Calm and civil discorse about update 31-07

Hi guys, so what do you think about the Pimax update of 31-07?


I am still unclear as to whether the M2 is shipping to backers as the final or if there will potentially be an M3 if the beta testers determine? @deletedpimaxrep1?


I agree. This would be the only reason I might wait. Is there even the slightest possibility of even newer hardware and if so how would it work if backers already got M2 shipped of there may be an M3? @deletedpimaxrep1


To the question:
"4. When and how to let us know if you want to receive your units earlier even if consumer software not mature; "

My answer is simple. If it’s only software and the hardware will no longer change, send it to me as soon as possible.


I completely agree. If it is only software and no hardware changes then absolutely send it to me as it will be fun to use In its current form


Ditto on this, it can’t hurt having the 8k and simply waiting on software… there’s too much fun to be had even with the software tweaks needed. I’m confident of this after reading the update…


@deletedpimaxrep1 maybe someone needs to make a poll about this…

Q. Do you prefer to wait for the 8K until software is complete or get it before? [poll type=multiple min=1 max=2]

  • Yes I will wait
  • No I want it before software is ready
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so 230 units this month? and next month 700? then next 2000?

With all the delays I expect this x2 it seems like pimax is incapable of following through a deadline.

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I back the full pack so i prefer to wait :slight_smile:


"Testers can express their impressions as backers" But no depth review. OK, I understand that they can tell us more things than before!!


This part got me excited, it’s that shimmer of hope to finally get impressions on the almost final product. I’m thinking we’re looking at October release for backers who don’t want software tweaks… What you think?

Pacific and civil ? Why do you think we spend so much in pitchforks and torches ?

Good update though a bit small.

We need moar reviews.

@deletedpimaxrep1 “On August, we plan to bring M2 to offline backer meetups to learn from your thoughts.” its possible to do a private live stream of the meetups to all backers that cannot go ? please?


GOOD IDEA! A closed streaming only for official backers. We want finally see how the Pimax works live and not in text form :slight_smile:

Good update. Sounds like things have improved to as good as they are going to be on the hardware side and that software maturity is the remaining piece. Definitely prefer getting the headset now and using it while software is improved.


This update definitely means Pimax is listening to backers’ demands. It answers most of the questions i had and proves Pimax is doing their best, short of miracles. Obviously the final test will be when i’ll get my hands on my unit but at the moment i don’t think Pimax could respond in a better way. Technical issues aside, i’m glad Pimax and backers seems to agree on priorities and objextives.


If only virtual desktop or big screen works, that would be enough for me at first for testing and enjoying the Pimax.

i dont get it…

So is the M2 final or will there be an M3?

If there comes an M3 with hardware changes i wait for that!

But if it stays the M2 and only software updates are needed then i want to have it already!


I like that idea! I highly doubt a meetup will be anywhere near my area so it would be neat to still be able to at least see reactions in real time.

Does it mean that all backers may get a chance to try the m2??