Customer support back to China, news of fake?

According to UploadVR, Pimax is moving customer support back to China.
If that’s true, the reason given (misunderstanding due to language) is total bullshlt. Wherever you’ll install support center(s), discussions are in english. Unless support team doesn’t speak english, the situation would be the same.
IMO that’s ONLY a money matter. That’s not a shame but be honest and don’t tell bullshlt excuses (we’re not stupid ^^). Last weird thing, UploadVR said there’s no trace of this interview on MRTV channel…

Anyway… I think this article raises questions like:

  • first of all, is it true?
  • do you think your new organisation will lower time to solve a simple ticket or replace a product?

Yes it is true, I think I heard it on one of the CES youtube videos, However Robin Weng, CEO of Pimax said that they will have people their (China) that are able to speak other native languages, there really wasnt much more said, It pissed me off when I heard that the US hub was not going to have any support.

Typical Pimax promise and then half a$$ deliver. Wish they would hire someone that knows how to run a business properly :frowning:


Yes as @stixvr said support is based in Shanghai now. That said (and I have a firsthand experience) they’re pretty damn fast answering the tickets now.


Support is scaling up and improving not to worry. Pimaxquorra and other team members have been working on continuous improvements.

Not sure about interview availability save it had some inaccuracies.


I’ll believe when it’ll be done ^^ but it would be great!

They already do have some folks that fit this.

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That interview was a Skype call between Kevin and mrtv a week before CES

The inverview is still reachable via the Community tab of the mrtv youtube channel. (Don’t want to directly link to it in case this is a mistake).

I would take anything UploadVR reports on Pimax with a grain of salt.

However since UploadVR’s primary objective is the destruction of Pimax, they are constantly digging up any dirt they can find. So this fact must have some truth to it

This company puts more effort when researching an article on Pimax if it may turn up dirt. But ask them to do enough research to understand that its called “Parallel Projections” and not “Parallel Profiling” and they can’t be bothered.


If this is true, then it means they kept this from us no?

We were told this awhile ago but many might not have understood it. Awhile back Pimax said RMAs would be going through China.

Now most support tickets did seem to be processed by Staff not in the :us:. Ie my support ticket said PimaxUSA but was signed by Matthew.

Now do know prior to Sept/Oct some support in NA was being responded by Kim in the Florida Office.


damn that means if we have to rma for any reqson the turnaround might be weeks to months


I know that horrible. I can’t see my self ordering an 8kx now. I rma my valve controller and I got it back in 3 days. Waiting a month to 2 months to rma is a bad idea.


I don’t think it matter that much as long as they replaced the staffs that don’t understand English well (which I think they have), then they’re good. VR is still a small niches, they don’t need to expand everywhere to save money. If someone in the US has a question, it can be answer whether they’re in US or China as long as the staffs understand English well.


You can link the interview, it’s totally fine. The interview was “unlisted” from the very beginning because I didn’t want to put an unedited 1.5h interview onto my channel. Therefore I only spread the link on my social media channels for those who were interested to watch it in its entirety.

I was surprised to read the Upload article and especially the part were they speculate about me unlisting the video, insinuating that Pimax would have direct influence on my content. One look on my Twitter account would have sufficed to see that I posted the link publicly and that it is still there.

I have reached out to the author of the Upload article in the comments and via dm, asking him to correct the article but so far there has been no reaction.


What if you need to rma your headset? Will take about 2 weeks to a month for them to get it. Getting it back is even longer. Youre looking at 2 months tops to get it back.

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Well I’m now 18 messages into a ticket where I have been asking for my 5k downgrade voucher & basestation voucher from 1 pledge to be used on an upgrade plan on my other pledge (which doesn’t have a 5k downgrade voucher).
After thinking it was solved & purchasing a plan, it looks like there may be another misunderstanding due to a language barrier & maybe I am back to square 1.

The thought of all support through China makes my head hurt.


I did this too, it was allowed


Ah ok. I’ve now been messaged this morning to say chose plan b on that pledge & ask for my coupon.
I have been asking for my coupon through numerous messages & was told to chose plan a which already includes the coupon & they will not give me the extra coupon.

after being told to chose plan a, i did & paid for it.
Now I fear there’s going to be another multiple message problem to try to get it straight.

Also due to the time zone difference, i get 1 message per working day, then wait a full 24 hours for the next.
As you can imagine this makes a problem drag out for a long time.

I know they are trying to help but the language barrier is a huge problem.
A native English speaker would have had this solved within 4 messages & we would have both moved on

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My conversation was similar. Took a while to get the question clear but once she understood it was resolved quickly. But yeah, it’s a matter of getting the question correct. Ans these are complicated questions.