Cross eyed after use

So I was playing Batman Arkham VR for the first time today and after playing for 30 minutes and taking off the headset I noticed a bit of eye strain but thought nothing of it. I went downstairs and felt a bit weird but still figured that would go away soon because I never have a long time adjusting after wearing the headset.
Then I look outside of my window and 50 meters away there was a man walking and I saw two of him. A full human width in between. It wasn’t looking like that for objects near to me but I couldn’t get the man in normal focus anymore. Eventually things became normal again but this was the very first time I had such a strong effect after playing.

Does anyone else have an experience like this happen?

I use the latest piplay software and IPD had to be set at 55 or the lowest possible setting (I measured my IPD to be 66 irl so that’s weird but had to do that with previous versions of piplay too)

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I use IPD55 and have never seen this happen. Have not you suffered a stroke?
You should see a neurologist Instead of asking here in the forum.

Funny. Pretty sure it has to have to do with focus distance being off in the headset but my eye muscles adjusting for it. I just don’t know enough about these lenses and settings to know how to fix it

Yeah I have the same thing. My real IPD is 68 mm, I found my optimum Pimax IPD is 57mm but after 15 minutes I feel bad/weird using the headset and my eyes feel disoriented and tired.

My previous theory was that this was caused by the fact that the distance between the center of the lenses is about 63mm, so my eyes needed to look inward, meeting the display at about 57 mm. BUT you do have the exact same IPD as the distance between the lense centers so that theory doesn’t seem to hold …

LOL. Several people including me have reported this problem here, I’m sure most of us didnt have a stroke, nor need to see a neurologist. I assume this was an attempt to be funny ?

No, it was not a joke. From what I understand his eye has failed in the real world, double vision, this may mean some neurological problem unrelated to the game.

I never thought that an HDM could cause failures in vision, even if temporary.

Well quite a few people, including me, have reported the exact same problem. It seems it’s caused by eye strain, the eyes have to look inward way too much and after 15-20 minutes of doing this the eyes need like half an hour to adjust again to normal. The other day I needed to go for a drive and it was actually dangerous because my eyes still weren’t even adjusted to the real world again.

I’m doubting though what’s really causing this. Since he reported 63 mm real IPD, that’s about the distance between the lense centers …

And the question also is: why is the Pimax IPD always different from real IPD ? I’m certain that this is the core of the problem. Especially when he says he has 63 mm real IPD, the same as the distance between the cores of the 2 lenses, then why is his pimax IPD 55 mm ? That doesn’t make any sense to me.

It might have to do something with the properties of the specific lenses that Pimax uses.

@PIMAX-Support @deletedpimaxrep1 do you guys have a theory on this problem ?

Lol still not a bad idea.

But yeah some experience forms if eye strain even from long 3d content with dlp & or shudder 3d.

With using @Lukeb’s mod that exposes the lens holder screws we could create a bridge between 2 screw points. Use longer screws with springs pushing down & a set screw in the middle to pull lenes toward eyes. Maybe add upto +4 to 6mm to screen to default position.

Also, how come the minimum IPD is now 55 where it was 53 previous?

Yes, the fine tuning could be a little more extended, IPD50 to IPD80, for example.

But theres nothing wrong with the optics :wink: Ignoring it would be the best solution

Truth no fixed optics headsets that use soft ipd adjustment.

The lenses themselves are not the issue but using average ipd for physical space between lens centers will cause annoyances/strain with those who’s ipd are considerably outside of this value regardless if it’s plus or minus.

So PiMax 4k/BE, PSVR, GearVR, Deepoon E3 etc

With GearVR/Rift there is a gentleman selling 3d printed ipd lens adapters. It would be good to contact him about making them for pimax headsets as well.

But I now doubt that the hardware IPD is actually the problem. This guy says his IPD is 63, so that’s exactly the distance between the lense centers if I measured correctly.

You’d think that if somebody has IPD 63, so that his eyes are exactly lined up with the lenses, the Pimax IPD would be 63 too. But his is 55. There’s something weird going on here but it doesn’t seem to be caused by the hardware IPD.

Maybe we should try to replace the lenses ? I have a homido, maybe I’ll try putting those lenses in the pimax

@vts & @crony have mentioned focal distance to the screen.

Vts reports something like 0.4mm where as other hmds are 1.0+. So with @Luke’s mod even with the 2mm washers would likely reduce eye related strain.

To have tge myopic support it makes sense that the lenses would be closer to the screen. I would submit probably increasing this space to 4mm (2 washers) would be a good improvement for both farsighted & 20/20 alike.

What might be interesting with a lense swap would be to try a variety. Freshnel, Carl zeis & such

Sorry for the typo, I measured my IPD to be 66 mm actually. Maybe that changes some insights for you

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So I’ve just tried it, popped out the Pimax lenses and pressed in my Homido lenses:

My optimum IPD now went to 66 in Piplay (while I have 68 in reality). Maybe I should try to get the lenses even slightly further apart.

It does feel easier on the eyes already, but then again I’d probably need to try it for a bit longer time. Downside is, as you can imagine, that the FoV is getting quite a bit smaller.

How much smaller? I’m going to play Batman again and see what happens to my eyes. Played a different game just now for over 30 minutes and had no problems after that so…