Best SBS injectors (extended mode) for having 2K

In order to have access to 2K it seems that the only way is to play the game in normal mode (not VR) and use a SBS injector.

I never tried that, if you have any experience, post here. :slight_smile:

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I am still going through drivers… I have tried a few like iz3d or nvidea 3D vision… but it’s still a work in process.

I feel like the answer to your question should be priority,
I don’t feel right using 1K when I have access to 2K. If we could only get steamvr working in extended mode.

I heard in the early oculus days you could use the oculus runtime to outputs in side by side extended mode… but I’m still researching.

… I just got my Pimax and work has limited the time I’ve had to do different tests… maybe I should take Friday off for some more formal research ;)!! Haha

I want to try Vorpx. I’m not sure it works with extended mode.

Vorpx does not work in extended mode. Its also very processor hungry.
Cheap and cheerful (works well on some games) my dream Swift. You can get it in the steam store for a couple of dollars. Some games look good (fallout 4 ) most look kinda flat. Still is actually a very usable and enjoyable experience.

Tridef is another paid injector. Works with a lot of games. But does not do head tracking.

Vorpx and tridef cand do a proper 3d SBS. I believe the other use some fancy maths magic along the z buffer to make the 3d effect.

There is also viero perception. Which is free but I’ve not had much luck. It is supposed to be good once it is up and running.

There is also a reshade 3d depth injector. Which is one of my favourites. Easy to use and good frame rate.

All of them take some playing around with. There is a lot of fun to be had, kinda crazy being in a game you have already played.


Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

Mydream Swift works in extended mode?

Not really, it will say there is no hardware detected, but sometimes still inject the sbs. NO head tracking tho,

Although for starters go for the reshade, it is easier to use than it looks (any problems i will try and help out). the depth looks good, might be a personal taste, but i like the way things really pop out.

I’m looking for something that works in extended mode in order maybe to have access to the 2K.

Tridef is really good, and easy to use, just a sbs injector. It costs tho. although you can find it for free :confused:

actually again i would recommend the in the link above, it is free.

VOrpx will not work in extended mode, Mydream swift wont work.

Reshade me, viero perception, and tridef all work in extended mode.

Ok thanks i will try reshade.

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Tridef does not support oculus or htc vive. How do you display the output into the Pimax?

In extended mode your just mirroring the display. It was for extended mose yeah ?
So whatever is on your PC monitor will be on your vr display.

Maybe make that a bit clearer. When you use tridef you actually see a SBS display on your monitor. So it also needs to take up the whole of the screen.

Similar to watching a SBS movie.

Ok so the secret is to not use extended display.
In this case it works with Trinus too.

probably, but i tried for two weeks to get trinus working on android, it’s a bigger mess than pimax play !
also trinus does a fake 3d effect where as tridef on some games renders two frames in game and displays them so the 3d is "real 3d:

so i tried to set up my pimax in extended mode and i had issue.
I remembered that i had installed oculus home and revive patch in order to get assetto corsa vr.

Oculus home start 2 services, a launcher and the service launched.
if you kill these services you are able to set again pimax in extend mode thru piplay.

But now i have another issue, i see only 1 screen in extended mode, there is no pimax logo.

I desinstalled the oculus in order to avoid the services and in case of for the screen issue but it changed nothing.

I can’t watch the 360 pictures on pimax even if they are displayed on my monitor and if tracking works.

I can see two monitors in the device manager.

Is that not just because you are mirroring the desktop. Its not ‘extended’ but is a direct mirror of desktop you should be able to see your mouse pointer and start menu.

no i tried different display configuration and no one works because the system shows only one monitor.
I’m in extended mode and the device manager shows 2 monitor.

Wind said in another thread that it is due to the oculus, the last oculus driver do not have extended support and it borks the system.
Now i can’t display 360 pictures and sbs games.
I would like that someone told me how to fired this new oculus driver. Uninstall does not work.

Hmmm i will try to find a restoration point before my oculus installation. Last idea.

I’m done i have no restauration point registered.

Try to restore your registry from the regback folder in windows. I posted a link the other day for you. Its fairly simple. It will restore the registry back a few days. That sorted my problem after installing oculus runtime.