Crystal a lot of money for nothing

Pimax hurt me this time.
Cystal with standalone is a failure, I paid a lot of money to get nothing.
The standalone world is practically empty.
And I find myself a device that works on batteries even with the PC.
And now they put out much less expensive products without standalones.
We PAID PIMAX for a complete failure.
What’s going on in STANDALONE? Having software made like this is scandalous. At least I know I paid for something.

Thanks for fooling your users. Especially those who had bought the Crystal RECENTLY and you didn’t warn them.

Thank you, thank you and THANK YOU again…

(For example, a new Meta is coming out in mid-2025, they are already announcing it now! so a user can choose whether to wait until or get META 3 now! Those are CORRECT companies).


Yes it’s a bitter pill to swallow especially if you bought the Crystal recently.

This is why a lot of us a reluctant to jump in over and over and why I hang on to my Pico4 which is smaller, has a great VR library, works wirelessly and has a bigger FOV.

Crystal Light might provide good sales for Pimax but until it’s out there’s no telling what other headset manufacturers will announce or price drop.

At least with your Crystal you still have eye tracking.

Knowing the Crystal is equipped with Wifi6e but not having this feature turned on only to see Pimax promote a $300 add-on is inexcusable.

You are an experiment in a pool of Pimax of research and development lol.


That is life, do you have paid for eye-tracking, and running it wirelessly with crystal light can’t do.

Yes, but in the meantime Crystal is getting old! And they didn’t make the accessories! Which will also cost an excessive price! But in the meantime, make the new visor since you haven’t finished the old one yet because they OVERPAID you for it! Bad bad bad Pimax management of its customers.

Wifi6e → No
Standalone → No (there is almost nothing!)
Technology that becomes obsolete due to the speed of new releases, always on their part, making fun of those who purchased.
Extremely strong decrease in sales of used viewers.
And still the software doesn’t work well!


In fairness, all VR headsets will depreciate quite quickly, it is a quickly developing technology.

But I understand your frustration to see that Pimax change direction quite errantly - a year or two ago, they thought it was a brilliant idea to stuff everything under the sun into a VR headset, just being short of making you sandwiches and espressos too.

Now they recognized that a couple of those bets did not pay off, even made it a worse headset than it would be with less components. And you as a customer are left behind with an expensive headset seeing some of its capabilities already being abandoned, or on the brink of it.

I guess the only thing I can tell you here is that anyone who purchases a Pimax headset should be
a) looking very carefully if it makes sense for him based on the real performance conveyed by regular user reviews (as opposed to marketing material or influencer views) and
b) always keep in mind that these are sort of experimental headsets, which often promise more than the usual crop of VR headsets will deliver, but come with some downsides, one of them being an adhoc decision making on future maintenance of features.

In short, going Pimax is a gamble. It can pay off, don’t get me wrong, but there is no guarantee.


yes but not when you buy the crystal in February 2024 it arrives in March and you bought it by talking to them in chat that maybe they could tell you something! And soon after you find new models. This is truly a joke. Not to mention worse. Do not you think? above all you tell him that you bought him the 5k… then 8k x and then you go and buy the crystal. I find an incorrect action on the part of Pimax


The problem is when you have so many VR companies making headsets and they’re all looking for a USP it means a headset has about a 3 month lifespan before another manufacturer announces something new.

I guess you now have to enjoy the Crystal for as long as you can.

I’m still waiting for that one headset that ticks all my boxes before retiring the Pico4.

Knowing the Super is coming is more of a reason not to be happy than the lite.

But I suppose it’s all meaningless until the time comes and you see what the competition has in store. BSB2, DPVR5, Quest Pro2, Index 2, HTC Vive, VR-1, Pico4 S.

Anything you buy is going to be surpassed in months which is why I keep my money in my pocket until technology has made a major leap forward in FOV.

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It is tricky. I admittedly did get excited for the Super, just as I did for the 12K at the time - just that I fully understood the 12K to be a huge stretch with all of its first-time for Pimax features. The Super is less of a stretch.

And just like the Crystal didn‘t really get me due to the 12K looming, now the Light doesn‘t get me due to the Super being announced. It seems clear that the 12K is still some years away, if it is ever released, so the Super is the new wannahave toy.

At the same time I am aware that the Light might actually just be what one should be looking for at a reasonable price.

But then again, I look at my Quest 3 and feel, it is just such a convenient headset to handle, and with pretty decent visuals, that I wonder if I should be complicating my home setup again by adding a second, tethered headset with an additional layer of software.

So I will have to visit MRTV‘s office one fine day and check the Super and the Light out once he has them, to understand if it is worth the expenditure, hassle, friction.


Although I kinda understand your sentiment, you knew, or at least should have known, what you bought into. From what I read people generally think that the Crystal is a decent headset. And although it might be a bitter pill for exisiting users that they now release the ‘light’ version, the version they probably would have wanted in the first place, it’s good news for people who dont own a Crystal just yet.


The sentiment is understandable, but Crystal is an objectively better headset than Crystal Light, if we consider eye tracking and interchangeable lenses

Also, what was Pimax supposed to do?

