Comparison pimax 5k+ and 8K through the lens image ( shot with Galaxy s9+ ) 4k

Now that 8k is dead, we can’t compare 5K+ and 8K anymore. We are waiting for 8k to ship again.
I’m so good at watching movies at 8k, so now my decision is close to 8k.


What is that strange and ugly pattern over 5K+ images? OMG.

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It depends what’s your favorite application: gaming or watching movies. You cannot have all in one at the moment.

Still photographs are not representative of the real world look of the headsets. We need some zoomed out 4k videos shot through the lens from both, preferably of the same scenes in (a) movies (b) text © a couple games.

Photos or super-zooms depend highly on the camera setup, and introduce various aberrations that aren’t necessarily visible in the real world.


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@SweViver @VoodooDE are these shots the real rappresentation of what you see in hmd?

No, they are not. At all. You can tell from that strange pattern that you have here on the 5k Plus. Probably happened after scaling down the image to fit into the video.


Moire patterning. The sum of several offset grilles - like you can get when looking through window blinders. Here we have the screen matrix, that of the camera, and any subsequent digital picture scaling.

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i see that too ,but is it just because its a still image ? i dont think excuse,s like its “the camera” are good for one picture but not in the other (8k(

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Naah, just watch any well focussed HD Youtube video of, say, somebody wearing a knit jumper, and in the scaled down “normal view”, you will see the same sort of thing. :7

As for the difference between the pictures: Harmonics.

one picture of same image Crap the other Ok i see your point

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If we’re going to talk: “same image”, they are not even the exact same frames from the video, as far as I can tell.

Then you have two photos, shot inside two different units, into each of which you have to line up your shots.

…none of which is the point, of course. It is a sampling and aliasing issue. The rectilinear pixel matrix of the 5k+ displays lines up better with that of the the camera’s bayer filter, than the diagonal, comparatively more chaotic, one of the 8k, and depending on zoom levels, you may have more or less resonance between the former and the latter (EDIT: …by which I meant to say: the screen and the camera).

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Yah ok, i’ve saw that as well, but for the color is as in the video? What about sde?

LOOOOL man VRmaniac, you really are the very very worst reviewer I’ve ever seen. A child can tell that this pattern over the 5k has NOTHING to do with the panel in itself. Do you want people to make decisions based on you messing up your photo’s ?

Actually I think the 5K+ looks better here ; way sharper.

I only shot 5K and 8k under the same conditions. What do you believe is true?

Obviously you’re not seeing this pattern in reality, just like mrtv just said. So why the hell post these pics?

The pics aren’t useless, they do show the differences in sharpness in the sweet spot, looking at hair/small details, as well as the current colour differences (that may change)… People just have to be aware that the moire pattern is a photographic aberration. They also demonstrate that the ‘softer’ image from the 8K is far superior to any other current consumer headsets.