Crystal——Some assembly required

Crystal partial disassembly. : :face_with_peeking_eye:



Excellent pics!

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Great pictures, one question though.
Inside Out tracking only ?


I can’t describe how excited this just made me!!

Any chance you can release a CAD file or such for people with 3D printers to make stuff? Thanks!


No, it was confirmed to also have the option for lighthouse tracking using a different faceplate (same as 12k).

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Technically though, it is actually inside out tracking only as lighthouse tracking is also inside out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now bring on the 12KQLED internal part pictures :smiley:


Quick question, are the cystal and 12k the same physical size? I’m guessing yes for compatibility and manufacturing etc but just wondering if the crystal could have been reduced in size considering it has a small FOV? I assume the panels are smaller. Not a complaint or anything, just a thought.


It 100% will, they mentioned it in the crystal annoucement video, check from about 19:30: Pimax Crystal - YouTube

They are releasing the faceplates for the reality line as a whole, not just the 12k (crystal is also part of the reality line).

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What’s the small LithiumPolymer battery for ?
Can be seen in the in the first picture in the far right just over the middle of the picture ?
@PimaxUSA do you know the answer for this Kev ?

That seems like it is a non interchangeable battery for the end user :upside_down_face:

i’m just happy the pimax crystal exists, even if it’s in pieces!
pimax should sell them like that to reduce costs for the vr enthusiast to assemble :laughing:


The primary battery on the back of the headstrap is hot-swappable, so I expect the internal battery you spotted is the one which keeps the headset going for a short period of time while you swap out the main battery.

I think the hint we’re being given here is that these are real production parts, not prototype parts. They don’t appear to be 3D printed. So either these parts are production proof samples or from an actual production run.


Nice shots.

Badass Pimax Crystal !!! Keep going … :heart_eyes:

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Wow! Some superglue and were good?

superglue are bad for any optics. :wink:

… just in case anyone gets the idea :joy:

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That looks B E A U TIFUL. I’m sure the parts fit “Like A Glove.”

A separate sink block and fan for each of the heat pipes?

I guess with the integrated apu, there is a bit more to deal with, than the 8kX, which used the RF shield as passive heatsink. :7

i saw someone saying they are the same displays as aero but with a bit higher res,pls i beg pimax to thoroughly check for dead pixels,aero has a huge problem with that and its quality control,saw people on discord on their 3rd headset with dead pixels.