  • Give up building Crystal Light in order to not offend anyone?
  • Go back in time and make different choices?
  • Disclosing the new product before the official announcement?
  • Stop innovating?

(PS: Ci siamo già sentiti in passato in altri canali! :slight_smile:

  • Give up building Crystal Light in order to not offend anyone?
    Absolutely not! I have to do what he wants! But I sell a car with 550 HP for 1 million euros, two days later I announce one with 480 HP for € 230,000… You’ll see that those with the 550 HP get pissed off. ALL MANUFACTURERS OF ANYTHING know this commercial discourse very well. The problem is that perhaps they could have given more time between the announcement and the production of the LIGHT! And above all, IF A USER CALLS IN CHAT, you ask them for information and they don’t tell you anything and shortly after they give you another superior or inferior product and they didn’t tell you… well it’s almost called commercial cheating.
    So I’m not just referring to “LIGHT” but also to products superior to Crystal.

  • Go back in time and make different choices?
    I’m referring to those who bought crystal very recently! And Pimax then announces that it will be making new products soon and will be making them SOON. It’s called unfair trade practice.

  • Disclosing the new product before the official announcement?
    Many companies, let’s also take META which is the most famous, allow more time to pass between the announcement and the products. Not just for production problems or anything else, but often just to give time and make their product sell better. They already make you understand that in a year you will have a META 2025, then you want to buy the META 3 now… do it. Even CARS, it’s not like they just take one out and give you a restyling in 2 months.

  • Stop innovating?
    Absolutely not. But THE PROMISES MADE ON THE PRODUCT THAT THEY HAVE SOLD TO DATE are still missing.

Where are the LENSES?
Where are the LENSES with the FOV?
Where is the WIFI?
I Software for stand alone? (Which only makes the CRYSTAL product worse, so much so that they now GIVE UP on it!)
Where is the support for those who HAVE ALREADY PAID you?

THERE ARE NO PRODUCTS FOR THE OLD USER (let’s say we bought an old one recently) and you already make new stuff?

Well if they do that, people will stop BUYING.

As you can see, this FORUM is also OLD, people DO NOT BUY and do not FOLLOW them. Precisely because THEY DEMAND TOO MUCH FROM THEIR USERS.


Yes for new one. But non fot Crystal USER, KICK Him … WASTE EM ALL … .U BUY Crystal u are STUPID PEOPLE. No ? This is how THINK PIMAX…

@mmorselli @PimaxQuorra

This is my email from pimax:
“Thank you for your feedback and suggestions.
Your letter has been forwarded to the company’s senior management, and we expect to give you a more comprehensive reply not later than the end of Apr…
Thank you for your understanding and waiting.”

Where is this Senior Management?

Waiting :slight_smile:

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When the WIFI? and then I will become a BETA TESTER who paid for the product anyway? Since every time a PIMAX product comes out it’s incomplete?

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Yes, is true … But also a FINANCER… we give them the MONEY to TEST their products.

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@Djonko @mmorselli I think your arguments are generally valid, but I can get the frustration here because of two points:

  1. So far customers of Pimax had no choice, if they wanted the visuals of the Crystal for PC VR, they needed to get the complete package. And while it‘s normal to see successor or spin-off products to appear, the timing here is the crucial bit - he wouldn‘t complain about the Super, b/c there is a considerable time gap and any customer from now on knows about that alternative, he feels this is different with the Light: if he had just waited for a couple of days/weeks/months, he would have gotten a much better value for money. But I admit, this is not reeeaaally something you can be too upset about, this kind of shi! just happens, that‘s life.

  2. What he really can be concerned about and consider unfair though is the fact, that not only did he pay more than double the price he would have for what he actually wants to use, but you can see that Pimax are already starting to abandon the support/development for some features of this „better“ Crystal standard edition, e.g. stand-alone. And here I fully understand his sentiment - you pay a lot of money for stuff you didn‘t even want but didn‘t have the choice, and now the Light appears for less than half the price and as a result of Pimax change of course the expensive stuff you paid for will be rendered useless in part pretty soon. That‘s sour, isn‘t it. (yeah, Pimax said in their AMA that they will continue support for it due to business customers, but this still means the consumer use case will suffer, e.g. stand-alone library)


U write well :slight_smile: Regarding the first point, some companies in Europe have been fined by Antithust for similar things.

Just some food for thought and perhaps some information respectfully submitted that might be worthy of consideration.

The aio is used for the eye tracking, headset position adjustments, audio eq, self diagnostics, firmware update management, motor control for the et, the faceplate system, lens management system, usb data integration, wireless data integration system and a myriad of other things as well.

The Crystal can be fully tested with all features without any pc at all largely eliminating or confirming it as the cause of any reported issue. Quite often on other headsets you have to really dig deep to determine what might be wrong.

It has considerable advantages over relying on window driver installs as it’s much more predictable. All headsets have some degree of onboard processing, it’s just the Crystal has enough to perform some tasks that more typically run on the pc.

Further this capability enables the Crystal to operate wirelessly at full resolution which as far as I know no other headset has this capability.

So I would respectfully point out that assertions that this capability is for “nothing” is something that I would think is overstated as that capability is used for the majority of the features of the headset and does have numerous tangible benefits.