Cannot create topics?

I get an error when trying to create a topic in the games section.
probably a user issue, where do I go for help?

Are you trying to make a topic in #game-soft ? If so view a topic where ypu want to create a topic ie #game-soft:gameon and press the new toouc button. #game-soft is a container for #game-soft:gameon and cannot have topivcs in the root parent category.

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@Heliosurge on the subject of the forum, for some reason i can’t see atleast 1 topic on the Latest page or any other page, but i can view the topic directly when i input the url in my browser, it’s this topic : Pimax Crystal - status, updates and fixes - #1105 by twack3r
any idea why this happens? for example here’s what i see when i click on Latest :

Notice the topic i linked above isn’t shown although it has had new posts recently.

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Weird it is showing for me in Latest. And can’t see any reason it is not showing.

Now it is possible if you muted the Op; his topic might be omitted from the lastest page as a result. Otherwise could be an odd strange bug.

Also check topic at the bottom to ensure topic is not muted.

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it was muted, no idea why, i definitely didnt mute it on purpose, might have by accident. thank you for sorting it :slight_smile:

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You may have accidently muted if on a mobile as it can be easy to hit a control at times without realizing it.

Glad to hear the mystery is solved. :beers::sunglasses::+1:

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