Crystal dead (almost) after just two days :(

I received my Crystal on Friday. Yesterday (Saturday) it worked well, but green spots started appearing on the screen (problem described in a different topic).

But today, the left screen died… :frowning:

Well, almost - it worked for two hours, then started flickering slightly and finally turned off. When I put the headset to sleep for a moment with the power button, and wake it up almost immediately, both screens work, but only for a few minutes tops and then the left screen turns off again… :frowning:

Now after I gave the headset a couple of hours to cool down, both screens work for about half an hour and the left one starts turning off again.

Support ticket already registered with Pimax.
Does anyone know how they process RMAs? Will they ask me to send the device back from Europe to China?..



Sorry to hear about your Crystal.

When I RMA’d my 8kx, they had me send it to another town here in France (forgot the name of this small town near Marseille), where they inspected it before sending it back to China. Once the old unit was inspected, Pimax started shipping the replacement unit from China.

Don’t know if the same holds true for your Crystal RMA though.


Thanks for the info. Hopefully they have similar process for Crystal in place already… And that they have this kind of partner in Poland, although shipping to France would still be easier than shipping to China.


The return label should be going to Sweden if I’m not mistaken.

As for the headset issue, it went dead suddenly. Have you tried reseating the cables and changing the batteries to see if it resolves the problem?

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Only one screen dies (from time to time, then wakes up from the dead and dies again soon after…) not the whole headset. So moving cables or batteries isn’t going to change much as the video signal and power obviously is still reaching the device just fine :frowning:

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Ohhh! :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

It would be advisable to schedule a remote session with our tech specialist to conduct a thorough troubleshooting of your device. There might be an issue with the hardware that needs to be addressed. The tech specialist will be able to assist in diagnosing and resolving the problem.


I created a support ticket on Sunday, but have not heard back from Pimax yet.

By the way, the headset was running all day yesterday, with both screens working all the time… I received OTA firmware upgrade yesterday morning (it wasn’t available before), so maybe that changed something?.. I don’t know, but I need to do much more testing to see if the problem returns. In any case, I’m not closing the support ticket just yet…

UPDATE: I don’t know what made it work so well yesterday, but today the issue returned :frowning: The left screen started flickering pretty quickly (it’s a really small fluctuation of the backlight strength - barely noticable, but definitely there and only on the left screen) and after some more play time, the left screen started turning off again.
And still no response from Pimax to my support ticket after 48 hours…

In case anyone wants to see how the issue looks like, I made a video that the Pimax support asked for: 20230727_213319.mp4 - Google Drive

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I’m getting angry now… Pimax still has not acknowledged that my headset is faulty and needs replacing. They’re “analyzing logs and videos”… What is there to analyze? Everyone can see in the video I posted above, that the left screen is obviously faulty and they will not fix it remotely from China :rage:
They’ll have plenty of time to analyze once I return the headset to them…

The replacement headset should already be on the way to me, but noooo… they’re “analyzing”… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Currently I have 1800 euro paper weight on my desk and I’m not happy.

And they send me email encouraging me to “share my story”… REALLY PIMAX? DO YOU REALLY WANT ME TO SHARE MY STORY?..


Perhaps PIMAX is trying ascertain if there’s anything else contributing to this issue. Such that there could be something wrong with the cable, the power being provided to the headset etc.

There comes a point where they simply (IMO) should just do the RMA with you and continue their analysis of the HMD physically on prem.
You’re no longer a TESTER in a so-called BETA program, and the longer they keep from doing an RMA, the more it lends me to believe they consider you a tester and not an end consumer who purchased a releasable product.

Of course, it’s a good idea to see if they can figure this out before the RMA too.

What happens if, for some odd reason, something flakey is happening on your end beyond the PIMAX Crystal itself?

To me, checking your Crystal with a completely different system and observing it having the same issue would be the ultimate factor in supporting an RMA ASAP.


The left screen of my Crystal dies even in AIO (standalone) mode, not connected to any system. I told them that. So no cable change or connecting to other system is going to solve that…

I start to worry that maybe their support staff is just overwhelmed with a large number of problems with Crystals reported by users and that’s why it takes them so long to handle my issue properly…


Hmm Maybe. I’m on your side on this.
They should be issuing a replacement ASAP.
I’m sorry you’re stuck with this issue, and sorry for others who also have fallen victim to any other issues.
Though TBH, stories like yours have certainly given me some comfort in not dropping the cash and getting this thing up until this point and likely months beyond.
Wish you all the best and hope they can mature this headset enough for someone with my risk tolerance level to bite on it.


Finally Pimax started the RMA process. They want me to fill in the RMA form and sentd my faulty unit to Sweden, but…

They forgot to attach the RMA form to the email… Does anyone have a copy of Pimax RMA form handy, maybe?

OKay, after a few attampts (and some assistance from PimaxQuorra), they finally managed to send the attachment properly :slight_smile:
So one step forward on the way for a replacement Crystal…


Great. Good luck.

Hope you get your replacement unit soon and it has no issues.

Everyone would love to know what the problem was with your current unit.
But I guess that’ll be absorbed into the netherverse.


My faulty headset is already on its way to Sweden.

I suspect the problem was a manufacturing defect with the LCD screen backlight or something as simple as poor connection/bad solder joint to the backlight unit that was losing connection in certain conditions (heat after longer use etc.).


I don’t know the numbers, but I’m pretty sure you’re not the only one whose had issues with the display, from the flickering and turning off as yours does to yellow/green spots appearing etc.

Maybe quality control isn’t up to snuff at PIMAX.


I don’t know if this is related to your problem, but recently my 8KX also experienced a blackout in one eye and a complete blackout and device recognition failure.
PimaxPlay v1.13.0 must be completely defective.
One eye blackout on the first day of installing this version.
Within a week, blackouts were frequent.
I think it destroyed my powered USB 3.0 hub.

I reverted back to PiplayV275.

The problems with the left screen of my Crystal started before I even connected it to the PC, in the standalone mode (which doesn’t really work yet, but there is a simple virtual room displayed when you switch to it), so they were not software related.