Best way to double face pad thickness?

I ordered a new face pad, but it’s thinner than what was specified. I know some of you have doubled the thickness with a second face pad, but how do you get it attached to the HMD? There’s Velcro on the back of the new pad but it won’t stick to the existing foam pad. I’ve tried gaffer’s tape, but it won’t stay in place.

I’d prefer a solution that I can undo later, in case I don’t like the extra thickness, so I’d rather not use glue.

Any ideas?

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Hi, in my case i found some very sticky velcro, just had to put some on face pad and attach second one to it ( for info was using an 11mm attached to an 18mm)
Problem is with 2 it becomes uncomfortable as it moves and its hard to keep in same position.
i see that you are in the US and in that case you could be lucky, the 22mm face pad for the odyssey seems perfect.


you can use double sided velcro in layers
adjustable thickness, reversible, no added wobbliness (having 2 pads can be to soft, to compressible, a thick one pad solution might have used a foam thats more firm)
that way you can also tilt the hmd (upper or lower part thicker)


I also have velcro. First I tried using multiple face gaskets from diff3erwnt headsets but it was a mess. Velcro is the simplest and cleanest way to adjust facepad thickness


Yep. Velcro strips are the way to go

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I’m assuming when you say double sided velcro you mean sticking two single sided pieces together?

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No, double-sided velcro is a thing… :wink:


I did not know that. Great tip!


which side of the velcro is it? the sharp side or the soft side?

or does it come with both

or is it like a single piece would have one side sharp and the other soft?

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This… :+1::wink: Hence “double-sided”. I.e. both sides.

It’s obvious in this picture:

Or this one:


This just made my day. Whaddya know.

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I tried a double-thick face pad last night. While my eyelashes no longer touch the lenses, I saw major image warping. It was horrible. I think that the distance from lenses to your eyes is critical to achieving good results with a Pimax HMD.

I will try the double-sided Velcro instead of a double pad.

As it turns out, I actually have some double-sided Velcro, but it’s disguised as cable ties. (The bundle of wood image reminded me.) I’ll need to cut off the 2 ends and only use the middle section, but it should be serviceable.


The double sided velcro should act as nice packer alone. How is your counterweight going? Which weight loading did you settle for?

I’m still using my “temporary” counterweights (2 wrenches taped together). It really improves the comfort, even though it makes the HMD a little awkward to put on. Imo, it’s a great improvement.

The weight is roughly half the weight of the headset alone: 11.1 oz / 312 g.

Yes, I figured that right away. The bigger the distance the more issues with “warping”. Also, at least in my case, I feel like there is a constant black area between the eyes that I can’t unsee. My IPD is somewhere between 66-67 and I tried to compensate the black overlap area by using a way smaller hardware IPD and adding a little software-wise.
In addition, I stuck sort of spacer between the lower part of the mask and facepad. This is also why I welcome the improved plastic mask in order to get rid of that spacing workaround.
The vertical FOV gets greatly reduced by using eg. the very thick VR Cover from the OD+.
To sum it up, there is a need for the new plastic mask for better alignment (less warping) and better (not necessarily bigger) facepad and strap for improved comfort, and noseblocker.

Simply cramming more stuff onto or under the facepad (doubling ect.)
turned out to be a bad trade-off, at least for me.

Consider adding a counterweight. It reduces pressure on the nose and cheeks.

It doesn’t need to be fancy; I just taped a couple of wrenches together and attached it using the Velcro loop which held the Pimax cable for shipping. You can also buy a VR counterweight (just Google it). Mine is 11.1 oz / 312 g, about half the weight of the headset itself.

Luckily I have the DAS with printed adaptors + the apachee strap so I do not necessarily have to use counterweights which are a good workaround but adding weight makes the HMD unpleasantly heavy. I’m looking forward for Pimaxs fixes but they’ll for sure take a lot of time, and even then we still don’t know whether we gonna be charge extra…

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True. The only time I notice the extra weight is when I’m holding the HMD. I don’t notice the weight when I’m wearing the headset. It feels balanced and comfortable.

I have the DAS too and tried using various size (used some flat brackets 1 to 6 totalling about 300g) of counterweight but to me it feels better without it.

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I understand. The Pimax 5/8Ks seem to require significant customization for an optimum experience. I’ve tried the “comfort strap”, extra face-pads, etc. For me, the counterweight is key. Without it, there’s too much pressure on my nose and face, which causes sinus pressure. I literally could barely breathe through my nose, when I first donned my 8K.

The counterweight solved that for me and I’ve worn my headset for over 5 hours straight (no breaks) without an issue. (I’ve learned to drink from a glass, while wearing my HMD - no peeking!)

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