Competitive Shooters (Long range shots) 8k or 5K+

Im still waiting for side by side video which may show that the diffrence is really minimul ,but as of yet nothing nothing at all ?
I think the team should be called the pimax pipers or maybe snipers? Will have to start recruting when mine turns up A


i did super chat sweviver on his latest stream, i will grab time stamps later on tonight to share what he said on this subject :slight_smile: but even then he later said it is still gonna be great with both, its hard to tell without a side by side pics of onward at distance ect as its a specific shot a lot of comp players are looking for here that can sway their choices

i like the idea :smiley: haha

have found this on the latest thread

FOV: 8K and 5K+ Amazing, Other headsets Poor-Good
Sharpness: 5K+ Great, 8K Very Good, Other headsets Poor-Good
SDE: 8K Great, 5K+ Very Good, Other headsets Poor-Good
Colours: 8K Very Good, 5K+ Good, Other headsets Good-Great
Blacks and Contrast: 8K Very Good, 5K+ Good, Other headsets Good-Great
Refresh rate, comfort, tracking, etc: 5k+ Great, 8K Very Good, Other headsets Poor-Great.

Those are the biggest issues. Some other headsets and technologies shine in one or two areas and can even beat the Pimax sets here and there. But the pimax headsets stand ahead in the most important VR areas. There are a host of other fields we could rate that have much smaller impacts on the experience overall too, colour banding, software, technical support, durability, mura, godrays, etc.

Pimax is out front in the three biggest areas over the rest of the market. FOV, SDE, and Sharpness. They have no dealbreakers in the remaining areas we might rate, making them the best.

The 8K is for users who will be doing more mixed media, and want the smallest SDE possible, as well as who have a 1080Ti or higher. The 5K+ is for users who will be doing gaming or desktop (text especially) work, and will probably get by with slightly lower graphics cards and remain sharper. SDE while more noticible is still superior to other headsets on the market.

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thanks for jumping over, i read your awesome comparison on another thread :smiley: it really is such a big awkward balance as both sides has there strengths but i am confused as some people say the 8k has better clarity on far distance view but that confuses me as the input is the same

I think the differences are so small that you will get answers on both sides of the line if you had 100 people test 100 sets. The general consensus though is that the 5k+ has the slight edge on sharpness. Reducing the SDE is in my opinion why some people sometimes find very tiny distant things easier to see on the 8K+. If there is less SDE you may just see that tiny 3-4 pixel object a bit easier on the 8K, since on the 5K+ you might be more distracted by the SDE near a tiny object (say in a sky/uniform colour area)… but honestly it’s probably incredibly person to person and subjective, and both sets are better than any others for both sharpness and SDE anyways…


i think i need to jump into pavlov and test some sniping on that as it’s easy there and see what annoys me, as on that i had trouble with contrast as in dark areas i was scoped and watching, its hard to make out the bodies out of the dark so i can see the better blacks and contrast making that clearer and the cross-hair on the scope is like a pixel thick so very jumpy or broken on the low res screen of a vive, so i can see the 8k taking point hear, even in onward i remember having a pix trouble making out the black uniforms in the black internal sand huts and many a time not being able to see a player.

in this area i can see the 8k being beneficial

for reference when i asked sweviver


Well there ya go… hahaha

Give my that 5K+. My 2080Ti will be here on Tuesday. :slight_smile: