Communication Improved - the good stuff happening

I have noticed a lot of good in terms of the updates and information communication this week! Lots of stuff that has been asked for before.
So instead of all the usual upset posts - simply a thanks for making it happen!
Imho I think that’s the right way Too go.

So thanks at @Matthew.Xu, @Heliosurge, @SweViver and at @PimaxUSA and @Konger, @PimaxVR

Edit: added Konger - sorry my fault!


I agree, things are looking better!


And Don’t forget @Konger :slight_smile:


IMO it does not matter if communication is improved if their actions are not up to standard.

If anything getting told they are doing the wrong thing intentionally seems worse.

They have a fix for a critical issue. There are people who have a headset that cannot be currently used and they have the fix for this which they are not releasing. It should be released immediately as a critical update but instead they do the wrong thing and artificially hold it back so they can bundle it with other updates.

This is wrong. It shows a company who does not care about their customers and does not care about their product because their customers have a product they paid for that is useless until they release this fix.

A critical fix should never have to wait for other features.

The priority should be for them to support the product and make it work.

Their website falsely advertises it does work with AMD cards and does not warn people if they buy the headset and have certain AMD cards the headset can’t be used. It is false advertising and it is terrible business practice. I can’t recall any good business who acts this way.

They really should feel ashamed of themselves.

They are still weeks behind in support tickets many of which are given copy and paste answers that are completely irrelevant then completely ignored.

True, their backlog is huge, they’re solving the tickets by priority. As @Konger suggested, I made a thread where users can post their support ticket number in case they haven’t been answered.


I can only Presume your refering to Pitool Update scheduled for Dec 13? If so, it’s not too far away. I presume it’s still being tested.
Of which the AMD gpu issue has been reported to have a fix. AMD has been working with pimax to resolve compatibility between drivers.

Communication is only one of many improvements that is being worked on. Changes are going to take time to implement.

We’re not there yet but are committed to get there.

Let’s not forget @pimaxvr & the rest of the team


Yep and I feel things are going to continue getting better… In my recent discussions with key members of the Pimax team I can definitely say that they are striving hard to improve the level of communication here. I feel that they honestly want everyone to be happy and are working hard to find a way to make that happen! []-)


That’s the problem. They have a fix for a critical issue but those of us who can’t use our headset must wait because the Pitool update will include other unrelated changes which need to be tested. Other companies release critical fixes immediately, they don’t get held back to bundle them into a planned future update. It’s not a software update, it is a critical fix.

Navi has been out since June. That is not a new card in the world of GPU’s. But they only just got a card. They have been aware of this issue for many months but they only just got a card to try and fix it. And almost immediately after getting the card they reported they fixed the problem. As a critical issue that fix should be distributed immediately, not held back for another fortnight.

Advertising something works but then it still does not work 5 months later is unacceptable. Withholding a critical fix because they want to include it into a wider update is also unacceptable.

If this was some kind of feature update it wouldn’t be so upsetting. If we could use our headsets it wouldn’t be so upsetting. What is upsetting is paying for a product that was advertised as working but it does not work and is a useless paper weight and what is upsetting is getting told they have the fix but it is fine for the products we paid for to be a useless paperweight because in some persons head they think it is not a long time. Other companies work to fix critical issues immediately, not 5 months after the fact. Then when they have found a fix there is no such thing as 2 weeks of testing before a critical fix is released, critical fixes should be and are typically released immediately. Typically work on a critical release starts as soon a critical issue is identified. Typically a critical release comes out hours to a day after a critical issue is fixed, not weeks or months.

Pimax should be embarrassed by this because any smart person would do well to avoid buying anything from a company who thinks it is ok to respond so slow.

Right now Pimax are still advertising this headset works with AMD cards equivalent or better than a 1070, there is no note or warning this does not include the 5700 and 5700xt. That is false advertising especially considering they have known about it for many months.

So that is what I am saying. Improved communication is fine but effectively irrelevant when a company thinks business practices like this are acceptable. They need to improve their business practices. Do not make false claims. If you are selling a product as working and it is not, fix it as a matter of urgency. There is no urgency here and the product is advertised incorrectly. And I still have a useless headset that I paid good money for.


I agree with you 100%


Oh yes - sorry! 202020

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I agree, it’s a start of making things better.
Again a thank you to the mods and Matthew for being there for us. :+1:
For me personally, finally after some push and pulls, Matthew did send me the code, for instance and it worked. He wouldn’t give up and pm’ed me so in the end, he got it to me. I really hope for us all, that a new way of doing things will get us somewhere. This kind of interaction is what i wished for so long :clap:
How small things can lead to a big warm thank you…


Your right it is too bad AMD wasn’t able to help get this issue resolved sooner. Yes AMD has been involved with helping to figure out why there was a compatability issue in Cards after the R9 390. Rx 480 & newer has had issues working on pimax headsets. So it is good my r9 390 is around the performance between a 1070ish.

Now how do you know the Current alpha build has all of the fixes needed for AMD GPU? Is there by chance an AMD driver that is being released soon that is needed?

So yes it is unfortunate that AMD & Pimax has not had this resolved sooner.

The problem is identified to fix the compatibility; it doesn’t mean it is ready for deployment.


My request to improve communication is to have all updates (however small) go into a twitter / blog / facebook page / single thread … or whatever channel. Just so there is one place to see the latest update.

For example, there were updates about the new cables from the manufacturer and the V4 prototypes … all these development updates should go into a single blog / twitter etc. just so we don’t have to read every thread in this forum in case there is an update.


Thanks for all your understanding! we currently increasing resource to keep daily solving tickets from original 40 to 80 and soon getting another resource involved. And with some of your support, we can solve tickets more efficient way.

As for Pitool, yes, on the next release planed on this 13th, AMD GPU compatibility is one of updates.



Hi glassy99,

the idea of setting up a special place to release updates information is very good. But social media might be not a right way… As we announce a few days back, we will split a new place in the forum only for updates/announcements.



you are very beautiful

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That remains to be seen. If there is no update from AMD and only an update from Pimax then the issue was never AMD’s and not AMD’s to fix. And if they helped Pimax solve the issue on Pimax’s end then it was very generous of AMD to do so. So we will know soon enough, if AMD release an update that mentions Pimax compatibility then I will believe it. If the only thing that is needed to fix it is new software from Pimax, then I don’t believe it.

And I already don’t believe it. When did Pimax get a 5700 card to start working on fixing the issue? If they did not even have a card for months how could they claim it was an AMD issue? It seems to me they just got a card and shortly after finally getting a card they worked out what the issue was. Perhaps they should have got a card sooner.

And like I said when it comes to critical fixes, other companies don’t take weeks or months. Critical fixes should be fixed in hours or a day or two at most.

Finally AMD has absolutely nothing to do with and no responsibility for the false advertising on the Pimax website. My 5700 XT is better than a 1070, it is better than a 1080ti, according to the website my GPU works and there is no warning it does not work. There is also no warning about the other AMD issues. It is a very poor practice to advertise a product can do something that it can’t do and to think that it still doesn’t work 5 months later is somehow ok while the website still says it works. Only Pimax is responsible for false information they put on their website. That is not AMD’s fault. Pimax knows it does not work so they should not say it does work.

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Not a backer, probably a troll.

Mmmmmm it is unusual that someone who only recently registered is posting such frequent and unusually long posts. That and "It is false advertising… " has echoes of a previous banned user. However could just be coincidence - if I bought an expensive hmd and it wasn’t compatible with my gpu I would be very annoyed (tempered by the news an imminent software release may solve it).