Booth #21600 CES 2018 Las Vegas 1.9 - 1.12 (EDIT11.27)

How do you like the look?

poke @Matthew.Xu if you have any thought!


Amazing !

We can´t wait ! The next prototype will rock !


Don’t use a laptop to demo! Get a top end 1080Ti rig to show off your top end headset, have a backup system, take several headsets and controllers as users can and will drop them. Add more info to the art board in the upper corners e.g. “Ask for a demo” and on the other side print your website URL so that every time somebody takes a photo of your booth others will know the web site. What are you doing for secondary audio? surround sound speakers? Will your lighthouses be on tripods or attached to the booth? If on tripods, is there enough room for them so that viewers don’t kick them or wobble them.

Other random things…

  1. Create an internal facts sheet that your technical team have approved for your promoters to refer to.
  2. Make sure you have somebody with multilingual skills available.
  3. Create a goody bag, include a T-Shirt (PIMAX CES 2018), literature etc
  4. Add marketing to your back board “Record breaking VR Kickstarter” “Next Gen VR” and list the addons.
  5. Add (with permission) the Steam Logo as the Windows MR devices do not even have that yet.
  6. Instead of a backboard, hire a 70" OLED there with a slideshow and have surround banners instead.
  7. Ask your backers for voluntary help at the event, I am sure some would love to help in any way they can (Art, Video, Technical, or just people hovering to catch demo users from falling / punching another person etc)
  8. Have a decent cameraman to capture user reactions for later promotion after each demo.
  9. Cable tidy system for the headset so that cables come down from above.

I am sure you have thought of the above but hopefully there is something listed you haven’t considered :slight_smile:


Racing wheel or moving chair with x-DoF ?
I’m looking for something like this for ages, hope soon it will be reality.


Your HMD marketing setup does not represent your market audience. If you are wanting to sell this product to the people who are most likely to spend 100’s of dollars on simulation hardware you should add some form of cockpit simulator setup, ideally one for driving and another for flying games.

Just my two cents from a marketing stand point and the most requested games listed on your forums for demos.

EDIT disregard that I just saw your footnote :stuck_out_tongue:

I might also suggest you have one of the displays on your show floor stand linked to a camera feed of a through the lens view of one of your HMD’s, it is one of the most requested types of video from the community to be uploaded to Youtube. If you want to grab the attention of passers by demonstrating to them the reduced SDE and low persistence will be one of your strongest factors.


Good Luck,
I wonder which version of the HMD will be showed.

Remember to add a QR Code.


these are all really great.


You need to scare the testers, put them to shoot against some zombies. If the people around you hear a lot of shouting you will have the stand full of people.



We were thinking about our flight machine, but the booth is only 36 square meters.


That’s a brilliant idea!

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Any chance you could make a camera rig to demonstrate something like this on the show floor:

Output the camera capture to one of your 2 displays. You could have a through the lens camera rig easily hidden within one of those cube shaped counters in your show floor mock-up. VR stands have some of the longest queue times of any show floor demo, for anyone wanting to see the SDE improvement without waiting 90 minutes in a queue this would be helpful.

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It looks good, but your going to have to block off the left and right side of booth due to the tripping hazard.
Other than That I’m really hoping you use actual vive controllers because they are wireless. If you are still having to wire them to pc just use a steam controller bluetooth dongle. Ive heard they work with vive wands. Definitely use a desktop pc, no more of this laptop stuff.
Looks good!

Are you expecting to show the final product there?


I doubt it, there are like 2 more prototypes before final version, and we haven’t seen no hide nor hair of v4. Pimax will seriously piss people off, should they keep people in the dark about HMD prototypes progress and issues, I don’t believe they will do so the second time, if they have any PR department, that is.

I’m not so sure stimulating the “fight or flight” response in people stimulates the “open my wallet and take my money response” although RE7 is still my favorite experience in VR so far.

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Hi @deletedpimaxrep1 @Matthew.Xu

You dont need your large motion simulator. Consumer cannot afford that

You just need a home style G29 stering wheel and seat setup (play seat is good)

A 3x3m standing area for hand controller games

A table/desk with HOTAS jokstick and desk chair for Elite Dangerous

A 3m x 3m standing area for controller games


Folks asking about which headset version. The title says 2018. So more than likely the ks release. Or the one just prior.


The one who tries it, maybe. But those who are around and see such an emotional response, say “I want to try” or “it’s not that bad either, I’m sure it does not scare me”.

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hopefully CV1 and not Prototype V10

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