Boarderland 2 VR for pc

OK calm down its not a mail drop that confirms its about to land B alls deep on us
More a ,anyone here heard anything or can poke the bloke at road to vr to ask the right person the question is all
probably another sony world dominance thing

EDIT by @Davebobman:
Borderlands 2 VR Could Come To Rift and Vive In 2019


Can you give this another go?
I’ve read your post twice and I’m still not sure what you’re trying to say.


The topic talk about Borderland 2 but the msg about Land B and then A…

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That was to confirm the topic heading could be misleading and as pointed out i do not have a clue if this is a thing or not ,maybe another res 7.

seriously i’ve got nothing for this topic other than a ? behind PC in the heading,anybody

honestly ? too difficult for you ,dont worry its not a real thing ,

anyone know anything ,short version

poke away its dull and its obvious thats your point

But you can already play borderlands 2 with vorpx… I have and it’s fun, works well


Just want to confirm that Borderlands 1&2 was a blast for me in VR (with vorpx) already two Years ago (in multiplayer with my son playing on a normal display).

Any one really interested in Borderlands VR could (and should :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) do the same asap. Probably for some it is not on the same level of immersion playing it with an xbox controller than moving both hands individually, but nevertheless i had great fun doing so.

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Are you drunk…?


Borderlands 2 pcvr has received approval by Australian govt to be sold their with a rating. A clear indicator release is pretty Imminent thank goodness.

have you tried it with the pimax? I havent played border lands yet so this would make me happy to play part 1 on VR before the new game drops

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Honestly, I can’t remember. I played it with vorpx with many different headsets like CV1, Pimax 4K,Vive, Odyssey, probably Pimax 8k, Vive pro, Odyssey+ (likely in that order).


Do hope thats true ,AUS

The game has just been released. Hope someone tries it with Pimax :beer::beer:

It looks like the game has some problems.
All the first 12 reviews are negative.

Apparently, it’s better not to try it :confused:


Hey but cool that’s Another big game for VR - if they get it sorted! Seems like the bigger boys are slowly afraid of losing some coins by ignoring VR - good for us :wink:

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I have just refunded it for now at least ,scale is way off and eye strain because of poor depth of view was almost immediate.
I tried adjusting ipd and screen off sets but as soon as one thing feels right everything else is of so this ones down to the dev :slightly_frowning_face:


For 50 bucks it better be good! Damb trying to save for the new hardware when all this software keeps coming out…well hold out on this one for now.:flushed:


Yuck, reviews are a total clustertruck :frowning:


Was still a good experience with vorpx before this official version came out


In general, I tried Borderlands in my 8K - it looked very bad :japanese_goblin::japanese_goblin::japanese_goblin:
Not only are the arms large and not in the right place, but there the vision is very strained, in the middle between the eyes something sticks out as if it were interfering.

But all this is no longer important, because the game works fine through Revive :grin::beer::beer:
Just follow these instructions:

And run as usual.
I got oculus-touchs instead of sticks, but the picture became normal, my hands are normal, my arms are fine, the whole world is fine, cheers :beer::beer::beer:

Only the sight is somewhere on the side, but this is garbage, I would like to turn it off altogether.
The game looks very :ok_hand::sunglasses::+1:
Also, the game works with a gamepad without any problems. It is picked up on the fly, even if the controllers are turned on.

Crosshair can be disabledon the menu, and it no longer bothers.
Then, another nuance - I can not hold a weapon with both hands with Vive sticks.
I don’t know if this is so planned or just doesn’t work on sticks. But it is quite possible to shoot with one hand.


Thats awesome! Thanks!

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