowest of 0.30 so that you can actually see what it says rather than text being in your peripheral vision.

By default the VorpX profile sets your game resolution to 1080p, but I have a 1440p monitor. When switching the resolution to 1440p, the game looks much better and still runs smooth on the 8KX. I think this game would be best experienced on a 4k monitor in VR, in order to get the same graphical fidelity you’d get playing it flat on a 1440p monitor.

If game doesn’t load in the headset right away. Just exit the game, and while SteamVR is running, play Cyberpunk again. It’ll fix that.

Anyway, personally I think I’ll be playing this game mostly on my monitor and not in VR. Unless someday I get a 4K monitor to try this on.


Now I see why you want this in VR. And why it will never have hand tracking

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How did you play without a controller? lol

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were you in Immersive Screen mode by accident?

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No it’s full VR mode. It’s immersive, but it’s like your FOV is cut to a rectangular shape.


Update: I’ve found out how to get it to look even better.

First if you have a 1440p monitor, you can enable 4K by going into Nvidia Control panel -> Manage 3D settings -> Set DSR Factor to 2.25x native resolution. This will unlock 4K. DSR smoothness is set to 33% by default but some have said they like 10 to 20% so you can experiment.

Then in game, you’ll be able to change video resolution to 3840 x 2160. This makes the picture quality look way better, but cuts performance in half. So to fix performance you can either disable ray tracing. Or what I’ve found works better is leaving Ray tracing on but setting DLSS to Ultra Performance. Everything runs smooth and it looks amazing!


It still cuts it down but you are setting the ingame fov to 100 right?


Yes in-game fov is set to 100. You can get rid of the borders by zooming in, so it all depends on preference. I think in Potato mode, you can probably zoom the borders out without it affecting world scale too much.

I’m going to try this again on my Reverb G2 with similar settings, ie 4K monitor upscaling.


What’s it like owning both the G2 and the 8KX. I’m not trying to justify keeping the G2 after I do my comparison review.

Is it redundant? What headset do you find your self truly using more?

If you had a gun to your head which headset would you keep?

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I honestly don’t have a verdict yet. The 8KX can feel a bit overwhelming sometimes for my eyes but I go to it when I want a big FOV. The G2 on the other hand is large enough with the FOV mod and its really easy on the eyes. So I think I’ll be keeping both. I’m waiting for prescription lens adapters to arrive for G2.

The headset I probably wont be keeping for too long is Quest 2.