Can I please have my awesome 8k headset now please?

Hello to the Pimax team.
Could you please send me my 8K headset. I never expected anything in January but I would rather like it now. Everytime I look on YouTube I see VR is failing headlines and think the 8k can inject some enthusiasm back into the Market. I don’t expect perfection (nothing is perfect) but I sold my other VR headset to fund my kickstarter pledge.
Thank you.


If Pimax began shipping an unfinished and problematic HMD… that won’t exactly… [quote=“Joeblackof, post:1, topic:7116”]
inject some enthusiasm back into the Market.

If fact… it would probably be the opposite!


i just bought a samsung odyssey to kill the time till i get my pimax 8k.
when the Kickstarter project started i wrote in the comments that i expect a delay till maybe April but everything till June would be ok for me^^ (for whole package !). Now i got impatient^^ and bought that other headset. should arrive in one week.


I also sold my old VR!
Fortunately I bought the Vive Pro, because I guess Pimax need much more time, than they prognosticated during the Kickstarter.
But all in all, I do not expect such a long delay.
It must be awful not having a VR during such a long time :disappointed:

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That is a fair comment but are we not closer to the finished product than that? The testers state that the majority of the leaked problems have been fixed through software. I just want to wonder through Skyrim in my pimax.

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I have really missed my VR fix. I have also been buying all my wish list of games in anticipation which has probably made it worse!

But none of them stated the product was given a green-light by them. Some of the leaked problems were huge and we don’t know which of the problems were rectified and which still remain. I’m in the same boat as you with regards to Skyrim… I got Skyrim recently when it was on sale… been debating myself if I should wait for the Pimax or play now with my Samsung… I wanted to hold off on Subnautica until the 8K arrived but I couldn’t hold out on that one… now that I finished the game… I sorta regret it.

Hi Tom.
That’s true on the green light. I follow sweviver and Sebastian and watch anything pimax related. I am and have been very very tempted on getting another headset and have watched/read lots of reviews but I swing back to the potential of the 8k and the Fov. Hope we all get one soon or at least a shipping estimate.

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just try to get a vive in the meantime because even if the 8k comes out it will be still some time until you have all the necessary parts lighthouse/controller etc.
now that the vive pro is being sold as a bundle you have higher chances to get a complete vive package for a reasonable price. at the beginning of vive pro only the vive stand-alone headsets were sold because people wanted to keep the rest of the stuff. very cheap though from 80-120 bucks on ebay but buying lighthouses and controllers extra was insane and in the end no reasonable decision! that way you have fun now, fun when the hmd only arrives, sell it when pimax finally has sent everything out, whenever that is gonna be.

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i sold my Pimax 4K, now im in the market to buy it back…

fuck this thng is taking too long to arrive…


I’m still having my 4K, thankfully… :slight_smile:

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im kindof losing interest in PCVR totally and wish i could undo the pledge but suppose i’m stuck.

i really think we will see some major players stop HMD production soon, most likely a WMR maker first.

still some interest in PSVR tho, i like how that’s really dropped in price.

The Windows Mixed Reality Specification was OK at the time, just the software was not ready on release (steam etc) so it did not get a decent launch, too premature. Acer may drop it. If I had to choose.

The Odyssey is hard to get in the UK.

The heavy discount applied to the Acer headsets (Refurbs) @ $140 for the full kit can not be bought in the UK. (, and I see they have upped the price of it now too.

The Vive Pro is silly expensive everywhere.

The Pimax 8K is delayed until xyz, nobody knows… The 5K is the same and the 8K-X is unknown.

The Oculus Go has no 6DOF, The Santa Cruz is still in Development.

Microsoft are not really committed to VR (e.g. lack of XBox VR) but want AR to work. Apple are not committed to VR but want AR to work too so the OS’s are dragging their feet.

Meanwhile great games are still coming out for 2D displays which take the gamers back to 2D and away from VR.

It is an uphill struggle but one day we will get that killer HMD + Killer App that will turn the tide, I truly believe that. Or at least want to :wink:


get a second hand WMR headset off ebay for now

Hmm why is that? Pc vr is doing fine. Once the Pimax 8k comes out, hopefully it will open peoples eyes to how amazing next generation vr is.


Pretty much everyone I’ve demo’d my rift to asked how much it costs and was totally of the frame of mind that they’re going to buy one when I tell them the price of rift package only. It’s when I add that they need a gaming pc worth several times the cost of the headset that they suddenly change to not buying one yet.

The cloud streaming services could turn it around overnight if they can get it all working well for vr.

As the visuals start to at least approximate the resolution of screens we’re used to viewing I think more people will also hit the turning point.

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I think the 1st gen of VR is dead in the water. Not for naught Sony didn’t invest in big titles. The current titles aren’t really awesome. They are more or less Proof of Concept in my idea. VR has to awaken to a 2nd gen hardware, software and content. Also the entire softwaredistributionnetwork is going to change.

Here I am. Communicating with people all across the globe about an 8K headset.

That was not even possible without internet, or free trade, or even open minds. Or just plain greedy, but still. :stuck_out_tongue:
Sony is working on a PS5 with VR support. MS is working on a console that finally is going to support VR (just guessing). Apple is going solo as always. Pimax is a catalyst as far as I see it at the moment. If Pimax wants to be more than a catalyst between gen 1 and gen 2, it need to make a good impression with the 8K. Take your time. The others do too. If Palmer can get lucky, maybe China can get too. :wink:

Not putting any pressure on Pimax at all.:slight_smile:


i expect it to be available in mass numbers by christmas, as with the GTX1180 …

every consumer release and market looks to christmas, miss xmas and you miss about 20% of yearly sales.

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If you don’t have 1180 or 1080ti graphics card, do you think it’s a waste of time on Pimax 8k?

Yes. I think if you have not at least 1080ti you wont enjoy VR in near future. (1H2019)

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