Backer strect-goals package sent? Tracking not clear about that

Hi everyone,

I received an email yesterday which should probably be related to the shipment of the backer strectch-goals package given the timing, but this isn’t completely clear.

Dear customer,

Your shipping status has been updated!

Tracking Vendor: 递四方

Tracking No: (12 digits)

The tracking number which is only made of digits doesn’t match anything in fedex database even now, and I can’t find any new information on my “order” on

In the end, that email is more confusing than anything.

Does some of you also received such messages and figured out what was going on?

i did get the same message.

Pimax uses Fedex software to create the label. Until Fedex scans it, which will then begin showing it in transit scans, the arrival date means nothing and won’t show on fedex tracking site.

My BB label created Thurs Oct 22 by Pimax using their Fedex software.

Fedex Shanghai Scans it Tues Oct 27 (this is when the Fedex predicted arrival date of Nov 2 becomes “potentially” accurate).

Arrives in Toronto Oct 30 with a deliver estimated still Nov 2.

Just got a Fedex email while typing this that it is arriving today
Oct 31, so 3 days early. ymmv


At least you got some info. I’ve got nothing. One more time Pimax lied about shipping times.


Quite frankly, I never liked that they took such an oath during Pimax Day. It may look like a good move, but in the end, you cannot forsee every issues, and I was more worried about them, delivering the product under the pressure of their promise, even if (for example) it still has some defects.
I hope it doesn’t (and yes, I know PImax has a very bad record on that front), and hopefully will be able to judge about that in a couple a weeks.

My package has arrived today and FedEx will not give it to me until I pay a tax charge of 28.78 euros? I shouldn’t have to pay any tax and I do t even know what’s in the box?


Not for everyone in the USA. I received my Pimax tracking Email and my tracking linked to the USPS and not Fedex. Unfortunately USPS couldn’t provide me with a date, it simply stated it would provide an ETA when it actually receives the package.

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if it’s including a handling fee then it is probably the standard box; kdmas, strap, comfort kit, extra foam…

if it’s exclusive handling fee then it probably has a hand motion sensor as well if you ordered that back at the KS.

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This is just a customs charge of about 8.78 euro with an additional 20 euro FedEx administration charge.

I’m going to see if I can get them to drop by so I can inspect the box and content for any damages in transit. I’ll not be paying 30 euros for some box of junk :rofl:

it’s just standard VAT on a 50$ (43€*0.2) valued parcel. with a standard handling fee I’m not sure how you’d expect to get out of that. Unless you reject the parcel and it will then be returned to china.

edit: there’s nothing likely to break in the parcel.

edit2: No one enjoys paying taxes and fees.

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I am aware that Pimax uses multiple couriers, hence the ymmv in my post. I suppose I could have said generically “Pimax uses the courier software” to create the label. The point wasn’t the courier specifically, but that the date on the courier software is irrelevant until the courier picks it up and then only an estimate as they indicate during it’s travels.
They have used various couriers to Canada as well.
I imagine all the mail in ballots in your election aren’t making it easy for USPS to estimate their logistics. gl :smiley:

I, too, was given a tracking number that Pimax said was for the USPS. The only thing the USPS tracking website has returned is following message:

Status Not Available

The tracking number may be incorrect or the status update is not yet available. Please verify your tracking number and try again later.

After seeing this same message for over a week, on a whim I decided to enter the same tracking number into the Fedex online tracker. It returned:

Estimated delivery date: Pending


Shipment information sent to FedEx

The delivery date may be updated when FedEx receives the package.

From: Fontana, CA US

I’m guessing that, Pimax being Pimax, we were told our packages would be shipped via USPS when in fact it will be Fedex.

The USPS ones are 2 stage shipping. Those hit the relay warehouse Monday or Tuesday and the tracking data will fill in.


I just received the backer package (I’m the one who opened this thread).
The parcel has only a tracking number from my national posting service (France / La Poste) so I don’t really understand what that tracking number was, but all that matter is I received it and it only took 8 days from the first email.

PS : So far, no indication of any customs fees, but since I received one invoice several weeks after I received my eyetracking, I should stay composed XD

The November 5th update says everyone should have tracking number but I don’t. Any concern?

I’m awaiting both my hand tracking module and my backer box with base stations. The hand tracking module has been on its way to me for 25 days now and the backer box tracking number was issued a week and a half ago, but it appears that Fedex doesn’t even have the package yet.


I’m glad you guys have a tracking number, I’ve heard nothing.

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Same here. No tracking number despite November 5th update saying we should have them.

Well, I’ve just opened a ticket asking about it. Hopefully they will get back to me shortly.

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I did the same, opened a ticket @PimaxQuorra
Update states that I should have received a tracking number for the backer box. I have not received a tracking number, would you mind to check? Thanks