CES 2018 V5 Road To Vr Review!

First impressions of V5 here. Resoulution and FOV great. IPD focus problems


Well, at least we now know they are actually running demos. The good ol’ IPD issue… sigh possibly his IPD was out of range ?
For today, Pimax should have people sign Disclosure-Agreements - if you are allowed to demo the 8K, you have to tweet or post about your experience… :joy:

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Sounds like they have loads to do before its ready.


Really worried if they have tracking issues and display issues still.


@Pimax, is this what you are going to send to the backers? Is this the last prototype and the definitive one?

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It looks like I have to order the Vive Pro to bridge over the time pimax need to fix these issues! Damm…


As expected it feels like there is latency when you move around. This is why you need 90hz minimum.


Alright, so this is the exact moment that I am actually starting to get worried.

I have never believed their claims for a Decmeber 17/January 18 shipping window and was seriously impressed that they managed to get substantial funding. I expected deleivery some time in Summer, maybe even Fall and was absolutely fine with that.

The thing is, this is v5, they are at CES in the same year that they want to succeed at a global b2c launch and this is the kind of press they get.

Forget about comfy headstraps, scent modules and ‘Knuckles’ type controllers! Forget about 80hz vs 90 hz. Hell, I’m not even concerned about physical build quality or a functional software suite. At this point we have to take a step back and concede that they haven’t yet managed the basics of optics (blurry lenses), panels (Mura, banding and lacking contrast) and what worries me the absolute most: tracking!

If I do get an eMail asking if I’d like my HMD asap I will most definitely answer with a NO as this thing isn’t even functional at the very basic levels yet, we are not talking ‘unpolished’ here.

I do hope I didn’t sink a couple of hundred € into a pipedream but at this point the optimism is fading and quickly.


I think they will need at least more 3 versions to fix all the problems, if even its possible. with luck we only see the headset in the end of the year. :frowning:

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But, i will wait for more reviews.

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Interesting how their is still issues, I would have expected them to work out the majority of the kinks by now, but I will wait for more reviews before getting concerned.


Time to stop relying on reviews from people who don’t know what they are talking about, people on youtube who try the headset for 5 min and tell you that it’s perfect. I mean I came across a guy on reddit 3 months ago who told me that there was no SDE in the Oculus…

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Indeed, this means that we will not see any usable 8K for some time.

On the issues noted in the article, this is my take - I see two major issues:

  • Tracking: absolutely worrisome, they need to get this fixed, otherwise don’t even bother to ship the devices to anybody. And if there is anything i would blame them for, it is to show up at CES with an HMD having serious tracking issues. But if they knew that this would happen, they would not have shown up. And in the earlier demos they did not have that kind of serious tracking issues. BTW, I do not believe that this just comes down to the 80 Hz vs. 90 Hz issue, but I am not an expert. So it must have been some kind of unforeseen problem, showing that they are amateurs at preparation for the event, as we all know. But I do hope that this should be fixed soon, perhaps the sensors should not be covered after all ?

  • IPD: same as tracking, if this is an issue, and although there was a functional IPD adjustor they did not get that to be comfortable for the reviewer, it would mean that either that person’s IPD was out of range or there are other issues. Do the angled screens cause those ?

Minor issues:

  • so-called lens blurring: in my view RoadtoVR misinterpreted what was going on - they simply looked at the rounded edges of the lenses. Easy solution (as proposed by them): cover the lenses at the extreme periphery. If that makes it 190° FOV, who cares.

  • contrast & colour: the displays are not capable of more, and I think there are people who will notice and others who have less problems with sight in darkness, who will not notice.

  • Mura: not nice, but hopefully will be corrected and otherwise not the end of the world.

  • SDE: I did not quite understand RoadtoVR’s issue with it, but it is still a great improvement over Vive and Rift. I’ll take that, thanks.


800 dolares gone with wind…time to look for other headset.

If i do get an email asking me if i want a refund…i take it asap. But i know that will not happen.

Although it probably does not occur, we could open a specific topic by asking and insisting on it (refund).

Well, now it becomes clear why so long no news. All very very bad. I understand this year we are normal helmet will not see.

I disagree, I don’t see tracking as being the major challenge here, the big question mark is on getting perfect optics.

This is not good and i dont no if the problem its not because of the type of the lens.“I also felt at times like my eyes were straining a bit to keep the images fused; this could have been due to a mismatched IPD. Thankfully is an IPD adjustment on the headset, but there’s at present no way to tell what the IPD of the headset is set to since it doesn’t presently report the setting back to the user as most other headsets do.”

The god rays its the same level as the rift or less?

I am not sure what IPD adjustment has to do with monocular vision…and here the guy is reporting distortion on the periphery…

If the image appears correct when looking at one direction and not another, can’t eye tracking be used to dynamically change distortion?