Competitive Shooters (Long range shots) 8k or 5K+

As the title suggests, i’m very much focused into competitive shooters like onward, and used to play regularly in the tournaments before taking a step out of my team “Lemon Squad!” (great people)

One of the major issues i had were long distance viewing as you had to rely on maxing out a black pixel moving against a different shade of black pixel (vive) and then shoot at that possible black pixel, it was always very annoying and stupid.

So with the extra clarity of the 5k+ or the better sde and more pixel on the 8k, What would be superior on this subject?

i know its all speculation at this point sadly but for nows i’m gonna go blindly for the 8k cause i’m a “death to sde” type of person cause my game play style has me glued and eyes pressed to judging and watching this individual pixels haha.

Sweviver as amazing as his vids are and i’ve watched them all, has really helped but mainly focuses on sim, racing and movies though thinking of being a patreon just for his amazing work

Sorry if my wording is crap, night shifts make me very tired as i right this D:

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you should start a full pimax team …see if the advantage is real


ooo that would be amazing but i really loved the team i built and just looking forward to going back to them after training haha, but i can’t be asked until i get my pimax D:

But that would defiantly give a massive edge haha

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Judging by what I read and heard, the 8K player will see the 5K+ player before the 5K+ player sees the 8K player. Thus, dead 5K+ player.

Or, you could say, the 5K+ player will have an overall more pleasant experience, and be shot by the 8K player.

Unless I misunderstood what I read and heard. (quite likely, knowing me, lol)



What’s up Lemons!!
So far the testers have said that for viewing far distances, the 8k is better… the cost, however, is the blur at all ranges…
I personally, being an onward junkie myself, will be choosing the 5k+ due to its clarity…
pushing the gpu to get the 8k close to the sharpness of the 5k is very taxing and will likely make the game lag and unplayable at that SS level… And I’m skeptical as to whether the 2080ti has enough horsepower to push it either…

Sweviver will test, I’m sure, once he gets his 2080ti… but even pushing the SS limits with current tech, the 5k was still sharper… in its current form I don’t think the 8k can be as sharp as the 5k at any SS…

If you have a higher backer number, wait for swevivers results before choosing…

Good to see you are still around…!!


This pleases me greatly haha, this is nearly the only thing apart from sde that will make me pick a side haha :smiley:


sup sup :smiley: just leaking in the background and sniping in pavlov haha

that has been the major worry with the 5k+ higher higher clarity, but as you know it the pain of judging pixel by pixel for those long range viewing that i gets me thinking if i want clarity or more pixels D:


I think these headsets, whichever you choose, are a big jump in clarity and sde over current hardware. On the field, pimax will have an advantage… I don’t think anyone can dispute that right now…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


PIMAX MASTERRACE XD I am defiantly looking forward to seeing the jump, i think ill be just sticking with 8k unless something big happens ect in either model that gives it a clear game changer either the upscaler breakthrough or panel changes ect. But i’ve put of so many games waiting for the pimax to make each experience amazing :smiley:


I just don’t like having a choice D: went for the 8K thinking it’s the best and it’s upsetting being told the 5k+ is better for gaming D: just not right but don’t need to steer the thread into this haha just need to figure out long range views and shooting long range :slight_smile:

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I think the 5k is what it is… the 8k however has many variables… there are a few people on this forum that have introduced some very good solutions to the problems of the 8k, but will pimax respond to those ideas and implement them…??
I think they will save the good stuff for the 8kx…
The real question is, what will they charge us, who didn’t back the 8kx, to get our hands on one… true 4K on a real 4K panel will be an amazing experience. Hopefully gpus will be able to drive them natively at 90hz when the X arrives… pimax is ahead of that curve…


Does the 8k use real 4k panel tho or will 8kx use something different

haven’t really studied the 8kx as thats a dream due to what current gen hardware can ever run it but the 8k has 2 4k panels but the same input resolution as the 5k+ but is upscaled

In this case, I think you want a 5K+ for the clarity, since you can see the individual pixels more clearly. Normally, that would be a “less good” thing, but for your use-case, I think you want that.

From what is being passed around on this thread it appears that the 8K doesn’t use “real” 4K panels. Instead it has 4K (3840x2160) logical “pixels” that are either green or a pair of smaller red+blue subpixels (someone claims to have actually counted the rows/columns). As such, it actually has half as many “real” pixels as a true 4K panel.

This is still conjecture at this point as we would need better photos of the panels and/or confirmation from Pimax.

this is what has been making me think i would be better off with this but then the other side could be seen as im still having to focus on pixel by pixel basis where the 8k can hopefully increase immersion or making it more realistic and enjoyable.

But im heavily on the fence as it is such a speculation place we are at D: with little real life opinions in this field of gaming.

will check this thread out that you have brought up here,

This is quite worrying if true as would truely mean the 5k+ would be superior then even thought the colours are meh compared to the 8k

My head exploded into many pieces reading that thread XD I can happily say that was out of my knowledge but would love to see a pimax response if that happens here to that thread as it looked very positive.


The most important thing is that both headsets are good; they just have different attributes, but when compared to other headsets, they are more alike than different.

As for the panels, I’m still undecided, but leaning towards 5K+. The only way to know for sure which is “best” for you is to try them both, in the apps you plan to use.

I didn’t interpret it like that, more so that the 8k player can tell what they’re looking at i.e. what type of plane in a sim. Isn’t that so @SweViver ?